In Person: Sculptural Painting

All level painting into sculpture workshop 5/25/23 – 5/28/23

In this intensive workshop, we’ll explore the sculptural possibilities of paper, cardboard and lightweight plastic, and then use acrylic paints to see how color can enhance and add meaning to our three-dimensional adventures. We’ll learn how to stiffen paper and fabric into organic shapes that can hold their own forms and experiment with simple and effective ways to build and connect materials without a large space or special tools. This class is for anyone, any level, who has interest in extending their 2-D work into the round. You will be able to leave your artwork and supplies in the classroom between classes.

In Person: Drawing as Meditation

All Levels of Experience

MAY 19- MAY 21

Meditation and drawing practices can be profoundly grounding. Weaving these practices together creates tactile, immediate ways to arrive in the present. In this weekend workshop, basic meditation techniques and expressive drawing prompts will deepen connection to the creative process and the ability to be present in our everyday experiences. Collectively we will create a space for sharing work and ideas. With a “beginner’s mind” the integration of drawing and meditation will deepen creative practice. Open to any level of experience.

In Person: The Air In-Between: Seeing and Simplifying in a Charged Landscape

Combination of In-Studio and On-Site/Plein Air Painting workshop

MAY 12 – 14

Each of the three days will be a combination of in-studio problem solving and plein-air landscape painting. The studio work will involve specific directed limitations in anticipation of some of the core challenges, contradictions and joys of painting in the open, energized landscape. We will make two paintings each day, one studio painting and one plein-air landscape painting.

IN PERSON: The White Line Woodcut and Beyond

The white line woodcut, also known as the Provincetown Print, is a uniquely American form of printmaking, invented by artists working in Provincetown in the early 1900s. In this method, beautiful multicolor prints are printed by hand using a single block, eliminating the need for a press or complicated registration methods. This fun workshop offers the opportunity to learn traditional techniques of design, carving, and printing, as well as the chance to expand upon the tradition with creative inking and printing options, to create contemporary interpretations of the medium. Participants will leave with a number of prints, and with newfound skills and appreciation of the process.


In Person: Discover Drawing through Printmaking

All Level Monotype Printmaking Workshop MAY 5 – MAY 7

During this workshop, we will explore using monotype methods to approach printing a plate with repeatable elements. Teaching will highlight how to make and print a drypoint plate with time to practice intaglio wiping skills and learn how to add a color layer to create unique monoprints. Each day of the workshop will begin with a demonstration of a printmaking technique, followed by individual attention and supported practice time with plenty of time for working with the materials. We will begin by loosening up by making transfer drawings to use as guides for making drypoint plates. Petg plastic will be the substrate used to create drypoint marks and monotypes, which is a flexible, transparent plastic sheet. Get to know the fundamentals of ink, paper and press use, along with the tools of the studio, the unique qualities of Akua Water-based Inks, and innovative monotype and drypoint methods.

Online: Reconnecting with the Natural World – Elemental Landscape

All Levels Drawing and Painting Class

Re-emerging into the outdoors after wintering offers us the chance to be inspired by the beauty of the world around us again. This month-long landscape sketching workshop is done on your own terms, from your window, in your backyard or further afield. Your visual interpretation of the landscape will be supported by weekly on-line demonstrations covering key concepts related to creating successfully expressive landscape imagery. Prompts related to simplification, structure, compositional dynamics, creating depth, value and a limited palette will be offered each week. Meditative journaling exercises will deepen your connection with a sense of place. Weekly sharing of imagery, supportive dialogues and suggested readings will strengthen your interpretation of the landscape in any medium.

MAY 3 – MAY 31

In Person: Linoleum Printmaking Workshop

All Level Intensive Printmaking Workshop

April 28 – 30

“My process as a printmaker always begins with a drawing. I will rework a drawing, cutting it up with scissors and taping it back together many times. If my drawing doesn’t delight me, I have little enthusiasm to go forward and make the materials and time commitment to oversee the completion of an edition. Characters sometimes show up and demand to be inserted in my drawings. I love my characters to appear quirky and emotional…lopsided smiles and mismatched eyes. And always an animal or two. My linoleum prints are small editions and I consider them labors of love.”

Join artist printmaker, Coco Berkman, in a 3-day intensive workshop exploring the magic of relief printmaking. We will be transferring a drawing onto a 12” X 12” linoleum plate, carving it with japanese carving tools and printing our plates on the final day. No experience is necessary! Simply the desire and willingness to explore a new art form or if you are an experienced printmaker, a fun opportunity to learn some new techniques. Please come to the workshop with a drawing that excites you!

There is a material fee of $35 payable to the instructor on the first day of the workshop. Coco will bring her own tools for students to use and we’ll be using a “Safe Wash” black ink with which to print.

In Person: Print, Wax, Poke and Stitch; Stepping into Translucency

All Levels Welcome

Prints on Japanese paper that are waxed with melted beeswax become strong, translucent, flexible surfaces that welcome techniques like stitching, piercing, and sewing. These prints can be used on their own or combined with other printed elements to invigorate surface and pattern in unique ways. The prints can also be sewn together to create three-dimensional forms. Students can bring already existing prints or create new ones with relief printmaking techniques. Simple embroidery and sewing techniques will be demonstrated, along with simple waxing procedures. This workshop would be useful for bookmakers, 3-D mavens, and those curious to use their prints as materials for other projects.

April 21 & 22



In Person: Watercolor Painting from Photographs

Overview of watercolor for all levels of artists

A discussion of materials (paper, paint, brushes), composition and drawing, the three basic paint washes, the importance of values, color mixing strategies, masking, dry brush, and all sorts of tips and specialty textural techniques. While a variety of painting styles and approaches are discussed and encouraged, the instructor specializes in tightly controlled, realistic representational pieces. Students will work on their own projects and will receive individual attention and coaching.

APRIL 21 – 23

Online: Drawing Faces

All level drawing workshop, beginners welcome!

APRIL 15 & 16

In this online weekend art retreat, we’ll sink into drawing our life at home—the objects and the scenes. We’ll use stick charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, and watercolor to explore drawing in different ways that are both intimate and bold. Our goal will be to simplify and find our own hand in the work we make. This is a chance to draw in an intensive way with the positive energy of a group in which we get to share our work and inspiration. All skill levels are welcome.