Thoreauly Antiques Steals a Starring Role in Greta Gerwig’s Little Women

Emma Watson, Meryl Streep, and Thoreauly Antiques are taking over the big screen this holiday season. Have you seen the trailer? Notice the actors on the beach wearing shawls and carrying picnic baskets? All shawls and picnic baskets are from Concord’s own Thoreauly Antiques!

Judi Gray is one of the buyers for Thoreauly Antiques and she said the Little Women crew frequented her store on a very regular basis. Judi buys English and French 19th and 20th century pieces. A lot of these pieces are in the Little Women movie. What should you be looking for while you’re nibbling your popcorn? 

Well, here is a list: jewelry pieces, linens, table cloths, shawls, flat wear, platters, plates, antique books, fountain pens, fireplace items, and cast iron pots. 

Judi said it was very exciting working with the Little Women crew and “they made monthly sales very nice”.

The movie is receiving great reviews. According to Sara Stewart of the New York Post, “The most impressive thing about this “Little Women” is Gerwig’s balancing act: Here is a much more incisive look at the relationship between women and art than previous versions — but also tons of holiday magic. It’s a warm fireplace hearth of a film, albeit one with a tendency to spit out fiery embers.” 

Sounds like a great movie to watch and a great store to visit! Thoreauly Antiques is located at 27 Walden St. in Concord MA and can be found online at

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