Beede Center

We feature four amazing pools, two updated fitness rooms and a new fitness studio.  Amenities include private parking, welcoming lobby, family changing rooms and professional staff.  Managed by the Concord Recreation Department, Beede is funded solely by membership, program fees and welcomes over 200,000 patron each year. We are deeply committed to serving the fitness needs and interests of our community.  Ranging from professional aquatic usage to family recreational play the facilities at the Beede Center are built to impress.


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Contact Information

498 Walden Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-287-1000



Greg White   March 27, 2022
Excellent pool and other facilities. Friendly and helpful staff. Very clean.
Mary H.   February 13, 2022
I love this place. It truly is a place for all types of people - not just fitness freaks or super athletes. It's always clean and the staff is friendly and...
Greg White   February 8, 2022
Excellent pool and other facilities. Friendly and helpful staff.
Wenyong Dai   November 25, 2021
Perfect. The water is very clean and the facility is well maintained. Very friendly staff!
Daniel Reis   February 17, 2021
pretty nice swimming pool, small collection of exercise equipment. but there are four pools! one Maine lap pool which is the standard 25 yards of most places. and then a short dive well with two or three tall diving boards. that pool can be used for short short therapy or laps when there are no divers. then there is a therapy pool which is like a warm bubbly jacuzzi but it is quite large for that kind of thing! and then a kids spray pool which is really fun for young kids 2345. probably gets a little boring for older kids. the most impressive thing is that they made a huge effort and stayed open during the pandemic. they set up a system where you reserve a single or a double lane with rules to keep people safe. relatively safe. at first the slots were like a luxurious 85 minutes long now gone down to 55 minutes. the point is when you reserve a lane it is yours and that is really excellent. I have to give it to all the stuff in their hard work. the cleaning is a little silly which has been proven to not be important. the most important thing of course is air exposure and they're pretty good about that. I hope they keep their laying reservation system. some places are like a shark tank and it's very uncomfortable swimming in busy Lanes.
Lisa Marquis   January 15, 2021
Beautiful facility! Adhering to strict cleanliness protocols.
Waiyan Ma   December 6, 2020
Thanks for the hard work keeping it open!
Carolyn C.   July 8, 2019
I love the Beede Center! The staff is friendly...they knew my name long before I remembered their's! The personal training is outstanding. Laurel...
Susan J.   July 8, 2019
The pool is glorious, nicer than Thoreau Club or any other private pools in the area. It's not overchlorinated, so you don't reek of bleach after swimming...