Verrill Farm

Verrill Farm Mission Statement:

To nourish the body and soul of our customers by providing healthful food of superb flavor in surroundings of beauty. Through the use of sound and efficient farming practices, we strive to maintain our land and animals in good health, and provide a good living for our employees and a reasonable return to our owners.

Contact Information

11 Wheeler Rd. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-4494



Marieme A.   April 22, 2024
Fresh produce, great service, a bit on the pricey side but I feel worth your while given the quality.
Tina S   March 11, 2024
If I'm on the North Shore I will make a special trip to Verrill. Really enjoy their delicious baked goods and prepared foods-moussaka in particular. Dishes have the right amount of seasoning and don't try hard to be something they're not. In peak season- a great place for produce. Staff is also very nice.
Michelle Pimentel   February 10, 2024
My mom and I went to their macaron cookie class and it was a really fun night! We really loved learning how to make the dough and several fillings from Jillian and Mariam. They were both so friendly and helpful, answering all our questions and making it fun along the way. Would definitely go back, and recommend!
Rob Ouzounian   January 4, 2024
Verrill farm is an absolute delight in so many ways. They have such a great selection of prepared foods/sandwiches and of course their usual selection of fruits and veggies is always solid. Plenty of parking and the scenic countryside location makes this a favorite spot of mine to stop in and grab lunch if I'm out and about on a fun drive.
Priscilla Clark   December 10, 2023
Simply wonderful quality and selection from the bakery to takeout meals to produce (often grown there). Friendly and knowledgeable staff as well. Verrill Farm is a treasure and tradition in our community.
Yon H.   November 24, 2023
Verrill Farms has great food and amazing produce, the best selection of local peaches in the summer. What I am savoring now is pie, an apple pie. Every...
Matt S   November 16, 2023
My favorite things here are the refrigerated meals made with fresh local ingredients. Perfect to pick up on a weeknight when I don't feel like cooking. Local meat cheeses and produce too!
David Harris   November 13, 2023
What a fun experience. Great selection of vegetables, pastries and the sandwich bar was outstanding. We tried the Chicken quesadilla, the church wrap, the turkey sandwich and the pastrami sandwich. There were no complaints. All the sandwiches were perfect. The carrot cake was probably the best I have ever tried. Chock full of walnuts and carrots. The lady working the sandwich bar was such a nice person. I highly recommend this place
B C.   October 14, 2023
Overall this is a nice place. The sandwiches can be good and the selection of their own produce is very nice. Prices are a bit higher than expected...
Jim Haynie   September 30, 2023
Wow, these pies are excellent. I love the bourbon pecan and the apple. I also had some nice corn at the end of the season. The salad greens were also good! Like the seasonal items.
Rusty Williams   September 25, 2023
We love this place. It’s more than a farm stand. They have a lot of prepared foods and a bakery. If you get a chance try their summer pea soup (cold not hot). It’s amazing.
Rajesh Bulleddula   September 10, 2023
I like the organic and locally grown vegetables and fruits available here. They also have a great variety of grab and go entrees and desserts which were delicious. Surprised to see 'Tandoori Chicken' in the list :)
Veda Quinn   August 19, 2023
My husband and I celebrated our anniversary with a wonderful dinner at Verrill Farm. The food was delicious and the service was courteous and efficient! We were treated to a delightful jazz band that included a singer. They were wonderful! Seated outdoors under a tent, with a beautiful summer breeze, it was both informal and celebratory! We definitely plan to return to enjoy a delicious meal and the fresh produce.
seona cosgrove   August 12, 2023
Lovely farm with nice sunflowers! Phoelus was great in helping us get a box and water for our flower clippings :)
Kat S.   August 12, 2023
This becoming our favorite local farm to visit on the weekends. From fresh produce to PYO flowers and fruits and all their fun events. It's such a great...
Amanda Nurse   July 21, 2023
Love their farm fresh veggies and sandwiches! I have the 1/2 share CSA and flower share this year and have loved my weekly distribution! The very best! Also love the sunflower and strawberry picking there!
jill lozouski   July 17, 2023
This is about the young lady who applied for a job and was grilled about her personal life, private school etc...I absolutely believe 100% the experience with management. This, however, should not be reflective on the Verill family. They are lovely, giving and caring people.
Leah Greenberg   July 14, 2023
Best shepherds pie I've ever had. My dad bought one for me as it's one of my favorites, and WOW!!! I LOVE the top layer of cheese and the huge pieces of onion, and potatoes in the mashed. The gravy hits just right. A true masterpiece!!
