CONCORD CONSERVATORY MUSIC’S SUMMERENSEMBLE GROUPKids and teens can learn and play classical, jazz, and pop songs with others this summer! The Concord Conservatory of Music’s Summer Ensemble Group for kids and teens is an enrichment program that provides excellent practice sessions, encourages musical conversations, and creates friendships among musicians of various abilities. CCM welcomes wind instruments, viola, cello, and double bass players to participate. Interested pianists and violinists can also inquire. Intermediate and advanced ensemble groups will cater to musician abilities—with no more than 5 musicians per group. Each group performs in a concert at the end of the session, and ensemble performers may also perform individual solos. (978) 369-0010 or Financial assistance is available.

CCM presents TWO Bluegrass events April 29th


Southern Rail, a bluegrass concert

Saturday, April 29, 2023 at 7:00 pm

Southern Rail’s performances are high-energy exuberant fun, with riveting harmonies, irrepressible humor and sparkling banjo, mandolin, and guitar solo work. Southern Rail celebrates more than four decades of performing together. CCM faculty member Rich Stillman (banjo and harmony vocals, Jim Muller (guitar and lead vocals), Sharon Horovitch (acoustic bass and harmony vocals), and John Tibert (mandolin and harmony vocals) give us rich vocals on beautiful and creative bluegrass arrangements.


Concord Conservatory of Music Bluegrass Band Scramble

Saturday, April 29th starting at noon

If you’ve ever played in a jam session, or if you can play three chords in rhythm, come out and try your hand. Musicians enter the Scramble individually, and bands are created by picking names out of hats for each instrument, so bands have the tools they need. You and your new bandmates then have a two-hour practice session, with coaching from CCM instructors, to prepare songs and stage patter for a three-song turn in front of a sound system and a live audience. The Scramble is purely for experience and enjoyment. There’s no competition, and there are no prizes, just the chance to meet up and perform with other musicians from the area and try your skills in front of an audience. Come out and have fun!

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Concord Conservatory of Music Upcoming Concerts


Concord Conservatory of Music(CCM) presents BostonJazz Wisdom on Friday, March 24th, at 7:30 pm. Experience an evening of energetic, free-spirited, and innovative jazz led by jazz percussion legend Ra-Kalam Bob Moses. His colorful and multicultural music knows no boundaries. The all-star line-up features Dave Bryant on piano, John Lockwood on bass, and CCM faculty member Tsuyoshi Honjo on saxophone. Ra Kalam Bob Moses is one of the world’s great musicians, composers, and drummers and has played with many stellar musicians, including Dave Liebman, Pat Metheny, Herbie Hancock, Bobby McFerrin, Dave Sanborn, and others. Concord Cultural Council, supported by the Mass Cultural Council, generously granted funding toward the 2022-2023 CCM Concert & Lecture Series. Purchase $25 General Admission tickets online  or at the door.



GRAMMY Award-winning Okee Dokee Brothers return to our area for one show only, bringing their new album “Brambletown” and their fan-favorite songs for singing and dancing. On Saturday, April 1, at 2:00 pm, the Concord Conservatory of Music presents the inspirational, infectious musical duo at the Acton-Boxborough High School. With humor and heartfelt connections to nature, their songs teach and entertain audiences of all ages. They have created their own unique sound with a touch of bluegrass, old-time, and folk. Funding support from The Dewey Rosenfield Foundation, Concord Cultural Council, and Mass Cultural Council have helped present the concert. $25 General Admission tickets in advance from or at the door (if not sold out). 369-0010. Concord Conservatory of Music is the area’s non-profit community music school at 1317 Main Street in West Concord.

So Much Happening This Winter at The Concord Conservatory of Music!

Exploring music’s role in developing children’s executive function

When you hear the first few beats of a favorite song, how do you respond? Do you start to tap out a beat, hum along, or feel particular emotions? It only takes those first moments to remind us of the power of music, and this power extends to all individuals, regardless of disability status. Many peer-reviewed scholarly articles explore and explain the varied benefits of musical education for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities, including those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Research on the subject has been taking placefor over 25 years, and countless children have benefited from music classes. Read on to learn the ways your child can benefit from a developmental music class!

