Adelita was created so that Concord and surrounding communities can have a gathering place for families and friends.

We proudly only serve meats that are grass-fed and pasture raised. No adding hormones. No antibiotic feeding. No GMO feed.

Contact Information

1200 Main St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-254-0710



Meridith T.   March 2, 2024
We've been to Adelita a handful of times. Each time the food has been outstanding. Fresh ingredients, decent portions, all around the best Mexican I've had outside of Boston. What elevated our last trip there though was the service. We had Hud wait on our table. He exuded genuine happiness and enthusiasm. He as attentive and detailed and definitely made our most recent experience there top notch. Highly recommend.
katherine mangione   February 17, 2024
Affordable Farm to Table! Super cool that everything is small business supported or from their farm in New Hampshire! DELICIOUS HEALTHY FOOD!! Also the chips were fresh from the oven you could tell
Divyashree R.   January 4, 2024
Would say they are the best Mexican in this area of acton/concord. They do have a good wait time. I recommend reserving a table than walking in. Few veg...
Shayna H.   December 17, 2023
This is my second time coming here and it was just as enjoyable as the first!!! Hud was our waiter and he is such a gem!!!! 10/10 energy and vibes. So funny...
MATT GRABOWSKI   October 30, 2023
Delicious El Pastor tacos. They come small so order extra meat. My vegan wife enjoyed the Veggie Tacos, and Limeade.
Klaus Earl Loft   October 22, 2023
We had real good quality oraganic local sourced Mexican dinner. Overall very I am impressed over the food. I was not expecting that level of food and service in that area of Massachusetts.
Lianne L.   October 2, 2023
What a great find! I ordered the shrimp tacos. They were so good and the shrimp was large.
Misha Peterson   September 19, 2023
Delightful! I had the shrimp tacos, which were huge and delicious! Ordered a raspberry lime margarita, which was mighty strong, but lacked taste. The restaurant has a nice outdoor patio and is really nicely decorated. I’ll be back!
Jonny Glassman   August 27, 2023
Had a great birthday dinner here on a Thursday night. Had to wait about 5 minutes for a table as the place was pretty busy, but that didn't affect the service or the time it took for our food to come out. Delicious drinks with generous pours and fantastic food with a plateful of rice, beans, guacamole, pico, and lettuce in addition to a perfectly cooked steak. The tres leches cake for dessert was served in a tall, thin Mason jar and was perfect for two.
Luca M.   August 18, 2023
Lovely interior, excellent staff, and great food. I always get takeout from here and I'm always very happy. A bit pricey but in my opinion a great treat...
Denise P.   August 1, 2023
The dishes are moderate size. Drinks delish. Bartender friendly. Decor fun. Well ventilated. Chips yummy. Thanks D Patnod Lic Ac Cambridge
John Goreham   July 29, 2023
Great food but pricey. Its all free range tomatoes and ethically harvested lemonade type stuff. Two adults one child $100 with no alcohol and no apps. Skip the silly spicy ice cream dessert its aweful. Very attentive wait staff. Plenty of parking. Busy on weekends.
Kelsey D.   July 3, 2023
Adelita is owned by the same individuals as Woods Hill Table located within walking distance. Adelita has Mexican food, while Woods Hill Table is more...
What’s up for Dinner   June 19, 2023
The concept is from farm to table, everything is sustainably sourced ( also organic) and you know where your meat and veggies are coming from. IMO not the most authentic Mexican food experience one can have. Having eaten at some authentic Mexican restaurants in and around Boston, this place doesn’t even come a close 3rd spot again no disrespect just my own opinion. Food was decent, portion sizes are decent. I loved the deserts, the churros are memorable for sure with the guava sauce, something different on top of your traditional chocolate sauce. The house chips and salsa were great to start with. Street corn was also good, the Mocktails we had were not bad. We ordered the cochinita pibil tacos, biria quesadilla and shrimp tacos for main entrees. The server was nice and friendly, overall a great experience for one time. Probably will not return.
