The Concord Bookshop

Founded in 1940, the Concord Bookshop is your local resource for the best in books – including digital download audiobooks and e-books.

Our staff are enthusiastic readers with a wide range of interests. If you need suggestions for gift books (which we will gift wrap free of charge), great vacation reads, or your book group’s next selection, ask us – or take a look at our staff picks and weekly bestsellers.

We’re open seven days a week, with ‘late’ hours every Thursday until 9pm. Come in and browse the shelves, or stop by for one of our Store Events. View some of our past events at event videos.

Contact Information

65 Main Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2405



Christopher Carnes   June 29, 2024
We needed a frisbee. They had some frisbees and were as courteous as Concord tends to be. Immaculately clean shop, very friendly and helpful staff. Amazing antique parked front and center.
Lisa Stephenson   May 4, 2024
This is a great book store!! It's got a large selection of books, a very helpful staff and first edition books signed by the authors. I purchased Erik Larsens latest book, signed 1st edition. Across the street, is a beautiful historic cemetery, which holds those who fought and gave their lives to form this country. A must see.
Harrison Stewart   April 3, 2024
Very neat and tidy. Great location and beautiful store but inventory seemed low with not a very big selection.
Tom Matthews   January 15, 2024
I am a local Concord resident and real estate agent and I love to read about local Concord history. You cannot find many of the works that The Concord Bookshop offers at the big box bookstores. Additionally, it is worth an extra dollar or two for local expertise and to have a knowledgeable person engage with you when you ask a question. As a service professional, I really put emphasis on great service because it adds tremendously to our quality of life!
Vero Hall   December 28, 2023
Bought an art book and a calendar at this book shop and overall enjoyed the offering and service. Came in with small children, so not much time to browse but it seemed to have a variety of books, magazines, etc, for everyone. Hope they continue the great work they do and hope the community continues to support them!
K. Sorensen   November 6, 2023
I dropped in here on a whim on a tourist trip to Concord and was so impressed to see a beautiful independent bookseller with an enormous selection.
T Neilson   September 12, 2023
Great little bookstore in historic Concord. I have always been surprised at how often I find myself at the Concord Bookshop and what an impressive selection of books it has. There is also a great selection of cards, calendars, and lots of other things.
Sable and Scalpel   September 10, 2023
Staff was very kind and understanding with my 2 young daughters when picking out a book. She involved them in the purchasing process. Always support local businesses.
Jeff M   September 9, 2023
Large and locally owned bookstore in Concord. It is so much more satisfying to thumb through the pages of physical books than to buy from that mega web site. They will recommend things you might like and order things you can’t find.
Emily Tummino   August 10, 2023
My favorite book store in the area! Great selection! Great displays
Ruthie Planamenta   June 25, 2023
Such a sweet bookshop, with the best children’s section I’ve seen in a long time! Great selection of old classics and new finds, with lots of affordable paperback options, as well! So glad we went here!!
Michelle Carmeli   May 29, 2023
Lovely small town bookshop!! Great displays, and calm atmosphere. Would go back!
Sam Velez   April 9, 2023
I have been to many bookstores. But this place, it’s one of the coziest bookshops I have been to. The staff is great and the options are always so amazing. I always walk out with at least one book :) I did like Barnes and Nobles but nothing beats a place that has a lot of books and a LOT of soul. This is definitely my new bookstore.
Kimberly Nilsen   April 1, 2023
I stopped in this charming book store while visiting from Alabama. The shop was well-organized, and the employees were kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. I asked them for two different books/authors, and they took me right to both. If I’m ever in Concord again, I will definitely return to The Concord Bookshop.
Eric Heath   February 4, 2023
Revisited recently after about 40 years! It's a fine bookstore: pleasant, easy to find genres, a nice Concord Authors section right up front, and generally well stocked. Pleasant folks there, too.
Mark Guerrero   December 30, 2022
A lovely store that does a great job of highlighting things you may particularly like.
Greg Johnson   November 11, 2022
Deceptively large and well-stocked bookshop in Concord. If you're a bibliophile bookstore lover like myself, it's absolutely imperative you visit this place while you're here, especially considering what a literary mecca Concord is. The shop was well organized with topic-based tables and other special interest sections (if you're looking for Hawthorne, Thoreau, etc., they have a display of that too!), and their highlighted picks seemed thoughtful rather than simply putting out what's popular. Their selection is surprisingly deep, sort of reminds me of a Borders shrunk down into a local indie bookseller. Lovely shop, with lovely staff!
Emerson Manion   October 29, 2022
Wonderful, Recommend for gifts or if your looking for some good book options.
Andre Behrens   October 3, 2022
A lovely store that does a great job of highlighting things you may particularly like. Great place to browse with an open mind and not drown in hyped books.
Sean Lubin   August 19, 2022
The staff was always friendly and helpful. I really liked going there.
larry L   August 12, 2022
They have a well-stocked selection of Everyman's Library, hard cover classics.
Stacy Mastrolia   June 15, 2022