Improves communication skills

Music has been shown to effectively enhance verbal and nonverbal communication in children with developmental delays. Research fromMcGill University and Université de Montreal has found increased connectivity between auditory and motor regions of the brain, which are believed to be related to the significant improvements in children’s communication skills and family quality life reported by their parents. Music can even be used to support children’s literacy.

Provides a multi-sensory learning experience

While you may think of music as something comprised simply of sound, musical experiences are multisensory and thus provide a ripe opportunity to support children’s development. Through music-centered learning, children are encouraged to touch, hear, see, vocalize, and move, all of which aid in well-rounded development. The use of props, visual aids, and physical movement in addition to song keeps students engaged and excited!

Improves attention

The patterns in music canhelp children remain attentive, especially since many respond better to auditory cues rather than visual ones. There are different types of attention; these include sustained, selective, and alternating. Sustained attention the ability to continuously focus on something, selective attention is the ability to focus on something when other things are occurring in the room, and alternating attention is the ability to switch between tasks with different mental demands. Many children with ASD struggle with transitions and step-by-step routines, but integrating music has been shown to smooth transitions both physically and emotionally.

Looking for a fun and productive way to support your child with a developmental disability? Look no further than the Concord Conservatory of Music’s new Tones of Fun on Wednesdays, 4:30 – 5:15 for ages 3 – 6 and 5:15 – 6:00 pm for ages 7 – 9.The Concord Conservatory of Music is committed to providing equal access to music classes for all children.

Learn more and sign up!


1317 Main St, Concord, MA 01742



New Year is great time to register for classes/courses/workshops/teams!

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So much happening at Concord Conservatory of Music!

Join us at Concord Conservatory of Music’s Discovery Day Open House!

Saturday, September 10th, from 1 – 3 pm—a free, fun, and interactive event for kids and adults! Experience our Instrument Exploration, which allows you to play instruments in a safe environment. We’ll guide you to determine which instrument is right for you and your kids.

Sign-up for free Music & Movement and Group Keyboard demo classes and sample the Concord Open Bluegrass Jam (3-4 pm) at Enter a raffle at Discovery Day for a chance to win a free 2022 CCM fall group class! Anyone registering for a group class at the Discovery Day will receive a 10% discount. Financial assistance available. 978-369-0010.



Free Trial Group Classes at Concord Conservatory of Music

Sign-up for a free kids or adult group class during the week of September 12 – 17th! CCM Group Classes for kids and adults provide excellence in music education balancing rigor with the joy and fun of creating music. Small classes give each student individual attention, yet learning in a social experience. Discover all our Early Childhood classes, Group Keyboard, Rhythmic Solfège, Beginner Vocals, and the Girls Chorus for kids as well as banjo, guitar, and ukulele classes for adults. Financial assistance available.

Sign-up at

(978) 369-0010


Be a band or ensemble member at Concord Conservatory of Music

Playing in a group unlocks opportunities for advancement, skill development, and fun! CCM welcomes all musicians to join an ensemble, including students not participating in private lesson instruction at the school. All strings and piano players can join a chamber or jazz group. Want to rock it out instead? We encourage percussion, guitar, electric bass, piano, saxophone, and trumpet players, in addition to singers, to join a Rock Lab. We’ll match you up with players of similar age and level who are interested in playing the same kinds of music. Get weekly coaching from professional musicians plus access to workshops and performance opportunities. 369-0010. Financial assistance available.

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CCM Listening Project

The Concord Conservatory of Music (CCM) is excited to introduce the new CCM Listening Project—a community-wide opportunity for people to expand their musical horizons and grow their listening skills.

Each month, CCM will provide a new and thrilling playlist that can be found on both Spotify and YouTube. In addition to sharing a monthly playlist of diverse and exciting songs, the CCM website will also have background information on each piece, and questions to think about while you’re listening.

Think book club, but for listening to music! We’d greatly appreciate it if you would share the information below with your community members! Thank you!


Concord Conservatory of Music Presents the Listening Project—it’s a community-wide opportunity for people to expand their musical horizons and grow their listening skills. Think book club, but for listening to music! Each month, CCM will provide a thrilling playlist that can be found on both Spotify and YouTube, which can be accessed from CCM’s website will also have background information on each piece and questions to think about while you’re listening. Get introduced to new music and genres and become an active listener. January’s Listening Project playlist is already on the CCM website. Sign-up at to receive monthly alerts.



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