X “hungrytommy” X   July 12, 2023
I’ve belonged to three different CSAs and theirs is the absolute best. Not only is the quality of the produce excellent, but you have the choice to fill up your basket with the vegetables you prefer and leave behind those that don’t interest you. Inside their market is very good too. They make excellent scones. The cranberry orange one is the best. Very much worth a visit.
Hungrytommy ..   July 12, 2023
I've belonged to three different CSAs and theirs is the absolute best. Not only is the quality of the produce excellent, but you have the choice to fill up...
jill lozouski   July 10, 2023
This is about the young lady who applied for a job, or anyone else, but was grilled about her personal life, private school etc...I absolutely believe 100% the experience with management. This, however, should not be reflective on the Verill family. They are lovely, giving and caring people. They trustingly let management run the farm completely. If anyone has any issues they should contact the Verill's directly.
Andrea M.   July 1, 2023
Local farm market , lots of choices. Easy to take home a pre made dinner. Locals love to shop here. It's a little pricey but not too bad. Very clean.
Terri Bowman   June 26, 2023
When I was little we always had a go to farm for everything. It has always had a special place in my heart. I realized yesterday after strawberry picking with my 3 year old that Verrill is becoming that farm for him and our family. We come here every season for picking. My son absolutely loves it. Thank you!
Stephanie Wysocki   June 22, 2023
Ample parking, and a wonderful farm store with fresh fruits, vegetables, baked goods, and a sandwich shop. Highly recommend the seasonal strawberry picking!
OMKAR HEGDE   June 16, 2023
Awesome farm with sweet strawberries
kat s.   June 10, 2023
Love this farm. The staff is friendly, the store and grounds are always clean and the sandwiches are delicious. A good selection of treats from the...
Jon P.   June 7, 2023
This place is awesome. The food is fresh and top quality. I go there at least twice a week sometimes more for sandwiches, dinners and groceries.
Diane Libby   May 13, 2023
I arrived for my first visit after the deli closed (3pm) so unfortunately I couldn't satiate my poorly timed hunger on the spot. But what a fun and dangerous place to shop while hungry! The produce was fresh and gorgeous, and included some hard to find treasures including ramps, fiddleheads, and exotic mushrooms. The shop also offers carefully curated and adorable housewares and gift items. I selected some fresh in-house-made a la carte items to satisfy my immediate hunger and as sides for dinner at home. The cheese selection is great! If I'd had the time to explore the outdoor garden selection, I surely would have gotten myself into even more fun trouble; the flower selection looked lovely even from my well-behaved distance. I'll definitely return to explore the garden center. As I was leaving, I took a left out of the exit driveway and enjoyed driving through the farmland and seeing the crops and gardens. Looking forward to visiting again!
Lee S.   December 31, 2022
Quality Christmas trees! Purchase one and it's lasted for over 3 weeks! Yay!!
Summer Peeso   October 24, 2022
Great place for a fall visit. The store has good food, fresh produce/dairy, frozen food and many local products.
Clarissa   August 23, 2022
Enjoyed every second of being there. The sunflower
CG   August 23, 2022
Enjoyed every second of being there. The sunflower
Carol Zuccala   August 22, 2022
Always a great time! So many types of tomatoes, corn is the best! An added bonus, shopping in the store for all their delicious produce. The prices are budget friendly and the fruits and veggies are beautiful.
Chris O.   August 20, 2022
Visited on a Saturday for their annual Corn and Tomato Festival and had such a relaxing and tasty filled experience! We sat under the big outdoor tent near...
Jill Daniels   August 15, 2022
Had a really pleasant experience at Verrill Farm this weekend! We went for the sunflowers. The field was well-maintained, and the there were tons of blooms of multiple types. Was pleasantly surprised to learn that we were able to cut 5 stems each. Parking was easy, and in general it was not crowded there. The produce and deli market inside was well-stocked with local products (fruits, veggies, honey, snacks, etc.). I would highly recommend them over some of the "bigger" places in eastern MA for sunflowers, and we look forward to returning here in future years! New favorite spot!
Lora Brueck   August 15, 2022
I went to Verrill Farm on August 14 to see the sunflowers. I went with a friend. We had lunch first--sandwiches from the deli in the store and a large shaded tent to eat. The sandwiches were good. Then we went to see the sunflowers. We had purchased tickets in advance ($10) but it was worth the money because we could each cut 5 sunflower stalks (scissors provided at check-in) There was a variety of sunflowers so it was not a lot of the same thing. We were there to photograph the flowers so the variety was nice. We probably stayed about an hour and a half. We were happy to see that there were port-a-potties because we went once before and there weren't any and we had traveled some distance to get there and the toilet in the store was closed due to covid.
