Concord Community Compost Drop Off Pilot 

Concord is launching a pilot Community Compost Drop Off program for residents. Once you’re registered, you will be able to drop off household food scraps and compostable kitchen waste at two locations for FREE starting February 1st, 2022. Businesses interested in composting should review the information provided by Concord’s Public Health Department (

To participate:

1. Review what items are accepted in Concord’s Community Compost Drop Off collection bins:  
Even if you’re very familiar with how composting works in general, please review the list of Acceptable and Unacceptable items specific to our program. 

2. Test your knowledge of what items our collection bins accept and provide your registration information below. This will require signing off on our User Agreement (Question 8). 

3. Review the results and write down THE COMBINATION CODE to access our locked collection bins.

4. Start composting your food scraps!

5. Tell your friends and family to join the composting community by registering to participate to receive the combination code.  

FILL OUT FORM (required)

Learn about: 
– Yard waste drop off options:
– Backyard composting:
– Curbside options through private vendors:

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