The Concord Bookshop

Founded in 1940, the Concord Bookshop is your local resource for the best in books – including digital download audiobooks and e-books.

Our staff are enthusiastic readers with a wide range of interests. If you need suggestions for gift books (which we will gift wrap free of charge), great vacation reads, or your book group’s next selection, ask us – or take a look at our staff picks and weekly bestsellers.

We’re open seven days a week, with ‘late’ hours every Thursday until 9pm. Come in and browse the shelves, or stop by for one of our Store Events. View some of our past events at event videos.

Contact Information

65 Main Street Concord, MA 01742


Phone: 978-369-2405



Greg Ludlow   September 14, 2020
Great bookstore! They will order for me new books which are difficult to find.
Roberta Gerson   August 25, 2020
I love bookstores and think it is important to promote small businesses by shopping in them. The first thing I heard when I came in the store was "Welcome. Can I help you?" I found a number of books I was looking for and a few that I didn't know about that looked interesting and that I purchased. There were some other books I had on my list that were not on the shelves but I am certain that the store would order the books if I asked them to. Also, there is free parking in Concord Center at this time to encourage folks to patronize the businesses and this also makes shopping there a positive experience.
Dave Knell   July 29, 2020
Favorite bookseller in New England! Great selection and personal service.
Melissa Koester   May 4, 2020
I love having a great bookstore in town. The staff are knowledgeable and kind. Thank you for running such a wonderful business.
Frank Clark   November 29, 2019
Great local bookstore. Great in store selection, plus they will get anything you want. Friendly staff, local owners.
Yuk L.   November 11, 2019
Always try to pop into local bookstores and this one did not disappoint. Great selections through the store with many staff recommendations in different...
Michael Currie   April 4, 2019
Very expansive. The front of the shop doesnt look big, but it is huge comparitively. Great staff willing to chat and the selections are awesome. Being a book store in the middle of Concord, you get some lively customers too.
Adrienne Z.   December 23, 2018
This is the best kind of bookstore. Local, independent, full of staff recommendations. They have a great selection and a fun kids' area, plus occasional...
Francesca Gordini   June 23, 2018
Wonderful place full of hidden gems!
Dutch D.   May 10, 2018
In an age of "super book stores" (Barnes & Noble and the like) and online retailers, the Concord Bookshop reminds us what a book store is SUPPOSED to be:...