Minute Man National Historical Park

Minute Man National Historical Park honors the first battles of the American Revolution. It’s home to several battle sites, including Concord and Lexington.

At Minute Man National Historical Park, the Battles of Lexington and Concord are brought to life through the preservation, restoration and interpretation of significant sites from “that famous day and year” when Colonists took up arms in defense of liberty and touched off the American Revolution.

At Concord’s North Bridge, visitors can see the place where, on April 19, 1775, Colonial militia men fired the famous “shot heard ’round the world.” Along the five-mile “Battle Road Trail”, travel back in time through a restored colonial landscape and retrace the steps of the British. Along the way, stop in the Hartwell Tavern, a restored 18th-century tavern on Battle Road. It is now a “living history” center staffed by costumed Park Rangers who can offer you a glimpse of life in Revolutionary times. Finally, learn about Concord’s “second revolution” as you visit the home of Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of America’s most famous authors of the 19th century who helped define our American identity.

Contact Information

174 Liberty St. Concord, MA 01742


Michelle   July 5, 2024
Stunning walk through the parkland, it’s at least 20minutes to the statue/bridge but easy slope; excellent museum and historic shop, it was an extraordinary hot day so the museum air conditioning and rest rooms on our way back to the car was a huge relief, staff so friendly and helpful with info as well!
Bala Vinayagam   June 25, 2024
Minute Man National Historical Park offers a captivating journey back to the Revolutionary War. The well-preserved battlefields and historical landmarks vividly depict the events that shaped America's independence. Engaging exhibits and knowledgeable park rangers further enhance the experience. A must-visit for history enthusiasts and anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the nation's origins.
Vanessa W.   June 24, 2024
A must stop for any history enthusiast. Part of the national park system, and showcasing not only the bridge but Minuteman Statue and a good small museum on...
Samuel Mandello   June 13, 2024
Very nice Minute Man National Historical Park. Veterans can get a free lifetime National Park pass. Veterans just can bring their Verterns I.D. card, or their current drivers license showing that they have the Veterns symbol on it for the free park pass. Rodger, the park official, was very pleasant and also the other staff employees.
Katie Loveday   June 8, 2024
Absolutely beautiful park! It’s huge with so much to see and explore. Lots of places to walk or run. The park rangers are very friendly and informative also. So much history in our own backyard! I made a short video about our day here. Minuteman National Park | Concord, MA | “Shot Heard Round The World” https://youtu.be/Phu9AsKoGF8
Christopher Francis   May 31, 2024
Day trip just to get out on a beautiful day
Shane Lee   May 6, 2024
When you realize that some of these men were fighting on their own land, it really hits different.
Lisa Stephenson   April 29, 2024
I absolutely love this National Park and I have been to a lot if them including Yellowstone. Obviously, this is much smaller. It's free. Most importantly, if it wasn't for the events that occured at this spot, all the othe National Parks wouldn't exist because it's possible we wouldn't be a Nation. The farmers and citizens who laid down their work and fought with their lives to form a Nation, to tell the British that we wanted Independence at any cost, can never be forgotten. This spot is beautiful and every person living in this country wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this spot. I visit it every time I'm in Massachusetts.
Luke H.   February 6, 2024
Apart from being an important part of American History, this park is GORGEOUS! The North Bridge overlooks a steady stream with trees along the...
Stephen Featherstone   November 26, 2023
Visitors centers weren't open but we got to see the North Bridge.
Megen Salerno   November 3, 2023
Was neat to see the historic sites and walk around
Bob Bolandrina   October 30, 2023
I am a regular visitor here. Great place to start a walk along the Battle Road or to see reenactments around Patriots Day (April).
Charles Sutton   October 24, 2023
We actually only drove by the park entrance. We had thought about stopping and walking to the bridge, but it was late in the day, so we simply drove around it and went home. I have been there in the past - a fascinating area!
Brent Lowry   October 6, 2023
Awesome place with great history, and the Bay circuit trail going right through the park.
Felix Francis   October 1, 2023
Great place to learn about history and experience the revolution from close quarters
Christopher Freiss   July 18, 2023
