The Concord Players

A Profile of the Concord Players, Inc.

The Concord Players trace their history to 1856 and the Concord Dramatic Union, which Louisa May Alcott helped to found. In 1872, the Union became the Concord Dramatic Club, and, ultimately, in 1919, the Concord Players. In 1921, the Players added the stage with fly space, scene dock, storage facilities, and Green Room to the town-owned building at 51 Walden Street, then used also as an armory.

In 1972, the Players joined with the Concord Orchestra and the Concord Band to form the Friends of the Performing Arts in Concord (FOPAC), and the town of Concord agreed to allow this organization to refurbish 51 Walden as a performing arts center. In addition to a music stage for the band and orchestra, a ballet studio was built to house day and evening classes for both children and adults. In 1975, 51 Walden was designated as a “Permanent Bicentennial Memorial.”

The Concord Players’ membership is approximately 400. The subscription fluctuates from 600- 800. A constant effort is made to increase new membership and to widen our audience. Four social events throughout the year, plus trips to other theatres via “The Showbus,” encourage member participation. Subscribers have been treated to “extras” such as free performances of one-act plays or new scripts.

The Players make every effort to reach out to a broad following. Tryouts for Concord Players’ shows are widely publicized and open to all. With a variety of abilities and tastes in mind, a Play/Director Selection Committee works a year ahead of each season to choose a balanced slate of plays. The Committee matches the best directors available to these plays.

Contact Information

51 Walden St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2990


Bill Bean   May 9, 2024
The Music Man was outstanding.
Betsy Olsson-Mackowski   March 13, 2024
We are spoiled to be entertained by so many talented actors, directors, and musicians in Concord. The play was a delight, funny and touching!
Maureen Reyling   February 19, 2024
Beautiful performance! Thank you!
mike wood   May 26, 2023
I saw Little Women the Musical. I hadn’t seen a show there since Spitfire Grill and both shows were fantastic. I won’t take as long to come back next time as a patron.
Joseph Ting   May 19, 2023
Good venue. Warm with good views everywhere. Chairs are pretty uncomfortable for long performances.
Irene D'Agostino   May 5, 2023
I was just there for the 1st time. I saw Little Women fantastic shoe.
Jon Saul (Jon)   May 5, 2023
This is one of the most welcoming, nurturing and fun places to see and perform in theatrical productions. They have high standards in the best way, which elevates the performance for all involved. It always feels like coming to a second home when I walk inside.
Nicole Smith   November 24, 2021
Saw a wonderful production of Sense & Sensibility here. The cast was delightful and the set was very impressive.
Tom Peterson   November 24, 2021
Katherine Mulligan   September 14, 2021
Well ventilated space. Enjoyed the play. Handicap accessible. Not sure about rest room.
Phyllis Uloth   February 22, 2020
Always produce great shows, but this one was exceptional. Almost makes me forget how uncomfortable the seats are.
Jeri Cammarano   February 9, 2020
Had a great time! Friday,opening night,very well executed.
Anthony Huntington   November 16, 2019
Excellent productions ,professional and entertaining
Marina Matuzek   May 10, 2019
Professionally produced community theatre shows
Joy Tucker   February 24, 2019
This play was excellent. Thanks for the experience!
Carolyn Goff   May 6, 2018
How often do you go to see a musical at a local theater only to be transported to another time and place forgetting your own day to day drama? Last night we were enthralled by Nancy Curran Willis’ production of Hunchback of Notre Dame at Concord Players. From the moment you step into the theater, you are in the medieval cathedral in Paris with exquisitely crafted stained glass windows, and in the tower with Quasimodo, the stone saints and gargoyles. The choir lofts held the most magnificent voices as were those of the entire cast. From the set to the wonderful costumes, the pace of the show had people holding their breath. Such highs and lows with crescendos’ that punctuated the air. I have yet to see such a tight nit cast all of equally professional level talent. The dance and fight numbers were spot and well choreographed. One would hardly know there was such a large orchestra that became one with the singers. You empathize with each character, getting caught up in their own plight, one that resonates with us all. It truly is a tour de force! Congratulations Nancy! Please don’t miss this fabulous show playing through May 12th.
David S.   May 5, 2018
The Players' production of Noises Off was hilarious - wonderful entertainment by a very talented cast. They mastered the physical comedy and comedic timing...
Jim Gettys   February 28, 2017
Quite a good production of Blithe Spirit. Sound could have been better, particularly early in the show.
Izabela B.   May 9, 2011
Hands down, the Concord Players have put on the BEST community theater shows I have ever seen. While they only put on a few shows every season, they are...