Concord Provisions & Country Kitchen

Concord Provisions & Country Kitchen is a locally owned grocery offering freshly butchered meat, high-end beverages, and unique specialty food products. Our corner store was originally founded in 1918 with the goal of providing high-quality spirits to our community. We’ve expanded that same focus on quality to include upscale provisions and a country kitchen, where you’ll find everything from craft sandwiches to fine wine. Combined with the service that only your local shop can provide, we’ll make each visit a special experience.

Contact Information

73 Thoreau St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-5555



Ashton Moka   April 13, 2024
Great deli section, vegetarian options available.
David McKenna   February 27, 2024
So good, sandwiches always fresh and made fast. Good beer selection
Molly Saldo   February 10, 2024
Great quality sandwiches and breakfast wraps (to go only) - the best in town in my opinion. There’s also a really quick online ordering option. Lots of great menu items all day, fresh ingredients, and tons of other things to try in the store. Once we started coming here it has become a favorite stop at least once a week. Yes it’s a bit pricey but we find it worth the money for the quality, a really well run place!
Tricia Tape   December 11, 2023
The sandwiches were so delicious, had lots of flavor, and they were prepared so quickly! The menu has tons of lunch and breakfast options. While we were waiting we were able to check out the convenience/liquor area of the store which had TONS of variety. Lots of fresh and healthy prepared foods, with even some options that are hard to find at other stores.
Justin Bush   November 4, 2023
Sandwiches from this deli were fresh and delicious.
Jacklyn F.   April 29, 2023
The outside of this place is very deceiving, it's a true deli!! awesome sandwiches and salads that you can customize or pick from their extensive menu. So...
Renee Hoffman   November 23, 2022
#2 The Walden Sandwich. Perfect proportions of Prosciutto, Tomato, Pesto and Mozzarella. The Ciabatta was fresh and crusty but not dense. YUM.
Geoff S.   October 29, 2022
Fresh ingredients. Quality cold cuts. The Shot Heard Round the World sandwich is excellent.
Patricia Tambone   July 27, 2022
These owners are very nice and work hard to bring great variety with their offerings. Wonderful selection of cheese, wine. Homemade sandwiches and salads. Great selection of ice cream
John C.   June 1, 2022
Excellent sandwiches and terrific staff. And great wine and beer selection. I love coming here.
Robert Gardiner   May 16, 2022
Just the sort of place that every town should have. Great local grapes, the treat and deli options were amazing.
Ethan Webb   May 5, 2022
Phenomenal, boutique foods and beverages.
Jill Stewart   April 20, 2022
The best of the best of the best in everything. Especially in how everyone is treated. Rarely do you find in this neck of the woods any owner who actually cares what they sell. Practically every company around here wants your money and does not care about you. Feel blessed if you get here-
Thomas Amoroso   February 18, 2022
This is a cool little place just outside Concord center which looks for all the world like a high-end organic market. Which it kind of is, but it's also a deli that makes tasty sandwiches and other deli fare (I've only had the sandwiches, but they're worth a visit just for that), and a liquor store with a surprisingly wide, if slightly eclectic, selection. (I like eclectic, so a win for me). Recommended.
Juan Bradley   November 30, 2021
Great place for sandwiches
Whitney K   October 25, 2021
It's a nice throwback with the sandwiches from the country kitchen. My dad started and owned the original shop so it was nice to see some of his sandwiches still on the menu.
Elizabeth Bradley   October 12, 2021
The best deli I've been to in New England! Amazing options, super clean, everyone there is really friendly, and an interesting selection in the grocery section. We'll definitely be back!
Sarah Dobbs   May 31, 2021
This is a great addition to Concord. All kinds of local products: great breads, cheeses, prepared foods, meats and produce.
Herschel B.   May 30, 2021
Creative, fresh sandwiches; nice folks behind the counters.
Greg Creamer   May 20, 2021
I love this place. I love the convenience and the selection, and I'm obsessed with the sandwiches. The liquor is definitely too expensive though, so I usually buy elsewhere, unless I'm in a total rush.
Clarisa Loos   March 6, 2021
Excellent source of organic products. Their deli food is outstanding, you'll want to buy it all! The workers are very helpful and really nice.
Shawn Wynn   December 1, 2020
Nice hidden gem. Didn’t know they made sandwiches. Got one today and it was great. Will definitely be back
Brian Davidson   June 6, 2020
No lie, get the indian food here. I was fortunate enough to try some samples today. Lamb Masala, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Channa Masala were awesome. Nice guys behind the counter too. I posted their menu to the profile. Try it out!
Kris B.   May 3, 2020
Amazing sandwich! I loved that they use real lettuce not iceberg. Competitive prices, fresh ingredients and bountiful options. Will definitely return if I...
Hillary Lam   March 2, 2020
Nice store and friendly staff. Came here looking for dry aged steak which they didn’t have but ended up getting filet mignon suggested by the staff for valentines dinner!
Hillary   March 2, 2020
Nice store and friendly staff. Came here looking for dry aged steak which they didn’t have but ended up getting filet mignon suggested by the staff for valentines dinner!
Alan Charboneau   January 17, 2020
Amazing sandwiches, incredibly fair prices.
Lara W.   December 23, 2011
In short: Small selection, but well selected. I was glad to see a shop with real food for sale, unlike the trash processed food they sell at the big...