Concord250 Permanent Memorial

The Memorial Concept Explained

1. Timeline – a 120 foot low wall. Each foot represents 100 years – equaling the 12,000 years that historians have assessed humans have lived in this area known as Musketaquid. This timeline will have historical events and dates marked on it.


2. Commemorative Elements – five 6’ fused glass stelae etched with quotes and stories of people whose stories have been not been carried forward. On the ground below the stelae will be arrows/vectors pointing in the direction of the quoted person’s home or action.


3. Interpretive Sign – introducing the concept of this memorial to people coming to the park.


4. Sitting Area – arcing benches for people to sit, reflect, and look into the park


5. Reforestation – an area to be planted with native trees.


6. Existing Tree – existing tree that will remain in the park


7. New Tree Plantings – new native tree species to be planted in the park


8. Open Lawn – an area to gather, reflect, play and have activities within.


Conceptual plan projected views



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