Plein Air, From Sketches to Finished Piece with Emily Passman

You want to paint representationally, but with a sketch-like freshness …
Set up an easel or drawing-board on your lap on the beautiful patio at Concord Art in Concord Center. The steep hill behind the patio offers a canvas of lush flora, a waterfall, and sculptures. There are also buildings; a shed, the neighboring homes, Concord Art itself! We will enjoy sketching, and painting together on the flagstone patio with the comforts of bathroom facilities, a kitchen, and a classroom to resort to in the even of inclement weather.
Join Emily in drawing and painting from observation in either oils or acrylic paints and get back to the joy of the observational Plein Air experience.Four Day, Mid-Week Summer Workshop July 11-14, 10am-2pm

Get Ready to Exhibit! With Ron Rosenstock

Ron Rosenstock, internationally known photographer, is conducting a one-day workshop on how to prepare your artwork for an exhibition. Learn how to cut mats and frame your artwork to museum standards. Everyone will have a hands-on experience with a 32-inch, classic Logan mat cutter. All materials needed will be supplied. Topics to be covered include: choosing a theme for your exhibit, effective editing, pricing your work, and finding a venue in which to exhibit.
One Day, Saturday June 24, 10am – 4pm

Character Design for Children’s Books with Katia Wish

Through a variety of exercises, students will learn basic anatomy and movements of children and animals. They will apply their observational skills into developing unique, believable and appealing characters suitable for children’s books. The emphasis is on creating characters who are consistent through a variety of facial expressions and movements.
Two Day Weekend Workshop, Sat 10am-4pm, Sun 12pm-4pm

Online: Exploring Paper with Nancy Gruskin

Paper is a wonder material. It makes an appealing surface for paintings and drawings, but it can also be cut, pasted, folded, and woven. Taking cues from the paper work of artists like Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Josef Albers, this online class will explore the possibilities of paper. We will make paintings, drawings, collages, weavings, 2D cut-outs, and 3D sculptures. Experiments and exercises will be supplemented with visual presentations of the paper works of modern and contemporary artists. We will use Padlet, an online “bulletin board”, for posting and discussing our work. Open to all levels, from the paper newbie to those already devoted to working with paper.
Four Week Class, June 7-28, Wednesdays 4-7pm

Plein Air Pastel Painting Made Easy with Janet Schwartz

In this 2-day workshop, we will take it outside to paint historic Concord architecture using pastels. Working directly from our surroundings, we will use techniques to capture the immediacy and beauty of the landscape around us. In this class, you will learn simple strategies for setting up to paint outside, deciding what to paint, focusing on working fast and keeping it simple.

In case of inclement weather on either/both days, the rain date will be June 3 and/or 4.

Please go directly to the site: Major John Buttrick House, 231 Liberty Street, Concord, MA. Parking is free. There are bathrooms available.

Previous pastel experience is recommended. We have easels available to lend, please notify us in advance if you’d like to borrow one.

Two Day Workshop: On Site, May 27 + 28, 10am – 4pm each day

Drypoint Etching Printmaking with Brooke Lambert

In this intensive printmaking class students will gain experience and first hand knowledge in the medium of drypoint printmaking. Students will learn to create images with varied lines and textures using an etching needle to dig and scratch into the surface of plexiglass, copper, or zinc plate by hand. Students will learn to vary their etchings with color, texture, and expressive wiping. Through this hands-on printmaking approach, students of all experience levels will come away with many variable print editions of their own and a greater appreciation for drypoint printmaking.
Three-Day Workshop

Gel Printing Intensive Workshop with Adria Arch

Explore beautiful color layering and make one of a kind prints on paper with the flexible gel plate and Golden’s OPEN acrylics. We’ll learn the basics of the simple but irresistible technique that will enable you to explore design and texture. Our focus will be on color and composition, while allowing this seductive technique to open us to spontaneity and surprise.

This workshop includes a gel plate and brayer (to borrow), and all paints! Please provide your own pad of white drawing paper, approx. 11″ x 14″, scissors, and blue painter tape.
4-Day Workshop, May 25 – 28

In Person: Sculptural Painting

All level painting into sculpture workshop 5/25/23 – 5/28/23

In this intensive workshop, we’ll explore the sculptural possibilities of paper, cardboard and lightweight plastic, and then use acrylic paints to see how color can enhance and add meaning to our three-dimensional adventures. We’ll learn how to stiffen paper and fabric into organic shapes that can hold their own forms and experiment with simple and effective ways to build and connect materials without a large space or special tools. This class is for anyone, any level, who has interest in extending their 2-D work into the round. You will be able to leave your artwork and supplies in the classroom between classes.

In Person: Drawing as Meditation

All Levels of Experience

MAY 19- MAY 21

Meditation and drawing practices can be profoundly grounding. Weaving these practices together creates tactile, immediate ways to arrive in the present. In this weekend workshop, basic meditation techniques and expressive drawing prompts will deepen connection to the creative process and the ability to be present in our everyday experiences. Collectively we will create a space for sharing work and ideas. With a “beginner’s mind” the integration of drawing and meditation will deepen creative practice. Open to any level of experience.

In Person: The Air In-Between: Seeing and Simplifying in a Charged Landscape

Combination of In-Studio and On-Site/Plein Air Painting workshop

MAY 12 – 14

Each of the three days will be a combination of in-studio problem solving and plein-air landscape painting. The studio work will involve specific directed limitations in anticipation of some of the core challenges, contradictions and joys of painting in the open, energized landscape. We will make two paintings each day, one studio painting and one plein-air landscape painting.