Rebecca Watkins   June 15, 2023
Hud, our server, was enthusiastic and conversational, and he made several excellent suggestions. The vibe is great, and the mood is enthusiastic. We all rated the signature margarita a perfect 10 and couldn't get enough of the street corn. It was expertly charred and seasoned with a zesty lime kick. Traditional tacos are always a good bet, and the Mexican chocolate ice cream everyone tried was a delicious surprise.
Kimberly M.   June 11, 2023
I love there Magritte it is awsome so is there tacos beans and rice and there Mexican chocolate and Dulce de leche is great there chilli reanos is good as well
Kimberly R.   May 6, 2023
Oh, YUM. This is the best Mexican food we've had since we lived in San Diego. Everything is fresh and delicious and I'm always willing to pay more for...
Bekah Lynes Paradise   April 29, 2023
I ordered online for takeout, easy and smooth process. I ordered the veggie tacos and they were by far the best I've had. Very flavorful, which can be tough with vegetarian food. The smoky apricot margarita was amazing, I would order both again without hesitation. I ordered for a specific time and it was ready exactly at that time. So good all around!
Benjamin K.   April 21, 2023
An upscale Mexican restaurant in my hometown that has organic, high quality food if you're willing to deal with kind of high prices compared to other places...
Jen Fletcher   February 19, 2023
Our server, Hud was friendly and engaging and had helpful recommendations. The atmosphere is upbeat and has a good vibe! The signature margarita was a 10/10 & we all loved the street corn! It had a really good char on it and was seasoned perfectly with a hint of lime. Can’t go wrong with classic tacos and the Mexican chocolate ice cream was a hit (has the perfect amount of spice to it).
Boozey blogger   January 7, 2023
Stopped here on the way home from snowboarding at Wachusett. This place was a big time winner. The food was delicious. The hot sauce was insanely amazing
heidikearney1069   November 5, 2022
Authentic, delicious and that watermelon margarita was refreshing....hard to say no to a second or third!!!
Megan Sogard   September 5, 2022
This neighborhood spot specializes in margaritas and tacos. I recommend sticking to these, at least on your first visit--they do them so well. The taco portions also leave ample room for an appetizer and dessert. To me this is a good thing. I especially enjoy the nachos and the churros. Reservations are recommended if you don't want to wait. Bar seating is available. Kitchen closes at 9.
Jimmy B.   August 17, 2022
On vacation with my family in Boston, we decided to take a small trip over to Concord. Since none of us were dressed super nicely, and I was kinda craving...
Emily Hruby Halpern   July 17, 2022
Legitimately some of the best tacos I've ever had, and I've had some good tacos. Spectacular cocktails as well. They are very proud of everything being local or farm raised. Great experience!
Kevin Harris   June 22, 2022
The ideal location for margaritas after work! The food was fantastic, and the smoked blood orange margarita was out of this world. Theo, our waiter, was attentive and delivered exceptional service. Will definitely return!
Vita Jakovlevaite   June 19, 2022
Cute and quite busy place. Good service. I would avoid chicken dishes next time. The other food was really tasty. Overall medium price range but some dishes may look pricey when you see them in tellers
Sara S.   May 31, 2022
Came tonight for dinner and drinks with some girlfriends. We enjoyed a variety of fruity margaritas - passion fruit, smoky pineapple, and a house Adelita....
Andrew Halloran   May 22, 2022
Amazing tacos! If you like tacos then you have to try this place. We had Al Pastor and Pescado and they were yummy! They nailed the blend of meats, fish, and fresh ingredients. We also had the street corn and guacamole, both great. And we finished with the homemade flan which was equally delicious. It reminded me of a creme brulee which I absolutely love. Definitely make reservations, this place books up.
Bryan Doyon   April 19, 2022
Excellent tacos and delicious flavors with some of the more authentic Mexican I've had locally. Service was fast and friendly and very helpful with this being our first outing to make recommendations and understand portions. Pricing was very reasonable for two and the decor was bright and fun while still classy. The drinks were delicious as well and while limited, their specials were excellent additions to the menu. Personal favorites are the fish tacos and the smoked blood orange margarita. We will definitely be going back as we have found our new favorite Mexican restaurant in the area.
