New London Style Pizza

Pizza starts right here

And it started right here in Concord in 1967.  And here we are 51 years later still serving the same great pizza and more.  Family owned and operated since Day 1.  We are Concord’s original pizzeria and one of the longest running businesses in town.  Our claim to fame is our delicious Greek-style pizza! 

But delicious pizza is not the only thing we do.  We offer over 25 different kinds of subs, authentic Philly cheesesteaks, wraps, Greek salads, strombolis, pastas, dinners and more.  We offer new seasonal specials that are posted every change of season.

Contact Information

71 Thoreau St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-7053



Angela Branch   April 24, 2024
I had the chicken wings. They are fried not microwave and that's a plus in my book. The Buffalo sauce was on the side, that's the way I like it because I'm a dipper. The sauce is not great. Tastes like hotsauce with extra vinegar. The ranch dressing is not the original ranch taste so not desirable. I would come back to buy the wings again.
Sean Taylor   February 4, 2024
I come home from the West Coast to see the incredible "family " I have at New London. Pizza is always SO GOOD!
Anish Roy   January 12, 2024
Got a small meat lovers, light crisp bread, crunchy crust, great caramelization on the cheese, deliciously seasoned sauce. Simple and lovely, staff was lovely and helpful
Hungrytommy ..   November 11, 2023
I'm updating my review to four stars. When I rated New London a few years ago there was a consistency issue, but recently they have been solidly good. I...
Jan E   July 7, 2023
Best Pizza in Concord! Amazing crust, quality toppings. Glutenfree crust is available. Keto version (toppings only) available if you ask nicely! Lovely family- owned small business.
Kimberly Roy   July 5, 2023
Delicious food and super friendly, caring staff!!! I highly recommend this place! Everything on their menu is delicious, I've never been disappointed. And their sub rolls are hands down the BEST!!!
Nancy Hendrie   July 3, 2023
Have been going to New London style pizza in Concord for 40 yrs plus. If away and forced elswhere, it is always disappointing. Mike’s Special is tops!! And the folks making your Special are truly old school!
X “hungrytommy” X   June 22, 2023
I have eaten here about once a week for nearly two decades. I absolutely love their pizza. It is my favorite around. When I’m not getting pizza, I’m probably getting a steak and cheese, chicken parm, or grilled chicken sub. When their food is good, it’s really, really good. They are sometimes inconsistent and I get a disappointing meal. But I guess you need to expect that when you’ve eaten there about 1000 times.
Zachary Erbaugh   May 26, 2023
Quintessential hometown pizza joint with tasty pies. The New London Special is great!
Keith D.   April 23, 2023
Simply the best pizza and subs in town. They are an institution in concord and very nice people
R B   January 12, 2023
Food is always amazing. Pizza is the best in and around the area.
Dr. Stephen Bolio   January 11, 2023
Getting this pizza was well worth the ride! I'll be going back. No doubt about that!!
Sabrina Jean’Jacques   December 15, 2022
Great customer service food is always good!! I love the chicken gyro !
Miles V.   December 13, 2022
Ordered here a few times and always came back because the pizza is so good. The staff is very nice, and the ambiance is good, and most of all it is way...
Jordan M.   October 20, 2022
Classic institution. Great Greek Pizza. The same as it has been for 30 years. That's all I can say. If you want a slice, come here. Cheese, pepperoni, it...
Rose Maramgio   October 17, 2022
Has the cheese steak for lunch. Bread was fresh, meat was hot, delicious prepared in a juicy marinade.
Walter McCloskey   October 3, 2022
Damn good pizza. I'm not a huge fan of their subs, but I did have a very good cheeseburger sub there recently. Their steak and cheese has a very different type of steak from the norm and its not bad, but I'm not a fan. I'd say their prices are very reasonable, as well. They sell cheese pizza slices during lunch and they're delicious.
Shawn Wynn   August 25, 2022
Excellent pizza. Cheese seems to have a little bit of a unique spice to it and the crust is amazing.
Leah Malloy   July 19, 2022
Hasn't disappointed me for 20 years. Perfection
All of russia “Backrooms explorer”   July 2, 2022
Grew up eating this pizza. My mom still lives in the next town and I buy and freeze at home our favorite type. GREAT PIZZA.
