Walden Street Antiques

Come visit – a wonderful selection at Walden Street Antiques!

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23 Walden Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-610-6802


Ashley Johns   March 6, 2022
Trying to get around in this place is difficult but worth it. Upstairs is also phenomenal it beware of all the random young kids and college students, they are haphazardly hanging out here, playing ukuleles roughly and putting their feet up on antique chairs…honestly was stopped in my tracks when I saw that and waited for the shop person to come and lecture them. The way they were walking around roughly picking stuff up and knocking into stuff I was worried something would break near us and we would be responsible… either way the store is great, a little tight but they make do. Outside of the stress of how packed it can be, the finds here are wonderful and they have a great eye!
Alexandra Norelli   July 18, 2021
Great books and high quality antiques
Mo Dong   November 22, 2020
great store with good customer service.
Jeff D.   December 17, 2018
There is a wide range of collectibles here, from pop culture to early 20th century antiques. Definitely something for everyone.
Rory Kondrad   March 4, 2017
Great collection of unique items. Cozy place hidden away one floor above street level. I bought an old 45 record. I was also looking at a painting and the owner said I could try it out, see how it looked on my wall for 24 hours and could take it back after that if I wanted. Another person at the desk encouraged me to make an offer on the painting another time.
Virginia K.   January 13, 2016
It's not very large, but it's packed with all sorts of interesting things... The inventory changes but there's always an assortment of the type of lovely or...