Megan Sogard   April 16, 2022
This neighborhood spot specializes in margaritas and tacos. I recommend sticking to these, at least on your first visit--they do them so well. The taco portions also leave ample room for an appetizer and dessert. To me this is a good thing. I especially enjoy the nachos and the churros. Reservations are recommended if you don't want to wait. Bar seating is available.
Seba Molnar   April 16, 2022
One of the best places I’ve been in a wile. The food was outstanding! Drinks were on point and the service was great
Courtney Chaulk   April 7, 2022
A perfect place for margs after work! Food was delicious and the smoky blood orange margarita was amazing. Our waiter, Theo, was attentive and provided amazing service. Will definitely come back!
Divyashree R.   March 12, 2022
Update after few tries- best Mexican restaurant in the acton/concord area to go for margarita and great Mexican food. We have done a lot of take out and few...
Joe Sestrich   March 4, 2022
We all enjoyed our meals: fish tacos, enchiladas, green and red. I would have liked a bit more of their verde sauce. Margs we're good too!
Roberto Reyna   February 27, 2022
Excellent food and atmosphere. Some of the best Mexican food I've had since moving to New England.
Meredith K.   February 23, 2022
"I think you should go to Adelitas. One reason is that the drinks are great. For example there is this drink called horchata and it is so so good. Another...
Bob M.   January 22, 2022
Great food, great Mexican music/atmosphere, tasty margaritas. Worth a trip, don't miss the churros.
Steven Bazydlo   November 26, 2021
The place is a bit pricey, however the fish tacos I ordered were quite good. I would have preferred slightly larger shells to hold them but they were quite good. I'll definitely be going back here.
Adam Teti   October 16, 2021
Ordered online for pickup, time estimate was accurate. Food was amazing, tacos were generously filled and tasted amazing. The order of elotes had 3 full ears of corn in it and we're absolutely delightful. Can't wait to come back and actually dine in next time.
Pratik Patel   October 12, 2021
Great chips and salsa. The tacos are good, especially with flour tortillas.
Nicholas “Ziggy” Zweig   October 1, 2021
I've been now 3 times and always have a great experience. They keep the guac pretty naked which I very much appreciate. The service is always amazing although Theo is the best of the best. Food is always really fresh and full of flavor, and any place that drops chips and salsa down as soon as you sit down is great in my book. Have always eaten outside, nice space and you get to see the trains go by. I'm still 10 years old sometimes and love trains
Mike L.   July 27, 2021
This place is incredible. It's our absolute favorite place to get takeout from. We only started going during the pandemic. So we haven't had a chance to...
Mariana Georges   July 27, 2021
I absolutely love Adelita's. A great friend of mine introduced me to this establishment and it makes me so happy to know that their ingredients are farm fresh and pasture raised, produce and meats alike. It is my opinion that these fresh ingredients make all the difference in the quality of the food and how it makes me feel. Each dish I've tried has been delicious, the salsa served for starters is spiced to perfection and the limeade is to die for, very fresh and tangy just the way I like it! Their churros are also a MUST try, they are served with guava and warm chocolate dipping sauce. The service is always friendly and accommodating as well. Definitely check them out if you're in the area!
William Mcdonough   July 24, 2021
The staff is very good..and so is the food...plenty of tasty options...and they are never hovering over you...but they seem aware when you have questions.
Maddy M.   June 29, 2021
I had an excellent time at Adelita. It was one of my first restaurant outings since the pandemic started and it did not disappoint. From start to finish,...
Scott Meek   June 28, 2021
Really love the food here...very good west coast style Mexican with homemade tortillas and all. The chile relleno compared favorably to one I’d had in Baja. Also loved the margaritas. Highly recommended!
Gaurav Khanna   June 21, 2021
Nice outdoor dining area. Kids loved watching the trains go by. Good food, unique compared to most standard Mexican places. Agua Fresca was really delicious. Worth a visit.
Jay L   June 20, 2021
Good good with excellent service. I highly recommend this restaurant.
Walter H.   May 27, 2021
After a year with no sit down restaurants, we chose Adelita for our first mask-free outing! Adelita is thriving, with outdoor seating and a strong menu...
Claudia Gibson   May 2, 2021
Everything was delicious, great service too. Music could be improved. Highly recommend. Hidden gem!
Rob Morgan   April 10, 2021
Guys - you need to start giving more chips for take out. I can’t keep buying 2-3 guacamole’s for $30 and be given one or two stingy bags of chips. This has been a year now with this issue. And we ask for extra chips and get attitude from the staff. This is a problem, please work on it.
Theresa McGillivray   March 29, 2021
Great food and margaritas. Great ambiance. Service was a little slow. Get there early on a nice night they have a cute patio!
Greg Creamer   March 22, 2021
I took my three teenagers there last week, and we had such a fun time. Awesome ambiance with fresh, high-quality food (and stiff drinks for Dad!).
Monroe Lei   March 8, 2021
The food is regularly well prepared and delightful, employees gives good service. I really like how clean it is and atmosphere. Keep up the good work.
Curtiss West   February 21, 2021
The food and the staff were excellent. We were blown away by Adelita and we are already planning on going back.
Linda Descant   February 10, 2021
All I can say is Oh My Great God their food is AMAZING! I had the Tacos Chorizo and their House special Margarita, simple amazing. Just when I thought you couldn't find great Mexican food in New England. I will be back, Thank you also to the great staff
Graham P.   January 13, 2021
Been coming here for a few years here and there. Always some really delicious, solid mexican fare. Lived in LA for several years, and these guys have some...
Ryker Z   December 7, 2020
I dine in this great spot often! This is the best place to have a bite. I visit this spot frequently. The meals are great, the workers are helpful and the payment is good. I enjoy being in this spot to have a tasty lunch.
C V.   November 7, 2020
The drinks, food, ambiance and outdoor seating make this gem a must-go when you're in metro west. Though a little pricey in some categories two people with...
Mark Bramhall   October 25, 2020
Adelita's Mexican food is terrific. Try the street corn. Freshly roasted and flavored.
Lee S.   October 7, 2020
Love the fried fish tacos!! Soooo good and extremely addicting
Nathan Nickerson   September 15, 2020
Atmosphere (5/5) Service (5/5) Food - prices do not equally reflect the quality or quantity of the food. (2/5)
Todd Andrews   August 5, 2020
Reduced capacity for indoor dining means make a reservation! You won’t regret it. Great food, friendly staff and reasonable prices ($20 per person including some soft drinks and desert). Judging by how busy their takeout was we weren’t alone in loving their food.
goonewman   July 18, 2020
WE LOVE THE FOOD HERE!!! The tacos al pastor are ridiculously tasty. This has been our go to place to take out from. During quarantine!
Neil H.   June 22, 2020
I probably should branch out beyond the fish tacos - but it is my go-to. Always delicious here. Adelita will probably be one of the first places I return...
Mekhi Brennan   May 21, 2020
We came to this restaurant for lunch. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was very nice. The crew were extremely nice and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was great. We loved this place very much and we will visit this place again. We recommend this place to all.
Corinne V.   April 27, 2020
Got take out from here (since of course the restaurant is not open for dine-in) and I was so happy with it! We got the nachos as an appetizer, I had pork...
Miriam Talamini   March 3, 2020
Great local joint, delicious food and drinks, fresh ingredients and impeccable service. You'll love it! Oh and order the fish tacos, you won't be disappointed!!!
Deniz BT   January 26, 2020
We have visited Adelita on a weekend for lunch as a family of four. The restaurant is very nicely decorated. It is very clean. There is a trio of old school gaming machine in the waiting area which is fun for all ages. The staff is very charming and helpful. They make you feel welcomed. The food is great. We have ordered fish tacos with tortillas made in the house. They were cooked perfectly and tasted delicious. The various in-house fruity and herbal teas and drinks are awesome and a fresh addition. Kids menu is great and delicious as well. If you want to try an inspiring menu of Mexican food visit this gem of local restaurant. Parking is plenty.
Bryan Doyon   April 10, 2019
Excellent tacos and delicious flavors with some of the more authentic Mexican I've had locally. Service was fast and friendly and very helpful with this being our first outing to make recommendations and understand portions. Pricing was very reasonable for two and the decor was bright and fun while still classy. The drinks were delicious as well and while limited, their specials were excellent additions to the menu. We will definitely be going back as we have found our new favorite Mexican restaurant in the area.