A wines and spirits store located in West Concord since 2008. Adventures in wine.

Hand-selected wines from top family-run estates in Italy, France and Spain. Small properties in California, Germany

Building on the success of VINTAGES in Concord, Carolyn & Eric Broege opened a second location in Belmont center in 2008. This destination wine shop draws lovers of Barolo, Brunello, Burgundy, Bordeaux and Champagne from Boston and beyond.

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Contact Information

53 Commonwealth Avenue Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2545



George Wong   December 23, 2018
Rita V.   June 24, 2018
WOW! What a selection and price. FANTASTIC service/people. I didn't even notice it was there on all my visit to dinner across the street! I have to come...
TJ Ennis   December 5, 2017
The proprietor Eric has forgotten more than most experts know about wines; I always come out of his shop just a little bit smarter and always happier and excited about trying a new bottle or simply enjoying an old favorite. Italian wines are his super power, but frankly his wine knowledge transcends mortal man. I hate to buy wine anywhere else.
robert s.   November 22, 2017
The shop is run by folks who are (1) quite nice folks, and (2) quite knowledgeable, and (3) eager to share their knowledge with customers in whatever manner...
Stefán Sigurjónsson   May 1, 2016
Awesome selection of off the beaten path wines. No plonk in sight.
Curt Smith   November 17, 2015
Very good selection of old world better wines. I enjoyed chatting with the keeper and liked his tipped wines!
Nora E.   July 4, 2013
Peter G doesn't know what he's talking about. This place has an excellent selection, with a lot of cheaper options in the $12-20 range (me and my parents...