Belinda Gower Studio

Belinda Gower Studio brings mindbody awareness into your workouts. Our goal is make you feel energized, inspired and balanced. Classes are designed to wake up your core and help you to let go of overburdened muscles and joints. The focus on “smaller” muscles will elongate your entire body. Carefully chosen cues will encourage your body to release into its natural alignment. Paired to good music, movements flow rhythmically and seamlessly as if you are dancing. Time flies when you are lengthening and strengthening your body!


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Contact Information

109 Thoreau Street, Concord, MA

Phone: 978-341-8813


Cameron Velez   January 31, 2024
I love it, I heard about this from a friend and this studio provides so much. I would highly recommend coming here!
Sarah Harris   November 28, 2023
Excellent classes with awesome instructors in a beautiful space!
Samantha Hawkins   July 5, 2023
Beautiful and conveniently located studio. I am new to Pilates and all of the instructors have been so welcoming and accommodating. Highly recommend!
James Zelony   March 3, 2023
I love this place and highly recommend it. It should be anyone’s go to exercise facility.
James Zelony   March 3, 2023
This is the place to go for Barre or Pilates in Concord, Mass. and surrounding area. I participated in two specific work outs. One work out was based on Barre routines and another involved precise exercises with Pilates machines. These workouts are great for people of any age. I would also highly recommend these for people recovering from hip or knee replacements, you will get back on your feet much more quickly. This facility is new - beautiful - clean and well lighted. You will definitely enjoy and benefit from a visit. My sister drives from 25 minutes away in Arlington just to use this facility and work with Belinda. Keep up the great work Belinda!
Emma Gower   February 6, 2023