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Concord-Carlisle Public Schools are committed to excellence in and out of the classroom. Our mission is to inspire our students to strive for and meet the highest levels of academic and personal achievement, while nurturing a respectful, supportive, engaged, curious, and passionate learning community.

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J K   September 10, 2017
Amazing teachers & staff. Fancy new building as well. Needless to say, it is well funded; and it also comes with a side dish of rich spoiled students. Tasting the crappy cafeteria food after classes filled with expensive technology and gadgets makes you wonder how the budget is allocated, however. Naturally, with the demographics, the entire school gets strongly drawn to political token issues emotionally. Hamstering behavior is stronger than you will see at many notorious college campuses, due to the narrow spectrum of perspectives found in the rather homogeneous population. As the uncontrolled polarizing and bandwagoning turn intellectual discussions into circlejerks, you at least leave with a better understanding of the origin of the current societal divide.
Rebecca S.   September 7, 2017
I highly recommend The Concord Carousel Preschool. Our son graduated this past spring after three years of attending. Our second child will be starting...
Reed Savory   January 5, 2017
One of the best public high schools in America, consistently among the top rated. New school building is truly amazing.
franz moesinger   May 2, 2015
Extremely pretentious preppy school. Is an excellent stepping stone for college. I was a terrible student at this school but when I went to college I practically become one of the most successful from my high school class. Keep your head down and just work, don't get distracted by this angsty mess of a school.
Mauricio Rangel   June 26, 2014
Kelly S.   October 12, 2012
One of our sons went and the other is still going to Concord Carousel Preschool, which is run by the Concord Recreational Department and is in the Harvey...