TOWN-WIDE SURVEY – New Middle School Building

The Middle School Building Committee invites you to participate in a TOWN-WIDE SURVEY on the design, function, and total project cost of a new middle school building. 

The project is currently in the Feasibility phase and as it moves into Schematic Design, community input is critical.

Please click here to share your feedback in a 5-10 minute survey.  The survey will be available through Monday, April 5, but we suggest you do it right away! 

It is critical that we collect feedback from as many residents as possible. Can you help us spread the word?  After you fill out your survey, please forward it to friends and neighbors.  While we can reach parents in the school district easily, we need broad input from the entire community.  In this effort, we ask for your help. 

Take the SURVEY, and Pass it On!  

Note: Even if you have already emailed the Building Committee, Select Board, or Finance Committee, please share your input here also as the survey is the most effective way of aggregating data. 

Thank you for your help in defining our community’s needs in a new middle school building!

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