Looking for a party? It’s The Concord Education Fund’s 25th Anniversary Silver Masquerade

This year is the 25th anniversary of the Concord Education Fund. The fund was started so that our students’ teachers could provide new or enhanced curriculum to our students. Over the past 25 years, the Ed Fund has played a pivotal role in getting the following programs off the ground.  Many of these programs have now become such an integral and regular part of our student’s curriculum that we are not aware they were initiated by the Ed Fund, with the support of parents and local organizations. The Ed Fund is an all-volunteer board; its administrative overhead is 5% of our budget, so nearly all donations go right back to the students.  Selected grants include:

  • The Engineering Certificate Program for CCHS;
  • Rivers and Revolution at CCHS ( if you ask parents whose children took this course, most will say it was a game-changing academic experience; other high schools now shadow the class to implement one in their high school;
  • Q5 at CCHS;
  • Percussion Instruments at CMS;
  • The STEAM Lab at Ripley School, used by all the schools; 
  • 3d Printers for the Middle School;
  • African-American History and the Story of Concord for all schools; 

The list goes on and on. Go to our website where all our projects are listed, and some are explained in detail here: http://concordedfund.org/grant-highlights-archive/

Thank you for your past and future support. Most of our support comes directly from the parents; your money goes directly back to the students. The 25 year partnership between the Ed Fund and the teachers is a big reason why the Concord-Carlisle public schools are as great as they are. 

Our 25th anniversary gala is Saturday, November 16. Laurie Hunter, the Superintendant will say a few words, and we will briefly update you on recent grants and initiatives.  Then we will celebrate with the 10-person band, Sugah Rush. Please come by purchasing tickets at http://concordedfund.org/25th-silver-anniversary-party/.

If you can’t come, but want to play a role in enhancing our students school experience, please donate. We would greatly appreciate it. 

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