Must see: Concord Scarecrow Festival on Concord Main Library Lawn

Where can you spot a variety of fun & creative scarecrows made by local organizations and businesses?

Come to a Scarecrow Festival!

On display on the Concord Main Library’s Lawn every day

Sat Oct 17 – Fri Oct 30, 2020

Open Table’s scarecrows are a cheerful welcome to side entrance to Library…

The Louisa May Alcott Orchard House’s Scarecrow looks almost life-like…

Saltbox Farm / Saltbox Kitchen farmer scarecrow reminds us of all the fabulous Farms in Concord and the delicious farm to table options offered at Saltbox Kitchen.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and no scarecrow festival is complete without a pilgrim

Visit the cute SCAREBEAR that the new Concord Toy Box @ Revolutionary Concord / Albright Art has created. And visit their shop!

Feeling musical? Visit the Concord Conservatory of Music scarecrow (and their website to learn about offerings)

Concord Recreation’s Scarecrow is more smiley than scarey…

And leave it to the Beede Center to come up with clever way to use pool noodles for their scarecrow…

The Barn Cooperative Nursery School has these adorable scarecrow children

The Visitor’s Office has a cute reminder to mask up when visiting town.  


The Wild Things Scarecrow on display at the front of the lawn reminds us that “We’ll Kick This”

Bonus: While there, you’ll see an abundance of gorgeous fall foliage….

and also some info about many of the Concord Library’s offerings.

Grab hot cocoa or sandwiches in town and sit in the cafe tables on library lawn while you enjoy the view.

Visit some local farms to get some hay bales and visit this website so you can start making your own scarecrows for your lawn.

Share your photos with us!




Pandemic: Changes & new offerings we have embraced and liked

We all want the Pandemic to come to an end… But what about things that have come about or were started due to the Pandemic that we don’t want to end? Here are some thoughts…

One Concord resident wrote this: “Overall, I think people are much more friendly and kind, here and elsewhere. Seems the ‘We are all in this together’ idea is bringing out best in so many.”

Living Concord followers sent us some of their favorite things:

Curbside pick-up at Concord Library

Messages on staircase leading to Nesting shop









Outdoor classrooms

Eating Lunch outside at schools

Birthday Parades


Small, social distance concerts at your home. Some local musicians can come to your home to perform for you and small group.

Mobile ordering @ Haute Coffee

Curbside pick-up options at so many shops & restaurants


Al fresco dining, more outdoor seating options

Seeing many more people walking & biking

Library lawn cafe tables and chairs set up for safe social distance small gatherings

Free parking in town

Easier commutes (b/c less traffic) or no commute

No business travel

Graduation Parades & CCHS Administration stopping by each Graduate’s home in the Graduation Celebration School Bus

Drive-in movies at CCHS, from Concord Recreation

Concord Ag Week (not just Ag Day)

Less activities has allowed for more family dinners, more free time, more game nights

Zoom calls with family & friends

Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Driveway Project

Celebratory take out dinner options offered by local businesses

Chalk messages & more messages of gratitude and kindness around town

Playing games like Kahoot or Risk with friends and family

Being in your pajamas longer and having more leisurely mornings

All the new library offerings

Special take-out dinner offerings / “celebration dinners” from local restaurants

Sidewalk sales / sidewalk displays

Outdoor town meeting (with no presentations)











Umbrella’s productions you can watch via Zoom

Summer Quest

Concord Together, Concord Solstice and Fall In Love with Concord

Paperless menus  – just scan QR code with your phone.

All the new Umbrella offerings

More options to sit around town

Go Out Doors along the Rail Trail

People seem less in a hurry, kinder.

These are just a few of the good things that we have learned, started and liked during this trying time. Thank you to all of you who have worked so hard to make these things happen.







Summer Quest!

Have you heard about Summer Quest?

Minute Man National Historical Park with our friends at The Umbrella Arts and Environment Program, Drumlin Farm-Mass Audubon, OARS, the Concord Land Conservation Trust, and some other area organizations, have created a ton of free summer activities for you to choose from! Complete those activities to collect badges and certificates of accomplishment. Earn enough badges and certificates and you’ll get a Summer Quest patch!

Explore the lands of the Concord watershed to learn about science, history, art and other topics this summer.

Learn more

Summer Quest combines the best of each site:

  • Minute Man’s history activities
  • The Land Trust’s botany explorations
  • OARS’ river adventures
  • The Umbrella’s eco-art projects
  • Drumlin Farm’s nature journaling

Subject activities are also being offered by The Old Manse, The Concord Free Public Library, The Concord Museum, Walden Woods Project, The Concord Division of Natural Resources, and Ninjas in Nature (Holy cow! That’s a lot of fun places to explore)

We know this summer is different, maybe you won’t be heading to camp, taking a vacation in a far away place, or even seeing your friends as often, but we hope Summer Quest can help make a summer at home a lot more fun. Right here in your own back yard, town, and community you can play outdoors, become an expert on local wildlife, explore history, and create fun art and nature projects.

What will you learn? What new places will you explore? What new skills will you develop? Gather your family, choose some activities and go find out!

