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159 Sudbury Rd. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-287-0183


M. Caroline Swett   October 31, 2023
This starbucks has struggles with staffing, but that being said, the staff in this store are cheerful and friendly. They always make my drink correctly and in a timely manner. The parking situation is really tough, but that isn't on the employees. All in all an absolute delight to come in. Store Manager Sera and Shift Z in particular really made my visit awesome. Above and beyond!
mustafees khan   October 1, 2023
This location is slightly smaller than the rest of the outlets I have been to so far. The service is really good and the food is very delicious. Finding a parking spot could be a real challenge.
Tracey Zellmann   September 28, 2023
My go to place for that coffee hit. Very nice staff and an interesting clientele. Best to avoid the time when high schoolers are there because the wait time can be discouraging
Sara Griffin   April 10, 2023
This is one of the better, cleaner Starbucks i've been to.
Larry Fry   December 20, 2022
The detail they put into their custom cake designs is truly wonderful. Their cake is both gorgeous and delicious!!!
Ricardo C Rodriguez   August 16, 2022
Get the bacon gruyere egg bites and a shaken espresso. Solid.
John K   August 11, 2022
Definitely a go to spot for great coffee. My favorite one you guys gotta try Iced Brownsugar Oatmilk shaken espresso. Thats the name which is weird to me since most of the coffees are named after their ingredients but its a great place. The workers are awesome! Mmmm Coffee ☕
Dee T.   June 27, 2022
Our favorite Starbucks I'm embarassed to say we go to this location 3-4 times a week. The staff is SUPER nice. On several occassions they have filled the ice when we have asked for light ice and coffees with espresso have not had them - I can taste the difference. It is what it is, we keep going but my wallet needs me to tame it down. *Also if the app says they are not taking orders in advance, call and make sure they are open - got burned last week. Life happens. :)
Adrian Koni   April 2, 2022
Great place to start mornings.
James Pope   August 17, 2021
Great personal it makes the difference far better than Dunkin donuts Well worth the price
Bryan Detwiller   July 9, 2021
Nice enough folks, the oatmeal was good and plenty of toppings were included. The only detractor was that it took forever to get two instant oatmeals and a large black coffee...
Mark Carr   May 15, 2021
Hey it's my local Starbucks, so how can I not give it a review. Would get five stars if they improved two things: 1) parking lot is a nightmare: often fills up, tight for turns, etc. 2) for post-Covid, more seating? this place is more of a grab a coffee and go. Although I am a Starbucks fan, consider support Haute Cafe or checking out Caffe Nero in town as well.
Nicholas Weissman LaFrance   December 1, 2020
Two visits and each time I get prompt service; they make my drink mint
Linda Reith   November 10, 2020
Parking is tight but employees were very nice and friendly
Sam Stevenson   November 4, 2020
Friendly staff. Clean. Parking lot a little tight.
Jorge Otero   May 10, 2020
Great location in Concord, MA close to Concord Center. The service was excellent during this Covid19 pandemic. They were quick and very professional. They made sure to take every precaution for safety during these uncertain times. Good job by all the staff working there to provide us coffee, beverages, and great service!
James Pappas   February 17, 2020
Nice space, consistent food and beverage, very friendly and competent staff. Poor parking, tho.
Cally P.   February 10, 2020
Copper is the best! Helpful and friendly. Always trying to help tHe customers oUt and a real team player.
Marvin Jr   October 10, 2019
Parking lot can get busy, but a good Starbucks location. They do not have their hot sandwiches here, as a side note.
Alexandra Urban   March 10, 2019
If you can get in, it’s actually lovely inside! The parking situation is a disaster but if you walk there, you’ll enjoy the interior spaces to sit/work/catch up with friends. Normal Starbucks food & drink, of course - you know what you’re getting so if you’re dissatisfied, why did you pick a Starbucks in the first place?
Andrew Young   January 28, 2015
This is Starbucks is a well oiled machine on the inside, with the best staff of any other local coffee shop. It is Starbucks, so you should know the coffee is pretty good for liquid gold. Don't count on getting one of the ten parking spaces during peak hours.
Angela Y.   February 5, 2014
beautiful Starbucks!! I read that some people said it's small, but I found this one to actually be unusually spacious with its layout and with its signature...