Thoreau Club

The Thoreau Club provides individuals and families with a 100,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art, multi-sport wellness center situated on a pristine private 35-acre property, located in historic Concord, MA.

Offering memberships that meet the needs of each family member: from youth and single adults to couples, families and seniors. With a wide variety of programs and services, choose what works for you.

The Thoreau Club is situated on 35 acres in Concord, MA and features a wellness facility, a summer/vacation camp setting, and an outing environment.
Members can enjoy swimming, tennis and fitness activities and programs designed for all ages and fitness levels. Our knowledgeable staff engage you and your family in fun ways so wellness is an easy part of your lifestyle. Camp Thoreau is the foundation of the company and features a traditional and values-based summer and vacation camp for kids ages 3-16. Corporations may host their outings here including access to pools and recreational space. There is something for everyone and everyone has a good time at The Thoreau Club.

Member Representatives are available to answer your questions and show you what makes Thoreau so different from any other club.

Contact Information

275 Forest Ridge Road Concord, MA 01742

Phone: (978) 831-1200



Tariq Ahmad   April 4, 2024
Best place with best staff. I really enjoy all the activities at the club. Cheers for the good work.
L B.   April 2, 2024
This is my fitness center and community and I couldn't recommend it more highly! I have been a member of many fitness centers and gyms over the decades and...
L Bateman   March 28, 2024
Absolutely LOVE the Thoreau Club! This is the best fitness center and community I have ever experienced, and I've been a member of many clubs over the years. I love the friendliness of the staff and the cleanliness of the pool, locker rooms, circuit area and overall facility. Everything is well maintained and works great. The online and phone apps are great--easy to use. I pay for the higher level membership and it is worth every cent because I actually WANT to go work out here! That is priceless. The environment is wonderful also--everyone is friendly and helpful. The Thoreau Club feels like home to me. :)
leviglozman   February 10, 2024
Thoreau club, especially the pool, is a great place for people who want to exercise and have fun doing it. Always clean and well taken care of. And the whole family can enjoy it. And Wendy Hammond-Wildes can teach swimming anybody who is willing to learn.
Joseph Anderson   January 30, 2024
Thoreau is awesome! I love the tennis lessons. The trainer has helped double my strength in my exercises. I can now deadlift 225.
Joanne Taranto   December 4, 2023
My kids have been enjoying the summer membership at the Thoreau club for many years! Two beautiful outdoor pools, 2 hot tubs, and a splash pad! Plenty of parking and food available from Julianna's cafe. This is a great option for the summer.
Ray B.   November 19, 2023
The place is great, reasonable and very clean.There are a few things that would make it perfect. First off ....get rid of the coffee machine or get one that...
Gregory Laing   September 27, 2023
Wonderful swim and tennis club, with many other activities
Marissa L Tilley   September 24, 2023
Summer pool membership for family was fabulous and definitely worth it! We came here so often this summer with our toddler. The social aspect was a draw for us, we enjoyed hanging out with other young families & friends in town here. Just recently, I tried out their gym & the childcare in Kaleidoscope with our newest baby. My infant is very well cared for while I get a ‘break’ to work out. We decided to extend our membership beyond summer, finding great value in some of the other offerings beyond the pools! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Anthony Hopf   July 22, 2023
Great pools and friendly staff. The bungalows and grills are a nice touch. Large enough pools and grass that you won't even notice a large birthday party. Juliana's snack bar is great for a quick bite or ice cream for the kids.
Katie Q.   January 9, 2023
Our family loves the Thoreau club. The staff throughout the facility are so helpful and so kind. Our children love Kaleidoscope and all the staff that work...
Katerin Graterol   July 26, 2022
The personnel was very courteous. Was there for a group outing, and when the food ran out, they made sure I received some, despite my late arrival. Includes a large pool, a Zipline, and a rope challenge course. The fact that you must ascend the tree using a short ladder makes the zipline amusing. The effort required to climb is not worth the pleasure, particularly after eating.
Rebecca Watkins   June 8, 2022
Long-standing, well-maintained sports and fitness club in Acton, Massachusetts. I used the tennis courts, which are well-maintained and equipped with tennis balls, picks, etc., and found the staff to be generally cordial and helpful. Winter tennis courts do feature bubbles.
K K   May 29, 2022
Great place but really needs additional poolside seating. Totally insufficient, sadly. Had to spend hours sitting at a picnic table while my kiddos swam.
Anthony Hopf   March 27, 2022
Great pools and friendly staff. Looking forward to the opening this year, but while we wait the bubble is toasty warm and gives us a chance to get a few laps in.
Ethan Fleming   August 6, 2021
I love this place. The gym and the pool have a positive environment. The prices are high so my wife and I have trouble affording it. But I have lots of childhood memories of it that are fun.
Michele Reddington   July 29, 2021
Beautiful facility.
Mark Vantzelfde   July 14, 2021
Great facility. Multiple pools, spas, splash pool. Snack bar. Ample parking.
Amit Jagdale   January 30, 2021
Nice facilities. Courteous staff.
OfficialShawnBurke   August 11, 2020
Great staff. During this Covid experience they are going out of their way to make everyone feel safe.
Rae B.   January 23, 2020
The fitness area is terrific - they have a wide range of cardio machines and loads TVs which is a nice distraction. The pool area is delightful in the...
Xuena Lin   September 16, 2019
Staffs are very friendly and professional. The rock climbing is pretty fun and good for beginners. Zip line is a bit short and again suitable for kids.
Xuena   September 16, 2019
Staffs are very friendly and professional. The rock climbing is pretty fun and good for beginners. Zip line is a bit short and again suitable for kids.