Do you know about Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area?

Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area promotes a place-based identity for forty-five communities in Massachusetts and New Hampshire that share a uniquely American story.

Founded in 1994 as a non-profit organization, the Freedom’s Way Heritage Association is identified in the enabling legislation for the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area, enacted March 30, 2009, as the local coordinating entity for the Heritage Area.

As a partnership endeavor, the Freedom’s Way Heritage Association serves as facilitator, host, and guide for heritage area-wide presentations, activities, and initiatives that recognize and preserve the unique identity of the region. Freedom’s Way is committed to promoting, preserving, enhancing, and curating the natural, cultural, and historical resources that define its sense of place.

Their website offers:

Interesting stories about the people, places, events, and objects of the Heritage Area that explore the enduring legacies of the American Revolution in the region through diverse perspectives and experiences.

A map and trip planning guide

Sign up for their newsletter and read monthly short stories that provide “a closer look” into the people and places of Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area that contribute to its unique regional identity.


Learn more and explore  the 45 communities that make up the Freedom’s Way National Heritage Area. Visit their website plan an outing and visit their calendar of events of local happenings!


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