” Buried In Treasures ” – 15 week course starting in August via Zoom

It seems the pandemic and the stay at home advisory has encouraged many people to start clearing out their homes. Tempting things are left on the curb or the lawn. For those with homes filled to the brim and who are having difficulty parting with treasured possessions, or have an uptick of acquiring during this stressful time, the COA is offering a 15-week skills training workshop and peer support group. Research has show that working through the book “Buried in Treasures” by Tolin, Steketee & Frost in a structured group is one of the most effective ways of addressing excessive clutter and compulsive acquiring behaviors. This is a FREE group for seniors that identify themselves as having too much clutter. You are asked to purchase a copy of the book ‘Buried in Treasures” . To register or for more information, please call the COA and ask for Lauren Barretta at 978-318-3020. The time and exact start date is to be determined.

FULL HOUSE?! Decluttering Presentation via ZOOM

Is spending time at home the retreat you imagined it would be? Or, perhaps, like many of us, this extra time at home has given you the chance to look around and notice all the ‘stuff’ you have that you don’t really need. Whether it is time to downsize for a future move or you are looking to declutter to make space in the home you have, there are tips and tricks you can apply to make the job easier. Join COA assistant director, Lauren Barretta, for a virtual presentation via ZOOM. Downsizing and decluttering can be hard, but the result of a more spacious and organized home can be liberating. Call 978-318-3020 to RSVP. Also look on this FB page for information on a “Buried in Treasures” workshop.