Our First Living Concord Video!

Have you checked your email for all the news from your favorite organizations? Have you looked at each of their calendars? There is A Lot happening in our Concord-Carlisle community pretty much all the time.

The CCHS Parents Association is presenting another film that offers skills for stress resilience for kids, 42nd St is performing at The Umbrella, DropOff SwapOff is happening soon, The public library has the most incredible array of programs geared towards all different age groups, The Concord Museum has reopened!, youth basketball is starting up soon and so is wrestling, there’s a murder mystery dinner at Trail’s End this month, authors are visiting both the library and the Concord Bookshop, Discover West Concord Day is coming up, and just about EVERYONE is offering something cool for Halloween.

It’s hard to keep track so we keep track for you. All Concord-Carlisle organizations are welcome to post events here. We’re constantly updating our calendar and posting to our social media accounts. And yes, we also send out a weekly email that highlights all events for the coming week across many organizations. This email will include any event happening at the Cheese Shop, any speaker visiting for an organization, and many other events taking place that week. If you have any questions or suggestions please reach out to us any time! Go CC!

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