If you have any questions about the program or how to complete the activities, please contact us., Subject line: Summer Quest info request or call 978-371-0820 x 213

Gather your supplies, pack your bag, and get ready for adventure!

Why You Should “Go Out Doors” in West Concord, MA

Did You Know that There is New Rail Trail Art on the West Concord Bike Path?

Yes there is!  Concord’s own Umbrella Arts Center has created a  Whimsical “Go Out Doors” art scene that brightens the West Concord Bike Path.

Inspired by NYC’s En Plein Air doors on the Highline, “Go Out Doors” is West Concord’s newest public art exhibition, installed along the recently opened section of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail. Designed to raise awareness of local bike trails as part of an interconnected system throughout the region, this exhibition will run from July 1 – November 30, 2020.

A project of The Umbrella Arts Center program, Go Out Doors features fourteen doors painted by seven regional artists that “explore a world you might find if you open your front door and adventure outside,” says Nancy Lippe, director of The Umbrella Arts & Environment program.

A variety of door images celebrate nature, our senses and outdoor activity. The majority of doors are sited between the Commonwealth Avenue entrance and the Assabet River bridge, with another grouping at the Powder Mill Road entrance.

Contributing artists are Kayo Burman, Karla Collins, Howie Green, Marlowe Miller, Caroline Provost, Rebecca Tuck and Sophy Tuttle. Additional artists may be commissioned for a future expansion to other locations.

Installation of the doors takes place over a three-week period, per the request of the Town Bruce Freeman Bike Advisory Committee to minimize large gatherings.

Funded by the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and Foundation for Metrowest, the exhibition also seeks to inspire visitors to slow down, notice, and explore. The timing of the exhibition dovetails well with a community emerging from quarantine and eager for outdoor activity and art. Organizers remind exhibition visitors that social distancing and masks are required when out in public.

More information can be found at

Meet the Candidates Running for School Committee

The Concord Town Election is June 11th. Please consider voting early by mail. Here is the link.

The three candidates Fatima Mezdad, Maribeth Cusick, and Alexa Anderson each gave a write-up highlighting their candidacies. Below you can learn a little bit more about each of them.

Fatima Mezdad

My name is Fatima Mezdad.  I am running for the 3-year term on the school committee this year. I have lived in Concord since 2015 with my two children who attend CMS and CCHS.

I am Algerian-American and have lived in the US for 25 years. For most of my career I was a teacher of languages to students of different ages primarily in private school settings.

I have a deep involvement, commitment and support of the Concord community and more specifically our schools.  I have been serving on the CMS Challenge Success Steering Committee since it was formed in the fall of 2018.  I am also the SEPAC liaison for the middle school. Last year, I was elected as a board member of the Concord Housing Authority. This year, I was honored to join the Allocations Committee of the Concord Carlisle Community Chest.

On the School Committee, I will continue to support our district to achieve and exceed the goals of its strategic plan. I will help our schools to continue providing a safe and empowering environment for every student, to celebrate every learner in the full scope of who they are.  I will promote support for the staff by prioritizing their wellness in their work environment.

In addition to addressing the universal issues, I will bring to the committee the socio-economic and ethnic diversity that our community strives to include.  I draw from a different life experience that I hope will shed light on some needs that may go unnoticed in our schools due to stigma or lack of representation. I will advise the school committee on cultural competency as we work to achieve that goal across our district.  I believe that the benefits of inclusion expand beyond the minorities.  Diversity enriches our community and empowers all of our students through exposure and personal experiences with different cultures and lives.

I will continue to foster relationships with community members and stake holders to better understand the needs, concerns as well as aspirations and dreams for our school district.

I invite you to visit my website for more information at


Maribeth Cusick

When I first announced my run for Concord School Committee we were obviously living a dramatically different reality but what remains unchanged is the need to provide an excellent education and proper social and emotional support for the students of Concord.  As we move forward with developing and implementing Phase 4 in the Fall and plan for the medium-term future in this difficult new reality, my public service career working across municipal departments towards effectuating public policy, my work as a parent advocate, and my desire to serve as a steward for the social-emotional , academic and fiscal health the schools  will make me an invaluable addition to the Concord School Committee.

Prior to moving to Concord, I spent almost a decade working as a lawyer for the City of Boston, the last seven years serving as Chief of Government Services for the City of Boston Law Department, representing the Mayor, his Cabinet and department heads, the City Council and various boards and commissions. In this role I had a unique vantage point of ensuring public policy initiatives adhered to budgetary, regulatory and legal constraints.  These skills and experiences will provide me with a distinct advantage when addressing the challenges presented by COVID-19.  In the longer term, I look forward to getting back to the process of designing and building a new Middle School for Concord.