Only walked the grounds briefly, but a lot of information to be absorbed just at the Concord end. Looking forward to tackling the rest soon.
Jan Chimera   July 11, 2023
Wonderful talk from an old timer ranger, which involved the children and adults in an interactive demonstration.
Trina Toups   April 20, 2023
Visit on April 19th, but book a spot in the five mile hike about six weeks earlier. It can be chilly here in April.
Gohar K.   April 10, 2023
A must stop while in Concord, MA so much history here if you are interested in American history. We enjoyed learning about the history of this place. I...
Juliet K.   September 21, 2022
If you're interested in Revolutionary War history then this bridge is a must. There are poems and plaques all along the path to and from the bridge to...
Vincent L.   August 15, 2022
Forever associated with America's origin story, the Old North Bridge is where the latter of the battles of Lexington and Concord took place, igniting the...
Rick B.   June 17, 2022
The North Bridge, often called the Old North Bridge, is a historic site in Concord, Massachusetts, spanning the Concord River. On April 19, 1775, the first...
Aly K.   May 15, 2022
I came at nighttime and laid across the bridge and listened to all the night bugs making their music. The moon was bright and the sky was clear. It was such...
Amy Y.   January 15, 2022
This is the location of the "shot heard round the world," and the beginning of the American War for Independence. However, you don't have to be a history...
Vic C.   November 29, 2021
The North Bridge in Concord, Massachusetts is the place where the "shot heard around the world" took place, where the beginning of the battle of Concord....
Karl Dietrich   November 14, 2021
Went here in 2008 and still it is one of my favourite battlefields. Well preserved and very pretty. It is a very important place in US history, marking the first battle of the Revolutionary War.
Harold Roussell   October 28, 2021
Great open fields and history.
Nathan Bruce   September 26, 2021
Nice sand paths down to a statue. The local guides were very kind and informative.
Nate Bruce   September 26, 2021
Nice sand paths down to a statue. The local guides were very kind and informative.
Bruce K.   June 14, 2021
An appropriate review for Flag Day and the birthday of the United States Army, this is one of the spots that the history buff absolutely can't miss. This is...
Christian L.   April 30, 2021
old wood bridge high over the nearly dry river currents at Concord. This is where Colonials took their first pot-shots at the Mighty British...
Alex Wurts   April 17, 2021
Best park ever.
Jordan Richard   January 31, 2021
Quaint and fun for educational purposes. Informationals are setup throughout the walking path that talking about American history related to this park. Beautiful sights too
dreamchasersn   January 24, 2021
Amazing place for a quick getaway from Boston, quite a lot of history involved in this place. During the winters the lake freezes making it fun to walk over it. It has free parking from morning till sun down.
Stephen Z.   October 28, 2020
AN ABSOLUTELY MUST DO! A FREE NATIONAL PARK & FREE PARKING. This is where the American Revolution began. I love to go places where there are a number of...
Georges Achi   September 23, 2020
I love
Michael He   September 19, 2020
Solid trails, good facilities and baby stroller friendly.
Carpio Cyprinus   September 18, 2020
Great National Historic Park to visit with children and adults alike. Visitor center is nicely staffed and very educational. There are numerous historical buildings to visit, monuments, and landmarks from the American revolutionary war. Follow Paul Revere's ride to Concord, Lexington and back. A real gem!
Edgar Nieves   September 13, 2020
Like traveling through time.
Yehonatan Weisskoff   September 9, 2020
Scenic trail through high grasses and thin woods, and a boardwalk over marshes. Suitable for a long walk or jog with a friend. The trail is cleared so there is minimal concern of tics jumping off of grasses onto your legs.
Michael Mailman   September 8, 2020
Great trail loaded with history of America's fight for independence. Highly recommend for history buffs and causal learners.
Rob Means   September 8, 2020
Well worth the easy walking and even the climb up the observation tower. If you ride bike(s) there, bring lock(s) as bikes are not allowed on the trails.
Tyler Robertson   September 7, 2020
Beautiful place for walks with lots of historical landmarks and well-kept grounds. Can't wait to visit again in the Fall when the leaves turn.
Tyler Robertson   September 7, 2020
Nice scenic walk amongst well kept grounds. It was a good way to enjoy some historical perspective. Plenty of open space for picnics.
Steve Henning   September 5, 2020
Scenic trail along the original "Battle Road". Historic structures, homes, and markers all along the way
John Krstyen   August 25, 2020
