Concord Town Election Day June 11 – Candidates Forums

Concord Town Election Day June 11

Concord Candidate Forums were videotaped this week – see links below:

Select Board Forum

School Committee Forum

Meet the Candidates:



Henry Dane

What is the biggest problem facing Concord and how would you correct it? The Concord Journal asked the candidates, giving them a 200-word answer limit. 


Every day has its own unique problems. Problems both old and new need a response that is flexible, informed, consistent and, where necessary, creative. This requires experience, judgment and a working knowledge of the legal, political, community and environmental factors that inform every decision.

It isn’t a matter of thinking “outside the box,” but thinking without a box. My approach is that, in all aspects of life, there are no problems, there are only opportunities if you face events with courage and without preconceptions.

Currently, I see the important issues to be: 1. Promoting a user-friendly Town government; 2. Resolving the expensive and unproductive litigation regarding Estabrook Woods; 3. Supporting local retail and service businesses; 4. Pursuing a rational housing policy that doesn’t limit “affordability” to subsidized housing and is not merely reactive to Chapter 40B; 5. Providing in-town transportation and adequate parking to meet the needs of our residents, visitors and the employees of local businesses; 6. Continuing efforts to obtain ownership or control of the Concord Armory for municipal purposes and 7. Improving cell phone service throughout the Town.

All of these problems are important in their own way and need to be addressed.


Matthew Johnson

What is the biggest problem facing Concord and how would you correct it? The Concord Journal asked the candidates, giving them a 200-word answer limit. 


As I’ve held candidate coffees around town, I’ve had the chance to ask many people about their hot-button issues. I expected to hear about traffic and parking because they’re serious everyday problems. Those topics came up, but surprisingly, most raised deeper concerns. Whether they care most about environmental sustainability, economic and cultural diversity, or building mutual trust and social connection, Concordians want more than a pretty, affluent suburban town with great schools and adequate parking. They want to reclaim Concord’s rich heritage of community spirit that once produced revolutionaries, transcendentalists and abolitionists to lead meaningful change today.

How can I build community spirit as a Select Board member? First, I will continue to listen, and foster the town’s common sense of mission. For example, we can rally as a community for the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, and share Concord’s values with the world. Second, I will seek out and appoint competent board and committee members who are committed to our mission. Third, I will balance competing interests, and coordinate efforts to achieve common goals. Concord’s history is still being made, and our public bodies, private organizations, property owners, businesses and citizens can work together to make it better.

Get ready for June 11…

Citizens are Encouraged to Vote Early by Mail

  • Concord Candidate Forums will be Wednesday May 27th 3-4pm for the Select Board and Friday May 29th 1-2pm for the School Committee. Send questions to
  • To be posted subsequently on Minuteman Media Network TV. Videos posted by May 30th. Send questions to
  • Press Release from the Town of Concord. Click here.
  • Application for Absentee Ballot. Click here.
  • Application for early voting by mail. Click here

Vote early or vote at CCHS on June 11.

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