Yuk L.   August 9, 2022
Lunch and getting corn for evening's cowboy caviar dish. Harvest sandwich is a turkey wrap. The draw for me was the cranberry sauce. I cannot pass up on...
Stephen Z.   August 2, 2022
A MUST DO! 4 & 1/2 STARS! It's Time to jump into The TimeMobile & scour the Earth & take you to places from a different time that you won't believe still...
Roy Shilkrot   July 16, 2022
We came for the pancakes breakfast event in July and enjoyed so much! A blissful moment to enjoy the weather and food. There was a band playing bluegrass, a hay ride and a bit of lawn games for kids. We recommend it very much!
Cecelia G.   July 6, 2022
A visit to Verrill Farm is always a treat. Today some folks were enjoying a hayride, while inside the store was a variety of fresh produce. I've included...
Bryan Doyon   June 25, 2022
Great selection of local and fresh food and veggies. The deli sandwiches are good with a lean menu supplemented by specials. They offer groceries and baked goods year round and while the prices are a bit higher the quality more than makes up for it.
Ishita Batra   June 21, 2022
enjoyed strawberry picking! they have nice picnic tables where you can have lunch (your own food is fine, or you can buy) overlooking the fields. Baked goods are delicious and well-priced!
Julie N.   June 19, 2022
Went strawberry picking here and it was a great experience. Definitely make sure to come during the earliest time slot so you can get the best selections...
Evan Brender   June 16, 2022
No-nonsense absolutely fresh farm market with a very tasty sandwich/deli counter. They have your every day cooking needs covered, and their instant take home meals are delicious and varied! If you're looking for things a full grocery store would have, this is not the place.
Tessa Klingensmith   June 15, 2022
First time strawberry picker here and Verrill Farms did not disappoint! The entire process of booking your reservation and checking in could not have been easier. The field we were allowed too pick at was clearly marked. There was a lot of other guests that day, but thanks to their timed entry, it wasn't super crowded. The strawberries were delicious and we even picked up some rhubarb at their store before heading back. Can't wait to make Strawberry Rhubarb Pie!
James C.S. Liu   June 12, 2022
Verrill Farm has been our family go-to location for pick your own strawberries for years. We have not found another location in the area with as consistent an offering of big, fat, sweet, fragrant berries as at Verrill. The new booking system to help keep the fields from getting overly packed is well appreciated. It's a bit pricey, but there's no substitute for fresh, local strawberries in season, and no substitute for these at Verrill.
Liang-Hui Chu   June 12, 2022
Strawberries are sweet and it’s very fun to pick up. Convenient location in concord. Price for strawberry picking is very reasonable ($9 online reserve and $8 one additional basket).
Ellen Willemin   June 7, 2022
I went strawberry picking on the first day of the season and it was lovely. Beautiful setting, easy to get to, and I liked being able to reserve a spot in advance. The strawberries are the most delicious I have ever tasted.
Alix T.   May 18, 2022
What started as a family vegetable stand has become a delicious and dependable supplier of prepared foods for the people of Concord and surrounding towns....
Sherry Seaver   April 17, 2022
Incredible pastries and desserts as part of their Easter catering menu. They have really nailed how to do logistics to help a zillion people pick up their Easter orders in an orderly and quick way. The pastry looks beautiful and we are looking forward to enjoying it later today.
Cathy Silva   March 29, 2022
Organic and fresh vegetables, pleasant people, and a diverse selection of baked products and cuisine! Without a doubt, a fantastic spot to shop for vegetables and bring your family for a "fresh" experience!!
Jessica Kruss   March 20, 2022
Wonderful local business. Great produce. Delicious bakery items and pre-made food options. We do the weekly family meal on Wednesdays and think it is amazing food for a great price.
Ben Slayden   February 4, 2022
I asked the cashier about their meats today because as a first-time customer, I was curious about the farm, and ended up chatting with the owner, Steve Verrill, for 20 minutes. The owner taking that amount of time to talk with a customer, tells you all you need to know about this place. Highly recommend.
mintaddict1   February 2, 2022
Best brownies! Ample selection of food and gifts year round. Verrill supplies a good many restaurants with food, so expect to see lots of top dollar items.
