Spring Activities with the Kids

The month of May is a great time to get out, explore nature and get creative!

Check websites for local spots like:

The Umbrella Arts   To commemorate BOTH the 30th anniversary of Musketaquid Earth Day celebrations and the 50th anniversary of International Earth Day itself, we invite you to explore the WATERtheme virtually with us this season. Via this website and social media, we will share 30 events/activities to celebrate, learn, and create with and around water. Some are things to do in your house, others involve getting outside. Dive into such activities as making a glass harmonica or a rain stick; canoeing the Sudbury River; or building and launching an Earth Float. Activities will be slowly revealed throughout the 50 days. EarthDay3050

Albright Art Supply   – offering an array of art supplies

Craft.ed – offering craft kits and ideas

Village Art Room  offering art kits and ideas

This is a great time of year to make a nature bracelet. Wrap some masking tape around your wrist, sticky side pointing out and gather up any flowers, petals, leaves you find while taking a walk or in your yard. You’ll be happily surprised how colorful your bracelet will be with all the spring flowers blooming and array of colors of the petals that you can find on the ground.

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day…. How about using items you find to create a beautiful card?

Round up some glass jars in the house and make a votive or vase for your mom, using tissue paper, modpodge glue and, if you want, some flower petals for adornments.

Looking for other ideas of gifts to make?

Click here are some fabulous suggestions such  as glass magents and rock art:

How about a Photo Scavenger hunt? Use some lists (here is one form Pinterest) or create your own. Each family can have a different list or work off same one. If the weather is crummy, take it inside for silly poses or items around the house.

While you have your camera ready, look for hidden letters all around you and spell your name with photos!

Make wind streamers!

Find a stick  – check for small branches that have fallen and use that for perfect stick.

Cut up strips of fabric – use scraps or old T-shirts if you have them. Or use some grosgrain ribbon you may have floating around from a birthday. The more colorful, the better!

Check out for more great ideas. They suggest “Wrap the strips around the stick and tie a knot. One strip is plenty to make a wind streamer, but some kids (like mine) prefer more. Add some nature bling. How about adding a feather or a leaf? The more creative, the better!
Grab your wind streamer and run like the wind!”

Be creative, have fun and enjoy the spring weather.








Artist-in-Your-Residence Public Art Exhibit Invites Submissions

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.” -John Muir

Concord, MA – June 1, 2020 – The Umbrella Arts and Environment Program is partnering with Minute Man National Historical Park (MMNHP) on Artist-in-Your-Residence, a new public art exhibition during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ordinarily, MMNHP floods with visitors during the summer and welcomes an Artist-in-Residence for the season. This year is different. Instead of inviting an artist to the Park, MMNHP is “inviting art into visitors’ homes.” Community members and visitors are invited to create artwork inspired by their experience of MMNHP, whether it’s the natural beauty or historical significance. This collection of artwork offers a creative opportunity for visitors past and present to find solace in the memories of MMNHP.

Participants are invited to share work created in any medium — poetry, photography, painting, dance, sculpture, story, musical composition, etc. – by posting submissions on social media, tagging @theumbrellaarts and @MinuteManNPS and using the hashtag #ArtistinYourResidence. Submissions will be accepted June 1 through August 1. From submitted works, The Umbrella will curate a virtual gallery open mid-August through Labor Day.

Participants are encouraged to stay safe while exploring, observe all official guidelines regarding Coronovirus, and follow NPS’ Leave-No-Trace principles.
For inspiring images of MMNHP, sample works, and further details about the two organizations, see

The Umbrella Arts Center is a multifunction, nonprofit arts center dedicated to enriching lives and building a vibrant creative community in historic Concord/Metrowest. Its Arts & Environment Program combines a discovery of the arts, a passion for place and nature, and environmental responsibility, including such events at MMNHP as Musketaquid Earth Day Festival and Riverfest & Summer Solstice.

Media Contacts
• Minute Man National Historical Park, Erin Whittaker,
• The Umbrella Arts Center, Caroline Provost, 978-371-0820 x213,