Priscilla’s Candy Shop

For over 70 years, our family has been making the finest, handcrafted chocolates available. Today, a fourth generation of candy-makers is hand-making them in our Gardner, Massachusetts candy kitchen virtually the same way we did back in 1936, using only the finest ingredients and Priscilla’s original recipes.

So just how good are our candies? So good, Priscilla’s has been featured in Yankee Magazine, Boston’s Food Lover’s Guide, and on Chronicle on Boston’s Channel Five.

We invite you to stop by either of our two stores – our candy kitchen and retail shop in Gardner, Massachusetts and our exquisite chocolate shop in Concord, Massachusetts. But we warn you – one step inside our doors and you’ll be hooked. Our customers keep coming back because they love our handmade chocolates and other confections.

Please visit us online at to shop!

Satisfy your innermost cravings with handmade chocolates and candies from Priscilla Candy Shop in Concord, Massachusetts or order online!

Contact Information

19 Walden Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-371-0585


Tom Matthews   March 4, 2024
I am a local Concord resident and real estate agent and Priscilla Candy Shop on Walden Street is a must stop for residents and visitors alike! You walk through the doors and the aroma stops you in your tracks! The custom, handmade chocolates, gifts, and commercial candy if that is your poison are all available to you! We love this local shop and highly recommend this destination.
John Russell   December 4, 2023
Really nice chocolates and candy store. Great selection and good prices.
ElizaBeth Clowes   November 6, 2023
Huge chocolate and candy selection in a petite adorable shop. Gift options galore and very attentive staff.
Brittany Rowley   October 13, 2023
The dark chocolate peanut butter cups are absolutely amazing. Everything we tried was so good, but those were especially delicious!
Sarah Pinto   October 4, 2023
Absolutely extraordinary! We moved to Florida and now I have to mail candy to my mom instead of an in person visit unless I’m up for a visit. I wish there was a frequent buyer club ☺️. We love nut and chewy chocolates and nonpareils!
Kate McEneaney   July 27, 2023
Great local candy shop! Yummy
Susan J   July 2, 2023
Delicious croquettes (aka turtles) and custom chocolates. My daughter lives around the corner from a French chocolatier in NYC, but comes here for her chocolates. Expensive but well worth it. Wish they were open 7 days!
Richard Dunn   April 15, 2023
Great selection of fresh candy & fudge. Lb for lb, better value than seasonal candy at CVS.
Suzie Mason   March 6, 2023
I've been going here since I was 9 or 10. My mother used to work in the building close by. Still love their chocolates! Hope to go back soon!
Emerson Manion   December 5, 2022
cute store, nice staff, good prices, and the best place to buy a tasty gift for someone.
L D   December 2, 2022
Very accommodating service and delivery. My mother always enjoyed Priscilla's with their fresh, home made candy ever since they were on Essex St. in Lawrence, MA. You want the best? This is it for me. :)
Pam R.   November 14, 2022
I love visiting Concord and each visit find a new fun spot. Candy is definitely one of my and my kids faves. Priscilla's has a huge selection of...
Emerson Manion   October 29, 2022
Good candy and cute shop but a few things are overpriced for normal candy, but I recommend
Karen Connolly   October 6, 2022
Visited the Concord store for the first time on 10-1-22. I am very particular on chocolate and wow, you met my high standard. Highly recommend and I will be back.
LedTE   August 15, 2022
Very good service, atmosphere, and collection of candy and more!
Charles Duarte   February 6, 2022
Best sugar free dark chocolate almond bark.
Jim Keats   January 2, 2022
Small, locally owned shop with a friendly and helpful staff and AWESOME candy! These have been a family tradition for Christmas gifts in my family for years.
Thomas Harrington   December 14, 2021
This is an awesome little shop perfectly located in the heart of Concord. They are a few candy stores nearby, but Priscilla's is the very best. They have a large selection of high quality candy & chocolates, but their toffee almonds & pecans are truly incredible. They make great gifts, and are much nicer than anything you could find in a retail chain or online.
K K   October 24, 2021
A great local business that is fun to shop for candies, treats, cards and little gifts.
Richard Phillips   June 18, 2021
Best assortment of candy and very friendly and courteous, always will to help and explain everything and offer help
Lindsay A.   April 29, 2021
Such an amazing candy shop! Huge case of freshly made, delicious chocolates that probably had 50-100 different kinds! Also have packaged chocolate gift...
Rose Shmkh   April 5, 2021
Delicious chocolate and very nice staff.
katy smith   February 17, 2021
They were open on Valentine's Day! Yaay They have a great selection and the candy is delicious. They also have some throwbacks like Razzles. The ladies were nice and helpful. I definitely recommend giving them a try.
Emma Sumsion   December 25, 2020
This shop has an amazing variety of candy! I absolutely love it!!! I even love thier chocolate which is crazy for me because I'm not a big chocolate person, but there I would get it again. Definitely worth it to check this place out.
susan W.   December 21, 2020
Great service and great candy!!
Christopher P   December 11, 2020
2 words: Chocolate. Fudge. We order Priscilla's from across country each year for the holidays and they're so sweet to gift wrap the chocolates for us without even asking. Merry Christmas!
Deborah Collum   May 15, 2020
Best chocolate ever; especially the dark chocolate peanut butter cups!!❤️
Ellen Liberman   March 20, 2020
Best ever.
Jennifer Christiansen   February 24, 2020
The shop was fabulous! It has hard candies, gummy bears and chocolate. They had three display cases full of the truffles my husband loves. He enjoyed the chocolate so much. He said he didn't taste filters or wax like the other chocolates.
Tatiana Fletcher   February 19, 2020
Great people, great candy!
Heidi S.   February 15, 2020
Completely addicted to Priscilla Chocolates, they are scrumptious. My husband has been getting me a box pretty much every time a holiday rolls around....
Graham P.   July 8, 2019
Simply the best. This little shop has been around for as long as I can remember and is run by locals. They have a wide variety of packaged homemade candies...
Adam B.   November 22, 2018
I am a candy store lover ... anytime I travel, which is a lot, I stop in at a little candy shop when I see them. Sure, these places aren't cheap but...