My family, my husband Jeff, and my children, Nora, almost 9 and Jack, now 7, was drawn to Concord in 2015 because of the community and civic engagement and the strength of the schools. Both my children attended the Concord Integrated Preschool (CIPS), where I served as President of the Parents Group. My tenure at CIPS began with advocacy work towards ensuring the longevity of the successful inclusion model at CIPS. This advocacy work then bloomed into a partnership with the School District and the Recreation Department, which allowed a small group of parents to raise the funds for, design and build a new inclusive and accessible playground.  After CIPS, I became Co-President of the Thoreau Parent Teacher Group. The highlights of my time with the Thoreau PTG include developing a partnership with the Recreation Department to enhance our before and after school programming, implementing a lunchtime composting program, and launching mindfulness programs for the students.

I have a B.S.F.S from the Walsh School of Foreign Service, at Georgetown University and a J.D from Northeastern University. Before law school I worked at The Close Up Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan civic education organization in Washington, D.C., which offers programming to educate and encourage young people to participate in their civic affairs and government.


Alexa Anderson

My name is Alexa Anderson.  I’ve lived in Concord nearly my entire life; I am a product of Concord’s public K-12 schools; and I am forever grateful for the education I received here.  In 2018, I participated in Superintendent Hunter’s long range planning committee, which cemented my interest in running for School Committee.  The committee defined thoughtful short and long term district goals from diverse stake-holders in the community, and I’m enthusiastic about supporting their implementation.  Since returning to Concord with my husband almost twenty years ago, I have worked with the Concord Museum, the Concord Library, the Concord Ed Fund, Milldam Nursery School, both the Thoreau and Willard PTGs, and on Thoreau’s School Advisory Council.  I now own a small business in town called MyBridge, which matches local Concord families with local babysitters. My commitment to and love for Concord is deeply a part of me. As a member of the School Committee I promise to work to ensure that our schools continue their legacy of educational leadership.


Do you have a favorite sandwich in Concord?


A make your mouth water, beat the crowd to the shop to order type of sandwich? As we know, Concord has an abundance of restaurants, shops, and markets. Over the holidays we asked friends if they have a favorite sandwich. We received a very long list, so here are ten sandwiches you may want to try at one of your local Concord establishments:



  • BLT and the roast pork with apple chutney,  Sally Ann’s Bakery
  • Grilled Turkey Panini (turkey, Brie, Granny Smith apple and honey mustard on multi-grain bread- Verrill Farm
  • Avocado Arugula Avocado, arugula,red onions, goat cheese and shallot vinaigrette on toasted multi-grain bread- Verrill Farm
  • Grilled cheese gooey Cabot cheddar and jack cheese on Iggy’s french–  Haute Coffee
  • Grilled Caprese Panini  Fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil, oil & balsamic glaze, grilled at Farfalle
  • Louisa May Alcott (fresh mozzarella, ripe tomato, house pesto on ciabatta)Country Kitchen @ Concord Provisions
  • The Patriot (turkey, cranberry, arugula, tomato, mayo on ciabatta)  Country Kitchen @ Concord Provisions
  • Little Mermaid Tuna, lettuce & balsamic glaze on your choice of bread. –  Concord Cheese Shop
  • Reuben and Pulled pork Flatbread (pulled pork, cheddar cheese, barbeque sauce) – Main St Cafe  
  • Turkey club  –Helen’s


If you have any Concord MA sandwiches you would like to add to the list, please let us know!

The Umbrella Arts Community Center is adding many “Things to Do” in Concord Ma!

The Umbrella had its grand reopening this weekend in Concord MA.  It was amazing. If you weren’t able to make it, you need to stop in. The building is beautiful and The Umbrella is offering amazing opportunities for our community to enjoy the arts! 

Here are some of the highlights from the Grand Reopening:

They had many activities throughout the afternoon. These included:

  • Open rehearsals of the upcoming theater performance 42nd Street
  • A woodworking and furniture making demonstration
  • Bollywood Dance: Don’t know what this is? Contact the Umbrella to find out!
  • A weaving workshop
  • A ceramics demonstration
  • Tours of the new classrooms and Makerspace

We were able to visit many of the studio artists. They were very welcoming and we loved looking at and hearing about their work. 

If you brought your children, there were activities for all ages related to The Umbrella’s current exhibit in conjunction with the National Park Service. The Gallery contained an exhibition of works by Nicholas Mancini, the 2018-2019 Umbrella Artist in Residence. We were able to meet Jess Muise, the curator of the exhibit and Visual Arts Manager. We visited the box office where we could purchase tickets to Greater Boston’s Newest Professional Theater The Umbrella Stage Company and the upcoming Lyle Lovett Concert. And on our way out, Reasons to be Cheerful was serving ice cream in an ice cream truck, courtesy of the Umbrella. Great way to top off a great afternoon!

The Umbrella has A LOT of upcoming events so keep reading Living Concord’s weekly email so you don’t miss any of them!

If you want to mark your calendar here are some highlights:

  • September 22: Artist Demo Nancy Winship Milliken
  • September 27: 42nd Street Opens
  • October 5: Family Drop-In Activity Day

And you can always Make a Night of It in Concord! The Umbrella would like you to make the most of your night out in the historic Concord Center Cultural District. Find special Dinner-and-a-Show and Hotel partner offers from Trail’s End Cafe, Adelita, Concord’s Colonial Inn, Best Western Concord, and more at