Exciting things happening at CCACE!

Providing Opportunities for Lifelong Learning

Concord Carlisle Adult & Community Education (CCACE) is a self-sustaining branch of Concord-Carlisle Public Schools, dedicated to lifelong learning for all ages. CCACE connects local citizens through collaborative community outreach, classes and educational events.  Our aim is to provide unique programming that will inspire joy and nurture passions.

Expand your horizon, pursue your hobbies, and learn new skills by enrolling in one of our many courses.

Five more reasons to check out CCACE website:

  1. The CCACE ELL program is continuing! (see here)
  2. CCACE has a fantastic DEI program with the League of Women Voters that starts at the end of next month (see here)
  3. CCACE has a program with the International Institute of New England that’s a part of our Can We Talk series (see here)
  4. CCACE has 3 great parent education programs already planned for this fall! (see here)
  5. Driver’s Education!!



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