June Journeys, coordinated by COAR

June Journeys is a month-long series of community events focused on racial justice and social equity, hosted by local organizations to promote learning, unlearning, and action. June Journeys, coordinated by COAR (Communities Organizing Against Racism), features events sponsored by over 20 different organizations in Concord and Carlisle. Find all June Journeys events at or on instagram (coar_junejourneys).


Communities Organizing Against Racism (COAR) was founded by parents coming together to share experiences and learn from one another, so that we could engage in courageous conversations about race with each other and with our children.

Today, COAR is committed to racial equity and social justice by promoting inclusiveness, valuing diversity, facilitating healing, and addressing disparities in our community with an emphasis on our schools. We do this with respect, self-awareness, authentic engagement, and a willingness to learn from one another.

We strive to challenge ourselves and support each other to make a collective impact with tools and strategies that improve awareness for the well-being of all children, families, and community members.

Our Mission
  • Support self-learning and unlearning to be anti-racist

  • Actively engage in anti-racism efforts as individuals and as a community

2021 Goals
  1. Host a monthly community discussion group to promote self-learning

  2. Connect with schools and community groups to share, listen, build understanding, and serve as collective anti-rascist voices

  3. Identify needs in our community and schools regarding anti-racist learning and policies, and develop action plans to address them




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