Great independent Bookshop! Very wide selection. Several different rooms. Make sure you look at the whole shop as they had some wonderful recommendations and some interesting reading supplies.
J W.   June 8, 2022
Great selection of many books tastefully displayed along with some magazines and cards. Staff are knowledgeable but scarce. Wait times to check out were...
Barbara Blakeney   March 29, 2022
The book store has an awesome history section.
C. eric D.   March 15, 2022
I'm new-ish to Concord and while I used to live in Medford, close enough to walk to Porter Square, this place isn't far off. All the new big titles you'd...
Maureen Meyer   February 26, 2022
Lovely independent book store. Thoughtfully curated. Helpful staff.
Jacqueline Schillinger   February 5, 2022
Excellent selection of books, puzzles, cards, and other browsable items. Highly recommend a stop here.
Owl H.   January 10, 2022
Great bookstore for all ages with an excellent selection and informational notes displayed. Helpful staff. A must see if in Concord center!
Robin Y.   December 12, 2021
Great bookstore! We enjoyed spending an hour (possibly more) here looking at their Fiction section and chatting with their friendly staff. Definitely pop in...
Lauren P   July 12, 2021
Adorable bookshop with great recommendations. Loved the local authors and books sections as well.
Millie Doggy   June 20, 2021
People are so nice and they gave a ton of great options!
r b.   May 22, 2021
Love this bookshop. Great selection, knowledgeable, friendly, helpful staff. If they don't have something, they'll have it there in a few days for you. This...
S.   April 25, 2021
I lived in Concord for a while and I went to the bookshop as often as I could. It's such a wonderful place with a good choice of books. You can wander around without feeling rushed. It's a beautiful little bookshop to visit and buy great books. The staff was always friendly and helpful. I really liked going there.
Bruce Bedard   April 23, 2021
U can browse without being harassed... very good place to research and take ur time....
Susanna Whitman   February 21, 2021
Excellent selection, and they will order for you, if they don't have it. Helpful, kindly staff. Talks by authors are great.
Brynn S.   February 17, 2021
Fantastic, well-established bookshop! Kind and helpful staff will get whatever you need for you. As well as make excellent recommendations! I absolutely...
Megan Murphy   February 8, 2021
This store is much bigger than I was expecting! They had many books in all genres that I had on my want-to-read list. I could have spent all day in here. Love it. Will be back.
Rich Ledson   December 7, 2020
This is THE bookshop to go to! They have everything nestled and neat on the shelves and tables but most importantly is the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Browsing books and finding just the right one is a personal experience and these ladies make it special!
Paul Brown   November 28, 2020
Concord's a town with a rich literary history, and the town's independent bookstore is a delightful trove of local history, popular fiction and non-fiction, and a moveable feast of cards, ouzzles, posters and stationary. The staff are all well informed and happy to share their knowledge in a low key way. And if what you want isn't on the shelves? They're happy to help you build the pleasure of anticipation by special ordering it.
Andy Bass   November 24, 2020
This is a wonderful bookstore with a pleasant staff. They always have a great selection in stock, but if they don't have the book you're looking for, there's a quick turnaround if it needs to come from their warehouse. If you see a book there, buy it there. Shop local!!!
Josh Matteson   November 23, 2020
This is a quaint little bookstore the kind you can't help but buy a book from. The staff is nice and helpful.
Greg Ludlow   September 14, 2020
Great bookstore! They will order for me new books which are difficult to find.
Roberta Gerson   August 25, 2020
I love bookstores and think it is important to promote small businesses by shopping in them. The first thing I heard when I came in the store was "Welcome. Can I help you?" I found a number of books I was looking for and a few that I didn't know about that looked interesting and that I purchased. There were some other books I had on my list that were not on the shelves but I am certain that the store would order the books if I asked them to. Also, there is free parking in Concord Center at this time to encourage folks to patronize the businesses and this also makes shopping there a positive experience.
Dave Knell   July 29, 2020
Favorite bookseller in New England! Great selection and personal service.
Melissa Koester   May 4, 2020
I love having a great bookstore in town. The staff are knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for running such a wonderful business.
Frank Clark   November 29, 2019
Great local bookstore. Great in store selection, plus they will get anything you want. Friendly staff, local owners.
Yuk L.   November 11, 2019
Always try to pop into local bookstores and this one did not disappoint. Great selections through the store with many staff recommendations in different...
Michael Currie   April 4, 2019
Very expansive. The front of the shop doesnt look big, but it is huge comparitively. Great staff willing to chat and the selections are awesome. Being a book store in the middle of Concord, you get some lively customers too.
Adrienne Z.   December 23, 2018
This is the best kind of bookstore. Local, independent, full of staff recommendations. They have a great selection and a fun kids' area, plus occasional...
Gretchen B.   December 7, 2018
What a wonderful bookstore in Concord. I went to an author event and it was fun (I saw Andre Dubus III speak about his new book). The store has a lot of...
Francesca Gordini   June 23, 2018
Wonderful place full of hidden gems!
Dutch D.   May 10, 2018
In an age of "super book stores" (Barnes & Noble and the like) and online retailers, the Concord Bookshop reminds us what a book store is SUPPOSED to be:...