Concord Montessori School

There is a Montessori School here in Concord, MA. There are five pieces of the curriculum that make up the Montessori education.

  1. Practical Life
  2. Sensorial
  3. Language
  4. Mathematics
  5. Peace Education – Science, Geography, Culture, & Language

The Montessori School is fortunate to have staff from around the world. The Primary children have weekly lessons in Chinese and Spanish. Older children have advanced language lessons. Please look at our web site or call us for more information.

Contact Information

29 Domino Dr. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-5900


Jaleh D.   January 27, 2021
My child attended CMS for a year and a half and we couldn't be happier with the education he received in that time. The staff was warm and genuinely...
Cao Lucia   April 2, 2018
This school is amazing. Kids learn so much and I can’t believe how many wonderful things my son tell me what he has learned. Teachers are very professional and responsible. My kids love it. If I can say something to improve, maybe the playground can be bigger. But I am very happy that kids can get play outdoor every single day. Love the school and staffs there.
sean hayes   October 31, 2017
This is my son's third year attending Concord Montessori School, and it has been a great experience for him and the entire family (the school has a wonderful community). Since day one, he has loved going to school at CMS, and we have enjoyed seeing him grow in multiple facets.
adrienne P.   October 24, 2017
This is my 8th year at Montessori and we could not be more pleased with the wonderful experience our 3 children have had under the care of Laurel and the...
Adam Silver   October 23, 2017
We have been working with CMS for 2 years and our child has really enjoyed the teachers and students here. The teachers have been very good about communicating with us when she has done well and when there have been issues. My daughter has learned a lot and made lots of friends. We would recommend this school to anyone in the area.
Meghan Wells   October 22, 2017
When I drop off my son at CMS, I drive away knowing that he will be nurtured, encouraged and loved for who he is. At CMS, my son engages in experiential learning in a beautifully crafted environment. This imaginative exploration leads to confidence, independence and a love of learning that will continue as he grows. We are so lucky to have Concord Montessori School- best choice we ever made for our kids.
Kathrina Gaffron   October 21, 2017
I highly recommend the school. The teachers and staff are friendly, caring and genuine. The enthusiasm and competence of the teachers are also very impressive. I am happy that my son goes here.
Mary Damkot   October 19, 2017
Concord Montessori is a wonderful school. Both of my children have attended and we have been very impressed with the staff, the atmosphere and the curriculum.
Susan M.   September 5, 2013
Concord Montessori is an amazing preschool. Their outstanding program and dedicated teachers keep the children engaged and cultivates a zest for learning.