This place is gorgeous. Long trails, tons of historical importance,and like other landmarks in this area well preserved. It just feels like your in another time when you visit. Thats just me though.
Antony Bradford   August 22, 2020
PLEASE READ THIS FOR USEFUL INFORMATION AND TO GET THE BEST OUT OF YOUR VISIT. It's such an outstanding and mind blowing walk there is no reason not to visit if you're in the area. Plus it's free, donations welcome. It's around a 10 mile round trip on the battle road, or you can stop at just the museum. Plenty of bathrooms along the way (at Merium's corner, Noah Brooks Tavern, Hartwell Tavern, and the Minuet Man Museum) Battle road is an outstanding walk through a traumatic event in history, begin at MERIUM'S CORNER (not the museum) House where it all started, and follow the arduous march as if reliving the event itself. There are many stops along the way with information detailing the skirmishes themselves. Stop off most of the way through at the minuet man museum to find out the real life stories of the people who helped shape the battle, who fought and who died participating in such a huge turning point in the revolutionary war. You can take a bike if you wish, however walking is better otherwise you'll fly past some marvelous scenery, and will miss out on the feeling and scope of the situation, seeing the battle plans play out in front of your eyes and just how difficult for both sides this must have been. Be sure to pay respect to the soldiers who lost their lives and were found buried next to the road, or perhaps dumped, or maybe worse, left behind. Markers have been erected for them. If you must cycle, stop at the minuet man museum to find a map, near by is the minuet man bike way with a much more purpose built road for your needs.
James Hughes   August 16, 2020
Love the scenery and history here.
Darrel D'souza   August 15, 2020
Many historic sites along a nice scenic walking path. All historic sites had markers and had a board telling visitors about the history of that particular site. A great place to visit to learn about the start of the revolutionary war.
Steve Betts   August 15, 2020
Always a wonderful time. My boys 4-2 love it there. Felt comfortable with virus precautions.
Sarah Greenlaw-Quinton   August 14, 2020
Great place for a walk throughout the park or a picnic with friends near the bridge. Family and dog friendly. They still have bathrooms open during COVID which has been helpful for using as an outdoor meet up place for a socially distanced gathering with some friends.
PJ Heckman   August 13, 2020
Wonderful trails along the route where the Minute Men fought the British at the beginning of the American Revolution. There is an Inn that often sponsors historical re-enactments and tours. Taped recordings at various spots provide a vivid picture of what happened. Well worth the visit!
Madeline Anderson-Balmer   June 7, 2020
Beautiful place to walk early morning. Social distancing is respected. Peaceful. Snappers are nesting so keep your eyes open and avoid these ladies as they wander the property.
Rosebud Mosaics   September 14, 2019
Very nice place showing Our Revolutionary War and Colonial Life of the times!!! The Original Hamsters all up and down this place.
Liane J.   August 3, 2019
This incredible meadow was beyond belief. It stretched the length of four football fields. The flowers were all a creamy white. The length of flowers stay...
Kathleen Koechling   July 12, 2019
Friendly and knowledgeable volunteers and guides made for a pleasant visit. Short movie gave historical context and the grounds were beautiful.
Newt J.   June 23, 2019
I've been coming to Concord since I was a kid, enjoying the town and having regular visits with the Walden area. Today I branched out into Great Meadows. It...
Lynn Brandewie   May 4, 2018
Really need insight into the beginning of this country. So glad we made the effort to stop and Concord is a nice little town to drive through
Jim Pecora   February 10, 2018
Such a Historic location regarding the birthing of America. Lincoln, Lexington and Concord Massachusetts, are the town's where it was at, the matchhead that lite the fire within the hearts and minds of our forefathers. What a great National Park to visit when coming to Boston. Be sure to visit Miniute Man National Park!
Michael Currie   September 8, 2017
Very well kept. A must-see historical spot... this is where it all began.
Dominic Nicholas   July 26, 2017
It's a big park that's great for biking around as a family, visiting some very historical buildings and sites, or just having a nice quiet long walk in the woods.
Don P.   August 10, 2016
Beautiful natural wildlife preserve located 5 mins from the Minute Man National Historic Park. Great Meadows is 3800 acres of protected freshwater wetlands...
Elizabeth P.   April 26, 2012
This is a wonderful place to go if you're looking to get out of the city for awhile with lots of wildlife, flat trails around the lake (including one that...