Lina K.   December 29, 2021
I was in the area for the holidays and wanted to stop in, as my family lived down the street many years ago. Verrill Farms was where I started my love...
David Wean   December 12, 2021
We often stop for sandwiches during or after a bike ride or hike in the area. Produce and groceries look good, though not cheap. In the summer they have picnic tables outside with a tent, and in winter you often can eat in the greenhouse.
Mark D.   December 4, 2021
The food is expensive but worth every penny. And the staff and cashiers remain nice. But once more yesterday, I was reminded how bizarre the customers in...
Google User   December 3, 2021
This is a wonderful store that has a locally popular Thanksgiving and Christmas menu for families who want to "outsource" various side dishes for their holiday gatherings. Their kentucky pecan bourbon pie is a favorite of our family for several years.
Terrify J.   November 12, 2021
Verrill farm has pies that are beyond good. I would say that the pies make this place. They do other things well but the pies have it. Their fresh...
Emily Goh   October 28, 2021
Organic and fresh vegetables, friendly folks and a variety of baked goods and food! Definitely a great place to shop for produce and bring your family there for a "fresh" xperience!!
Claudia Wyatt   October 23, 2021
If I lived here, I would shop here everyday. Food was unbelievable. Friendly team members that clearly care about where they work. The cookies, I can't stop thinking about how amazing they were. Love every part of it.
Dave C.   October 19, 2021
A pleasant trip every time! They're a fantastic local farm that offers great grocery options as well as fresh baked goods, deli, and signature events like...
Maggie M.   October 16, 2021
We love Verrill! My son is obsessed with their sandwiches and I love all the fresh & local items. I got a pint of maple ice cream there that was...
Jim Sawyer   September 26, 2021
Real nice place to pick up local farm fresh items. To save time and avoid crowds try to visit during off peak times as the crowds can get large. Especially during covid.
Soul Brown   September 12, 2021
CSA. This season the crops have been limited by the rain. I appreciate that they're a local business/ working farm. The people seem nice.
Lizet Ramos   August 29, 2021
Great atmosphere; such beautiful different types of Sunflowers to pick from! Loved the cut out card boards & tractors placed around the fields so pictures can be taken!!
Jay Linda   August 16, 2021
A quick stop for farm fresh veggies. The store is immaculate and a terrific variety of products. The employees were very friendly and willing to help and answer any questions. Definitely getting a return visit, but a little earlier in the day to check out their homemade pies!! Be sure to check it out!!
Ruby Nicole   August 10, 2021
Always a great selection, I enjoying getting items from the deli as well as things in the refrigerator section.
Jay Cross   July 29, 2021
Nice place, friendly staff. Prices about 40% too high, but that's normal for upscale farm stands.
Michael Allen   July 29, 2021
Always fresh! Corn this year is hurting because of all the rain and lack of sunshine. Over all your meals will be much better than the usual.
Julia D.   July 25, 2021
Really tasty local produce as well as a great selection of dairy including milk in glass bottles, locally raised meat products, and lovely flowers, cards...
Joseph Ting   July 18, 2021
The quality of the prepared food, baked goods, and produce at Verill is just outstanding.
Dianne Toland   July 18, 2021
Awesome selection of fruit and vegetables all sorts of baked goods and cheese
Michael Cohen   July 5, 2021
Great food but the inexpensive lightweight plastic cutlery does not do it any justice. In fact the cheapens the experience
Mahesh Shanmugam   June 14, 2021
Great choices of lunch sandwiches and nice place to spend a warm day.
Justin Hoyt   May 25, 2021
A farm market with their own line of prepared foods, lunches, and farm grown items in season
Christian T.   May 21, 2021
Great pies! As a baker myself I find it difficult to find high quality baked goods at stores, I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious their pies are! I...
Leah Klein   May 20, 2021
Great spot for prepared foods, sandwiches, fresh local produce and gifts. Plants, planters and a small selection of garden accessories too.
Joshua N   April 29, 2021
Beautiful place to grab a sandwich and sit outside. Also, try their cupcakes!
Joey Moritz   March 23, 2021
I love the premade to go meals! Awesome local stuff for sale. All around solid market.
Dan Romano   March 22, 2021
Some of the best deli sandwiches I've ever had. Always stup by when in the area. Produce always looks good as well.
Jennifer Christiansen   March 16, 2021
Great place to shop for some little items to make dinner sparkle. We found delicate squash and apple triple berry pie to add to our pi day celebration. It was busier then most places but the cashier's were moving so fast we didn't need to wait in line.
