Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Concord’s largest – and only active public cemetery – Sleepy Hollow is one block east of Monument Square, on Bedford Street. Author’s Ridge, burial site of Concord literary lights, is located here, as is the Melvin memorial by Daniel Chester French.

Historical Documents, Biographical Information and Research Relevant to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Dedication of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, September, 1855

Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Address to the Inhabitants of Concord at the Consecration of Sleepy Hollow, 29 September, 1855,” in The Later Lectures of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1843-1871, Vol II: 1855-1871, Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson, eds. (Athens, GA: University of Georgia Press, 2001), pp. 30-34. Click Here to View

William Ellery Channing, Dedicatory Poem for the Consecration of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, 29 September,1855. Click Here to View

A. Bosco, J. Myerson and R.W. Emerson, “In the Palm of Nature’s Hand: Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Address at the Consecration of Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Markers: The Annual Journal of the Association for Gravestone Studies, XXI (2004), pp. 148-73.

Melvin Memorial


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Count Rostov   March 29, 2020
This is a beautiful, special place to visit and honor some of our greatest writers.
Anrana S.   March 11, 2020
Authors Ridge. The graves of Alcott. Hawthorn. Emerson. Thoreau. It's actually a pretty big Cemetery. Decent signage leading you to Authors Ridge. Even a...
Naomi K.   January 11, 2020
Certainly most of the visitors come to this cemetery attracted by the famous authors who died while living in Concord. The hill where their graves stand is...
Allen Parsons   September 5, 2019
Apparently inspired by the ideas of Emerson and other Transcendentalists, this peacefully beautiful cemetery is a serene woodland. Immaculately green and quiet (we visited on a late summer afternoon), the cemetery's 19th century tombstones spread over undulating terrain amid trim paved pathways. We found and silently paid respects at the family gravesites of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau. Apparently it’s a thing to leave pens and pencils at their graves. I guess it’s a well-meaning gesture, but the dead don’t need it.
Felecia Eby   April 20, 2019
Beautiful cemetery. I normally like to walk at a fairly quick pace going through a cemetery but, this one felt peaceful. It was lovely to walk through and amazing to see the resting places of such notable, distinguished authors on Author's Ridge. Highly recommend.
Clotee Lang   July 4, 2017
Historical cemetery. Authors row is resting place of world renown writers, Thoreau, Hawthorne, Alcott, & Emerson.
Ben Huff   April 17, 2017
Amazing authors in this cemetary including: Louisa May Alcott, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne and more. The area where they are located is called Author's Ridge. I really liked visiting here, it felt historic.
Don P.   August 22, 2016
Majestic, serene and a throw back in time to a very different era lies the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Concord MA. In the rear on an elevated knoll are the...