Vanderhoof Hardware Co.

Vanderhoof Hardware has been serving the Concord, MA community with hardware and housewares since 1904. Established by Albert Vanderhoof, the store is now run by the fourth generation, Scott, accompanied by the fifth generation, Thomas.

We have been trusted by the Concord, MA community since 1904 to provide premium customer service.  We strive to follow in our ancestors footsteps to exceed their expectations.

Also offering the following services:

Lock & key services

Sharpening services

Lamp, screen & window repair

Contact Information

28 Main Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2243



Pi Fisher   October 15, 2022
Helpful and friendly staff helped me get the pipe insulation I needed!
Ricardo   August 22, 2022
Their slogan can't be more true. If they don't have it, you likely don't need it. I've lost many bets with wife betting that they wouldn't have something only to find out that they have it. Forget Amazon. This is the true everything store.
David Levin   June 16, 2022
Local hardware store. Hidden gem. Very complete stock
James Marcone   May 20, 2022
Great place they have everything Scott knows where it is
Bill Meier   February 14, 2022
Ordered online for curbside pickup. Ordering was easy. Not a lot of parking by the store (more in the rear) and there are only a few spots in the front if you were able to snag them. They brought out the light bulbs I ordered and put them in my car. They even wrapped the four sets of two bulbs together in plastic so they would stay as one package and taped the receipt to it. Well done. Thank you.
Russ Nichols   November 10, 2021
Very polite and knowledgeable quality products at a fair price
Susan Zellmann-Rohrer   August 14, 2021
This is a superb store with superb service. Hard to pick an example of their outstanding help from so many instances over the years. They sharpen blades, fix broken lamps, talk through and solve myriad home-owner problems . Once needed to move some large (100 pound) stones and the owner insisted on lending me his hand cart rather than having me purchase one. One of the true benefits of living in Concord is having easy access to Vanderhoofs. I love the store and the staff.
Doris Kelly   May 4, 2021
Recently purchased a new Webber grille from Vanderhoof's. For same price as big box store, they delivered the fully assembled grille right to our front door. Great service and we are supporting a local Concord business. Don't be fooled by how compact the store is - they have everything! Store is very clean and organized and the service cannot be beaten.
Helen Halloran   February 15, 2021
Once again, absolutely outstanding service and knowledge of all things hardware. I can call Scott or Thomas , place an order for pick up and get a text back within minutes that items ready for pick up! You can't get that at a mass merchandiser. Family owned, local residents and awesome service!
Lois Suarez   February 6, 2021
Absolutely wonderful, great working keys and wonderful snow shovels along with a requested demo on how to use a newer type of shovel. Thomas and Scott are the best!
Joseph McQuaid   November 14, 2020
Absolute tops. Best hardware store I’ve seen on both coasts. Family in California wishes they could clone this in San Francisco. Thanks Scott for the help and advice today!
David Cahoy   September 5, 2020
Had everything I needed, great friendly personnel. Easy to support local and no need to go elsewhere.
Thomas Richmond   August 25, 2020
Very helpful staff here. They are always wearing masks and have curbside pickup.
Lois Suarez   June 18, 2020
As always Vanderhoof's was awesome... Scottie and Thomas are incredibly helpful. Got a 20x20 square of hardware cloth cut to size for a very modest price. Just one piece perfectly cut no need to purchase a big roll.
Mary Crowe   June 18, 2020
I have been going to Vanderhoof's for 25 years and they are just the best- great service, friendly people , and they have everything! Plus Scott will fix anything that is wrong with appliances, screens ,you name it. I wouldn't go anywhere else even if prices might be cheaper at big box stores. Vanderhoofs is an institution in Concord. Lets keep it there!!
Shamrock Overhead Door   August 29, 2019
I was in the area doing a job when I suddenly realized that I needed some junction boxes. Called around a couple places and nobody had them. Called Vanderhoof’s and surprisingly they had exactly what I needed. The gentleman was very helpful over the phone and was extremely polite when I came in! Great prices great customer service! Five star all the way :-)
Liza Carter   August 19, 2019
Vanderhoof Hardware is the best hardware store ever! Not only do they have everything that you might need tucked away (just ask), they will teach you how to use the tool you just bought, or help figure out what is the best approach to solving a home repair problem. Recently I went in with the problem that my kittens were jumping on top of my parrot's cage and sticking their paws through the bars. Scott not only had some ideas for what he could create with plexiglass to keep the kittens out, his creation was ready for pick-up by the time I got home. Creative problem solving coupled with amazing service and smiles. Local, family-run businesses are such a pleasure to support.