Anna Toro-Bernard   January 16, 2021
Cute place to shop for gifts or every day food and produce. Farm store with sandwich counter, prepared refrigerated meals, fresh baked pastries. A little of everything. Go check it out!
Abha Kulkarni   January 10, 2021
The best pies ever! You need to ask them to keep it aside or they never last. Their pies sell like hot cakes! The produce is really good too, signed up for a CSA share and excited to get weekly produce from Verill farms!
Jennifer Simon   December 31, 2020
Really good prepared foods. Wonderful bakery. Great tomato variety and quality in season.
Wendy Langlois Williams   December 14, 2020
Always stocked with fresh, local veggies and fruits. Great selection of cheeses.
Stephen Gicas   November 24, 2020
Absolutely fantastic place. Very well run. Great produce. The best pies!! It is a must visit anytime of the year.
Jeffrey Driban   October 25, 2020
Great PYO pumpkin experience. Amazing pumpkins. We had some great snacks from the store and sat outside.
Scott Powell   October 23, 2020
High quality take out and prepared foods. Excellent fruits and veggies. Pricey but worth it. Only complaint was no trash can out outdoor eating area.
Bernadette A.   September 28, 2020
Just a wonderful place to shop for local fruit and vegetables. Not to mention delicious food selection and the best tuna roll ups in the area!
T C   September 13, 2020
Great sunflower farm with variety of fresh vegetables and pumpkins!
Michael DiBona Sr   September 13, 2020
Great place and the Apple
Wayne Geiser   September 6, 2020
We visited to pick sunflowers. We bought our tickets online. When we got there, there wasn't anyone at the booth ... the honor system, I guess. Some of the varieties were already past their prime, but some were doing just fine. We also checked out the store and purchased some sweet corn (the best we've had this year) and some peaches. There were many heirloom varieties of tomatoes for sale as well. We may have to go back and try some.
Biswanath Roy   September 5, 2020
One of the best farm I have visited in MA, Love the Sunflower garden it's awesome, farm stand also have so many fresh produce and fruites with other food items as well.Friendly environment. Plenty of parking space.
Nitesh Verma   September 3, 2020
One of the best farm I ever been. Fresh fruits, veggies and wide variety of condiments. Loved the grilled cheese sandwiches
Roger Shepard   September 2, 2020
Always great produce, fun environment for the family with many farm events.
Kathy Lyons   August 25, 2020
OMG! Wish we had a place like this in our area! Quality fresh fruits and produce and a deli with delicious sandwiches!
Kritika P   August 23, 2020
Gorgeous place with good food (Fresh Veggies,Sandwiches, dessert)
Gwen Beaven   August 23, 2020
So much gorgeous fresh and local fruit and veggies, I love shopping here! Verrill's own watermelon for dessert tonight - amazing!
Adam Llamas   August 14, 2020
My neighborhood market I absolutely this supermarket. Easy to navigate and checkout is always enjoyable. The people are so incredibly nice and helpful.
Rich Ledson   August 11, 2020
Let be this Farm store!! Produce is very fresh....I would only offer wish they had more vegan or non-dairy options. You would think they support more veggie items but all is dairy and meat based foods.
Laura Lane   August 4, 2020
Great farm stand open year round. Has in house bakery and deli. Coffee, sandwiches, and the best scones around! Good local cheese selection also.
Jeremy Gartland   July 29, 2020
I like this place, the staff is nice and the food and produce are good. However the clientele are the most entitled and oblivious people you are likely to meet. People will run into you, they will be unable to fathom that you are in front of them in line, they will come up to you while you are waiting in what is clearly a line and either try to go ahead of you or ask you if this is the line. That being said it is still worth it as I said before the food, the staff and the produce are fantastic.
Lisbet Beryl Weir   July 25, 2020
Best gluten free BLT in the state! Also, love using their app to place sandwich orders ahead of time. They are really dedicated to smart safety during this time. Also, they have gorgeous veggies, and the local cheese selection is wonderful.
Molly A.   July 2, 2020
My family and I love this market so much! Their selection is fantastic, their staff is friendly and helpful, and it's so nice to have a deli with so many...
Bea T.   July 2, 2020
Very nice place to get some local groceries and take out food really good stuff. I had ancient grains it was delicious. There is a tent you can eat under...
Andrew M.   August 19, 2019
Great sandwiches and homemade desserts. I ordered the jalapeno BLT which was very good, though not nearly hot enough for my liking. All the staff was...