Magical Tucson: Hummingbirds & More

Southern Arizona, only 60 miles from the Mexican border, appears at first glance to be only a mix of rugged mountains and barren desert. However, life teems in this area when you look closer. Tiny hummingbirds can be found calling for mates and nesting in shrubbery, while giant saguaro cactus provide homes and food for a variety
of bird life including cactus wrens. Animals including venomous Gila monsters, roadrunners and even mountain lions have adapted to survive in this challenging environment. Join Joy Marzolf on June 16th at 1:00 PM on Zoom to learn about Tucson and about Biosphere 2, an unique experimental site just north of Tucson where scientists
study the biological systems of the world. Please call the COA to reserve, and we will send you a Zoom invitation at 978-318-3020.