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We fundamentally understand two things above all others…



Your son is bright and quick and energetic, but also has a thoughtfulness and depth that is, at times, surprising and moving. He is at a special time of his life, formative and fleeting. You need to find a school for him that will send him out into the world prepared.

These are your hopes for him.

You hope he will be prepared academically for an increasingly competitive and demanding future. You hope he’ll be prepared emotionally, too. You want your son to develop into a young man of character, and integrity. You want his education to teach him deep knowledge, but also wide understanding. You hope he’ll be proud of his work, and proud of himself.

And, at the same time, you want him to cherish these years, because you understand just how quickly they will go. You want him to form lifelong friendships and golden memories.

These are your hopes.

Fortunately, at Fenn, this is what we are all about. We are all about the boy.

Sua Sponte translates from Latin as “in your hands.” It is our call to live a life of personal responsibility. Rather than a demand, Sua Sponte is an invitation for each boy to set his own course and shape his own destiny.

At the heart of the Fenn philosophy is our motto, Sua Sponte. When boys begin to understand what it means, not just as a motto, but as a way of life, they are well on the way to embodying the Fenn character.

We have found year after year, decade after decade, that once this invitation is genuinely extended, a Fenn boy steps up. There’s something in a young man that thrives when engaged and excels when high expectations are set. Being the author of his own story helps each boy develop a life-long love of learning and a self-respect that is graciously extended to everyone he meets.

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