Poetry at the Old Manse

Gather at the Old Manse to hear poets from the New England Poetry Club read their work. Following the tradition of the Concord circle of authors like Emerson, Hawthorne, Alcott, and Fuller, the Old Manse will once again become a place of inspiration and shared work. Readers are posted about one month in advance, so check back often to see what local poets will be appearing next. This series takes place on the first Friday of each month. Poets are announced the month before.

November Poets: Thomas DeFreitas, Lisa DeSiro, and Clara Ronderos
December Poets: TBA

Cider Weekends at the Old Manse

Meet the minister who sparked a revolution, his grandson that inspired the transcendental movement, and artists, musicians, and scientists who all called the Old Manse home during this house tour. From the American Revolution of 1775 through the literary revolution of the mid-19th century, you’ll discover why the Old Manse is home is home to revolutions in both thought and deed that helped to define the American nation.

12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm

Free – members
$10 – Nonmembers
$5 – Nonmember children
$9 – Nonmember Seniors & Students

Paul Rever: Man and Myth

Paul Revere and his midnight ride—immortalized as the harbinger of the dramatic escalation of the American colonial rebellion against the British Empire—has been celebrated in tales and songs throughout the centuries. But what really happened on April 18, 1775? Experts shed light on the legendary ride and the man behind it, revealing the fascinating life of a fabled national hero who witnessed the birth of a nation.

Registration required.


Nina Zannieri is the Executive Director of the Paul Revere Memorial Association in Boston.  Robert Shimp is Research and Adult Program Director for the Paul Revere Memorial Association.

Listening for Thoreau’s Flute

Join us for a conversation with Middlebury College professor emeritus John Elder as he investigates the history and form of Thoreau’s box flute, which now resides in the Concord Museum’s collection.  Thoreau inherited the flute upon the death of his beloved brother, John.  The instrument reveals the role of music in the Thoreau family as well as links the evolution of woodwinds to broader currents of thought in the mid-nineteenth century.  The talk will be complemented with Elder playing some of Thoreau’s favorite music on a boxwood flute almost identical to his in construction and history. privilege

John Elder studied English at Pomona and Yale, and in 1973 he joined the faculty of Middlebury College, with a joint appointment in English and Environmental Studies. John’s special interests as a teacher included American nature writing, English Romanticism, Japan’s haiku tradition, Robert Frost’s poetry, and the contemporary poetry of earth.  John’s most recent book is Picking Up the Flute which sets to music a former professor’s musings on retirement, marriage, literature, and the natural world. The memoir is permeated by music, interweaving his narrative of learning to play the Irish flute with stories related to his time teaching at Middlebury College and texts and memories from his past (including those related to Henry David Thoreau) whose meanings echo now with a whole new sound.

$5 Member | $10 Non-Member.


Curator Talk: 250th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre

Concord Museum Curator, David Wood, discusses the Boston Massacre and its legacy in this special gallery talk in Beyond Midnight: Paul Revere and His Ride.  Using multiple editions and interpretations of Paul Revere’s print of the events on the Boston Common, Wood unveils how a skirmish between neighbors sparked a city’s unrest that led to a country’s revolution.


With Museum admission. Members visit free.

Selfie Sunday at the Old Manse

Looking for that perfect photo in a historic place? Join us the first Sunday of each month for photo opportunities with two of the Old Manse’s most-photographed collection items: the owl and Emerson’s chair. We’ll have a tablet available with filters that will turn your image into a historical tin-type image for just the right 1860s flair. Drop-in only from 12-1PM.