Concord Celebrates Women’s History Month!

Flipping the Script: The Women of the Manse

These are the stories of the women of the Old Manse – vital, complex, and essential – who lived in the Old Manse from the time of the Revolutionary War through 1939. In this tour, we flip the script and explore the history of the Old Manse not from the perspective of a few famous men, but from the perspective of the many women who lived there and whose stories, often forgotten, shaped history and still resonate today.

Tour groups are set with a limited capacity and we recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.

Saturdays and Sundays at The Old Manse




Tender Sensibilities: Concord & Women’s History

Join historian Richard Smith and Nikki Turpin , President of the Robbins House, as they lead a lecture / discussion highlighting and celebrating a selection of women reformers from Concord history, including Ellen Garrison, Abba May Alcott and Helen Thoreau.

March 24, 12-1:30pm

Co-sponsored by the Friends of Walden Pond and Concord 250 Executive Committee.



Women of the Great Field: The Robbins and Garrison Women and their Neighbors

March 26, 6-7:30pm

Join us for a Women’s History discussion with The Robbins House on the history of the women residents of the Great Field, a predominantly African American and indigenous area of Concord in the 19th century. Hear some of the stories and accomplishments of women like Lydia Bay, Fatima Robbins, Susan Garrison and others who lived and worked on the periphery of the town in the 1800s. This event is generously cosponsored by The Robbins House: Concord’s African American History and The Concord Free Public Library





Concord Free Public Library

Author Talks with the Concord Women Writers: Short Stories

Each week this month the library is showcasing authors from Concord. These Women Writers share their work and experience as women creators. Read about the March 20th event with  essayist and short story writer Emily Rubin and short story and creative nonfiction writer Tracy Winn. 


Author Talks with the Concord Women Writers: Poetry and Children’s Writing


March 27, multimedia poet Ros Zimmermann, and systems thinker and children’s writer Linda Booth Sweeney will be the featured authors.



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