Barrow Book Store

Home for the eclectic reader, the Barrow Bookstore specializes in Concord authors and history, children’s books and literature, and has a general selection of used and rare titles from art, architecture, crafts and cooking, to gardening, WWII, history and science.

​We also carry a line of literary-themed gifts, including coasters, tea towels, sachets, tissue boxes and birdhouses, along with home-made Bee of the Woods beeswax candles. Our gift certificates are great for any occasion and can be used in person or by phone or email.

Contact Information

79 Main Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-6084



Cliff E.   February 1, 2022
I love Barrow Book Store. I've found quite a few unusual suprises in there with hard to find or out of print books. My favorite thing to do in town other...
Robin Y.   December 12, 2021
Great little store! We had a lovely time looking around and speaking with the owner. Definitely the place to go for used books in the area - I hope to pop...
Pei Chen   December 5, 2021
I had visited concord few times, but never noticed there's a book store here! Such a amazing and lovely place! Can find lots of treasure! It's very cozy to stay with friendly staff :)
Monica Montalti   November 25, 2021
While visiting Minuteman Park in August 2021, we stopped for lunch in Concord and wandered a bit around the shops. We found this charming shop just off the Main Street. I was in my glory. I purchased a “gently read” contemporary novel. Then I noticed some author post cards and I mentioned to the lovely lady who works there that I was a teacher and planned to send them to my teacher friends and she gave me a complimentary Louisa May Alcott tea towel (she admitted that there were tiny imperfections, but that didn’t bother me). She then noticed my Celtic cross and told me to see a large cross at the cemetery, which we were planning to visit. She gave directions how to easily locate “Author’s Ridge.” Later, when I was home, I purchased another tea towel and had it sent to my friend, who has it hanging in her classroom. I’m happy to have supported a local business while on vacation. If you’re in Concord, be sure to stop by and visit Barrow Bookstore.
Eric M. Upchurch   November 4, 2021
They were recommended to me by another bookstore in their town. I, a total stranger in another state, got such amazing help from them... I cannot express how humbled their kindness left me. I needed to get some books to my friend in their local hospital. They helped with suggestions and also recommended another local shop for a shawl and socks It.
Sudha Kumar   October 5, 2021
Wonderful store! Great prices, excellent selection and really kindles your reading habits! I recently purchased a full version of a book I read as a kid!
Steven Robertson   July 25, 2021
Wonderful store with reasonable prices, a friendly staff, and a great ambiance. Paper receipts and paper bags make it so cool!
Kristin K.   February 24, 2021
Fantastic book store. We were thrilled with the staff member's recommendations for my young, avid reader.
Sophie Mintsiveris   October 7, 2020
Have I ever found a more peaceful, sweet, and substantial bookstore nestled into a side street in a beloved historical town? I can't say I have. I first visited this bookstore in a light spring rain after visiting some authors' homes and wandering contentedly down cobblestoned streets, and it was the perfect and most precious surprise. The sign that reads "welcome dear readers!" made my sentimental heart glow. I cannot recommend this place more.
Anindita Bhaumik   October 4, 2020
Excellent bookstore, treasures galore, a book lovers paradise. And staff? Awesome. A true gem of a store. Visited the store today10/4/20 and had another great browsing/ shopping experience. What a great store and what excellent service. I highly recommend this store.
Anindita Bhaumik   July 12, 2020
Excellent bookstore, treasures galore, a book lovers paradise. And staff? Awesome. A true gem of a store.
C. N.   July 8, 2020
Barrow Book Store started an online store and delivery service during COVID19 and I have to say it is excellent. They seem to be adding new titles often and...
Luis Ortiz   July 31, 2019
Fantastic shop with great selection, reasonable prices, and very friendly staff. Also, the music playing in the background is tastefully selected!
robert nowak   July 15, 2019
Small but well-chosen selection. Fair prices. Helpful, knowledgeable staff.
George Lynch   March 18, 2019
I pop in here at least once a week. Small, quaint, cozy. Always greeted in a manner that makes you feel right at home. A large selection of fiction (my favorite) and others such as Art, History(including local, New England), Poetry and more. Love it here
Beth V.   March 8, 2019
This is a lovely used book store that has lots of books about Concord & Lexington for history buffs. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable. If they don't...
Nancy Wilson   May 7, 2018
I loved my browsing time this morning and my chat with the clerk. Wonderful place!
Sue M.   August 12, 2017
I love bookstores, doesn't matter if they are used books or new. This store had a friendly staff. Sections were clearly defined. Great selection, I bought 4...