Thoreauly Antiques

Looking for antiques? We have them. Stop by any time and check out a great assortment of vintage goods.

Come visit us today, we are in the heart of Concord MA center. Antiques, jewelry, ephemera, smalls…we have it all. New items arriving daily at the best prices around! By appointment only. Curbside pickup and free local delivery

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27 Walden St Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-371-0100


Ana   April 17, 2021
Bunch of cute stuff. A bit overwhelming tho. I personally prefer antique/thrift stores with a better curated arrangement.
Anupreksha   April 17, 2021
Bunch of cute stuff. A bit overwhelming tho. I personally prefer antique/thrift stores with a better curated arrangement.
carol castillo   November 21, 2020
My boyfriend and I stop in regularly. The selection is amazing, quality merchandise. The staff is helpful and knowledgeable.
Yuki Morgan   August 20, 2020
[TL;DR: Eclectic vintage items with modern things sprinkled in. Old cameras, books, pottery, jewelry, artwork, knick knacks, cashmere sweaters. Vintage items can be (understandably) pricy, but there's plenty of bargains too.The staff are lovely and there's ample nearby parking!] What's not to love about a cozy antique shop? Stepping in here brings on a bout of sensory overload; because multiple seller's items are packed in one shop, things are arranged in no particular order. It's the quintessential Antique Shop Experience™: everywhere you look there's clusters of jewelry, books, silverware, knick knacks, pottery, paintings, sculptures, and so on. You could easily spend half a day combing through everything. Prices tend to be a little high for me, but many of the items for sale are genuine vintage things so you get what you pay for. That said, it's not hard to find a steal; this time my total came to $18 ($5 for the copy of Treasure Island, $6 for the comic book, and $6 for the watercolor set. It works great!). I almost took the tiny metal ship sculpture with me but managed to resist the temptation. The staff (and their music choices) are wonderful! The friendly gentleman who helped me had an 80s hits playlist on, which I loved. Finally, parking/accessibility: there's street parking right outside the store and a lot beside the nearby graveyard. The shop is one level, so no stairs to climb (unlike the equally nice antique shop a few doors down from Thoreauly).
James Doyle   July 5, 2019
Medium-sized antique store located in the heart of Concord. Eclectic collection mostly focused on smaller items. Friendly, professional staff.
Brian Best   May 27, 2019
I always find something interesting here, ad at a reasonable price.
Lisa B.   August 26, 2018
I love this antique shop! I teach nearby and stop in once a month to see what goodies I can find! I love old children's toy blocks and have bought many here...
Laurie Arshonsky   July 19, 2018
A wonderful gem in this charming city. The place was filled with treasure upon treasure. The staff could not have been nicer! I loved the experience!!!
Alyssa H.   June 29, 2017
This place was awesome. Did not understand antiquing until here. It wasn't fancy and weird it was homey and interesting and fun to look around. We found...