Marshall Horwitz   June 30, 2022
Have had a stromboli, salad, and a few subs, and all were excellent. There is a reason why this place has been around for many years. Very customer service oriented.
Nate Archibald   June 26, 2022
Italian sub is the best. Pepperoni pizza not far behind.
Glenn B. D.   June 25, 2022
I have always loved New LONDON style pizza ... a quality operation... today I ordered and received the worlds best chicken wings I have ever had with a...
William Mason   June 19, 2022
Former concord resident every time I visit I love to stop in
Gabe Martin   May 19, 2022
Great little pizza spot!!variety of great food fast service as always prices are great. Highly recommended .
Maggie M.   May 15, 2022
Honestly very good especially the item I got which is in the photos below. The restaurant is very clean and updated. The staff are all very nice and get the...
Christopher Williams   April 29, 2022
This place has great grub! Pizzas and Italian sub toasted is to die for!
Andrew Wilson   April 16, 2022
Best sandwiches in town!!! Get you a large Italian and a meatball and you got yourself a good day.
Bill P.   April 10, 2022
Excellent place. Glad they are still providing takeout during this pandemic. I have enjoyed their pizza for more than fifty years.
David Ferrand   March 14, 2022
Stumbled across this place looking to grab some lunch before going to Walden Pond. Real good pizza, never had New London style pizza before...very unique, kind of like a thin version of pan pizza.
Michael Joroff   March 5, 2022
Good food. Friendly and timely service. Best pizza around
Perry Conrad   November 4, 2021
I really like the food and service. Nice to see a family owned business being successful keep up the great job
Alden DeLamarter   July 16, 2021
I always grab a pizza when I'm in town! This place is the best & the quality has been amazing for decades!
Mark Carr   May 15, 2021
Some people rave about New London Pizza's pizza, but I prefer their competitor Sorrentos across the street: pizza tastes vary highly though, since others in the neighborhood prefer this. However, my family and I love many items here -- gyros, mozzarella cheese sticks, sandwiches. Friendly service, and reasonably priced.
Christopher Barnett   May 14, 2021
We ordered a Thoreau pizza and really enjoyed it.
Brandon Vogel   February 27, 2021
Excellent pizza! Buffalo wings were, unfortunately non sauced wing dings. Very happy with the pizza and will return. Great dough / crust and not under-baked.
Mike Hashem   February 11, 2021
In the area for work, ordered a cheese steak with salami and onions, fast friendly service and excellent sub! One of the best cheese steaks I've had!
M Wiley   February 1, 2021
The meals and service were above my expectations. We absolutely liked the atmosphere of this restaurant. Fantastic place to take the family out for dinner.
Battle.Road.Firearms   January 8, 2021
absolutely the best pizza in the metro East area. always perfectly done with just the right amount of sauce and toppings. I could eat here everyday.
Linus Latta Giuliana   December 23, 2020
Amazing pizza with lots of variety
Sawyer M   December 4, 2020
This spot gives superb service and delightful menu. One of the best spot in the area. The food arrived quickly and the rates were economical. Will definitely recommend this place.
Danielle L.   October 6, 2020
I'm searching for the best pizza around the Concord area including Bedford, Acton, and maybe Lexington. Here's my current pizza ranking around the Concord,...
Kerry Walker   August 31, 2020
My favorite cheese pizza!
Alejandro Osuna   August 25, 2020
Best food ever and remember put your mask always
Candice Maher   March 7, 2020
I've been eating here since 1987
Sam   January 7, 2020
Great Subs. Recommend Cheeseburger and Buffalo Chicken in particular. Subs are better than the pizza but the pizza is decent too. Less expensive option than Sorrento's. Would definitely recommend especially considering the prices.
Scott Boyd   July 14, 2019
New London style pizza has been a staple for my family for 50 years. Excellent crust, great cheese blend, fresh toppings. Mild sauce. Same Greek family owners the entire time of existing. I grew up with it and still get it weekly. Super nice people in downtown across from the computer train Depot in Concord Ma......plenty of parking.
R P.   September 25, 2018
This quality local pizza/sub shop offers the usual Greek/American menu. The Greek style pizza is well made, of quality ingredients and is satisfying. The...