Bruce Freeman Rail Trail

The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a rail trail through the communities of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Sudbury, and Framingham in Massachusetts — following the 25-mile route of the old New Haven Railroad Framingham & Lowell line. The trail has a 10-foot wide pavement with a 2-foot wide packed shoulder on each side.The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is open to non-motorized uses such as cycling, jogging, walking, rollerblading, and skiing.

Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail
P.O. Box 1192
Concord, MA 01742

Concord Parking
Commonwealth Ave, near the rotary & Concord MCI, Concord
West Concord Center, trail parking near Nashoba Brook, Concord
One handicap parking space near Williams Road, Concord
Download a Phase 2C Trail Map (PDF)

Contact Information

Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail P.O. Box 1192 Concord, MA 01742



Lincoln Green   October 28, 2022
Great rail trail
Connie Mashock   October 25, 2022
Nice paved, extended distances. Yea!
Bella J.   October 22, 2022
nice place to go on a walk or definitely bike ride. there's some water nearby which is nice to look at. kinda on the busier side.
Louis Ebarb   September 3, 2022
A very comfortable, quiet woodland Massachusetts walk. Recommended for everyone.
Melody N.   August 18, 2022
Smooth bike rail trail with lots of trees. We usually park in the downtown Chelmsford area to access, Heart pond, or Acton. The downtown area and heart...
Cheese   August 2, 2022
Great trail with a new paved path and great views.
Dan Brennan   July 3, 2022
Very well kept,nice easy shaded trail for all levels
Brent Siniawski   June 4, 2022
Fantastic paved rail trail for running or biking with the kids.
Nick Benoit   May 29, 2022
The BFRT is a great place to bike or walk. The intersections with the roads are well marked and feature motion activated crossing lights; some major roads are crossed with bridges. The trails are in good repair and run largely through quiet wooded areas.
Andrew Halloran   May 22, 2022
Great for walking and bike rides.
Flavio Jesuino   November 16, 2021
Jeff Vigil   September 6, 2021
c t   August 15, 2021
This is a fantastic bike trail! Long enough, but not too long. Can start and stop in multiple places. Porta potties, even. Not a zillion street crossings. I don't like to bike, really, so for me to call this fantastic, it is!
Van Chuon   August 4, 2021
One of my favorite bike trails. I recommend the making a stop at Heart Pond during sunset.
Anne Scott   June 22, 2021
Great bike trail. My only complaint is the excessive number of streets you have to cross and the busy area where you ride streets thru the center of Chelmsford
Herb Philpott   June 2, 2021
Beautiful, smooth bike/run/walk path.
Carol Szabo   May 21, 2021
A nice long trail.
James Pope   May 9, 2021
Kathy Cariaga   May 6, 2021
The best bike trail I've ever seen! Infrastructure is good: there's a place to stop for a break, and the crossroads are well-lit and visible from the road.
Carol Szabo   May 3, 2021
Very nice, very well maintained trail. There is currently a closure at around mile 7 starting in Acton, but many people ignore it.
brittany ford   April 6, 2021
Great place to get some exercise!
Alex G.   April 1, 2021
:WARNING: as of around 3/20, parts are being repaved, so if you are planning on using it to get to places, highly reconsider, because you may need to walk sections it take detours
prasanna rajiv   March 27, 2021
Love this trail and frequent this place with my kids but it is under construction and the roads were taken apart when we went last weekend 03212021.
Heather L.   March 21, 2021
This is our favorite bike path. Not many road crossings on most of the trail. Lots of parking options. The path is pretty wide and not many hills. We like...
Darlene LaValle-Didier   March 13, 2021
Beautiful place to Walk ,Ride Bikes ,Skate .. right next to my home
Reviewer 101   November 30, 2020
Beautiful trail to go on walks, jogs, run or cycling in all seasons - stretches over ten miles on either side from heart Pond Beach. Dogs/pets on leash.
New Englander   November 30, 2020
Beautiful trail to go on walks, jogs, run or cycling in all seasons - stretches over ten miles on either side from heart Pond Beach. Dogs/pets on leash.
The Same   November 30, 2020
Beautiful trail to go on walks, jogs, run or cycling in all seasons - stretches over ten miles on either side from heart Pond Beach. Dogs/pets on leash.
Te Liu   November 11, 2020
about 4 miles long, very straight trail. north end still under construction.
Trevor S.   October 5, 2020
A well paved trail through the woods of metro west. We picked a day when the leaves had started turning and any chilliness was refreshing once the pedals...
Kevin Blanton   September 27, 2020
One of the best in eastern Massachusetts for cycling or running. Broad path, paved the whole way with a cinder path alongside four runners who prefer that. Gorgeous nature along 99% of the way, very few road crossings.
Ara Jeknavorian   July 14, 2020
Last week (7/10), My daughter and her family were up from New Jersey bringing their bikes. The kids - ages 13, 11, and 6 - all had a great time riding the trail, which is a hidden gem.
Darl blais   June 20, 2020
Beautiful Trail. Very shaded. Gorgeous ponds, wildlife, we'll maintained. We watched a blue heron fishing right off the trail
Michelle S.   June 1, 2020
This was great! Really pretty. Less crowded than Minuteman, and it seemed liked fewer road crossings. Goes by a nice brook and then a pond. Seemed totally...
Karen R.   April 16, 2020
Love walking this trail and I live right around the corner. The biggest issue are the bikes that think it's a race track. