Emerson Hospital 5k Run~Walk for Cancer Care

Each spring, the Emerson Hospital 5k Run~Walk for Cancer Care brings our community together.

This year’s event will be a hybrid Run~Walk. You can choose to participate in-person on Saturday, May 7, at 8:00 AM at NARA Park, in Acton, or, Run~Walk your 5k anytime, anywhere you choose between May 1 and May 15. This is your chance to schedule your fitness around your time and the weather!

Funding supports cancer patients and their families who receive treatment at Emerson Hospital. Financial assistance helps with everyday living expenses like groceries, transportation, meals, and even childcare. In addition, the event funds cancer support groups and expenses related to a cancer patient’s rehabilitation.

Click here to learn more about the 5k Run~Walk for Cancer Care event.


Contact Information

133 Old Road to Nine Acre Corner Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-287-3084



Pat B.   September 10, 2022
I recently had a kidney stone removed, at age 50 it was the first surgery i ever had so I was very nervous. The nurses and Doctors at the surgical center...
Clara Adams   August 20, 2022
The entire Emergency room staff was so caring and concerned about me. I was brought in by ambulance with a severe asthma attack and Hypertension, not able to breathe right and I was scared. The receiving nurses and Dr's. were very attentive, and reassuring. They were quick to treat me, and run my tests, and make sure I was breathing normally again. Lifesavers!!
Kamina Agsujsns   August 18, 2022
My outpatient surgery experience was top notch. Everyone with whom I came into contact was personable and professional. They inspired confidence, plus they were likable. Prep work went off without a hitch.
Nora Gilbert   August 13, 2022
I am beyond impressed with my treatment at Emerson Hospital. I came in for an emergency, and despite the waiting room being filled with people, the intake person was very polite and was able to get me care in a timely manner. I will be sure to recommend this hospital to all my friends and family!
PAUL CURRIER   August 12, 2022
I had spinal fusion on Tuesday. 8/9. I received the very best care pre op, during surgery & post surgery. The nurses, anesthesiologists, nurse assistants were all compassionate, caring people with only providing me with the best care possible. My 2 night stay was equally outstanding. Everyone exceeded my expectations. Thank you for making my entire experience exceptional.
Louise Bumpus (LuLuBell)   August 10, 2022
They took good care of me and my cardiac issues, but unfortunately, a few minutes after I left my issue returned after being there like 4 hours because an x-ray wasn't taken. Lol.. but generally, they have been really good about their diagnosisof my mum in law's as well as my own. Even tho it's not my "home" hospital with none of my resuscitation details from a few years prior. I trust them!
A Panzeri   July 26, 2022
I had my top surgery here and had it with Dr Joanna NG-Glazier and her team was absolutely amazing. They were sweet, had a lot of patience, talked me through every step of the prepping stage before my surgery. Once I am fully recovered as I just got it yesterday, July 25th 2022, I am so happy so say the staff was great. They know what their doing and how to treat their patients. No complaints once here! Very caring nurses that make sure you’re having a comfortable time with your meds and or prepping. I just want to say THANK YOU for making me the happiest.
Patricia Morin   July 17, 2022
Having moved to MA three years ago it was interesting finding new physicians. I finally found some amazing doctors at Emerson. Recently I went to the lab for a blood draw. When I was finished, walking to my car, I had a bad fall. A kind gentleman got me into a wheelchair and brought me to the front desk. In a matter of minutes I had staff members helping me and getting me to the ER as quickly as they could. In the ER the staff was compassionate and caring and very efficient. I would like to thank everyone that I met this morning for the excellent experience.
Robin Y.   April 17, 2022
I am really grateful to Emerson Hospital. I came into the E.R. with potential heart issues; I was immediately given an EKG, was taken into a room within...
G TwoNs   March 12, 2022
My daughter recently was seen by Dr Goudie at Emerson's ER recently with an on-going issue. While Children's Hospital was helpful in the initial diagnosis, they gave little sense of importance to a recurrence. Even my daughter's own pediatrician had distanced herself from the situation by telling us she was just avoiding school and we needed to force her to go and not let the school send her home, even when she vomited in class. Her condition, which started 2 months ago & was initially treated well, had returned and had more recently persisted for over 10 days. Dr Goudie was terrific in communicating with our daughter who was in pain and very upset. Finally, someone took her situation very seriously! His bedside manner, diagnosis & treatment were all spot on as my daughter left feeling validated and more importantly, feel better. She improved tremendously when she started taking her new prescription and several days later she remains feeling well as we look forward to our appointment with a specialist.
Mike C.   February 22, 2022
Best food in a hospital so far, I know, I know that's a low bar = hospital food and I agree. But when you're in there and need to eat those small levels...
NaShan Jalivay-Pereira   January 24, 2022
First time at the ER with my 1 yr old today and everyone was so nice especially having a sick child. I’ve never had generous care from start to finish so it was very refreshing. My nurse, Kristin, was amazing so, THANK YOU.
Mike Silva   January 10, 2022
10/10 we were just there for our second child birth and they were amazing. Our nurses Lilly and Karen were phenomenal. Could not have gone better.
Maria O'Neill   November 10, 2021
Going to Emerson, even for an emergency is like going to the spa compared to other hospitals. The care is excellent, everything is beautifully updated, super clean and doesn't have that weird hospital smell. My daughter and I have been going there for everything since 2006 and we never had a bad experience. If hospitals intimidate you, make the drive to Emerson its well worth it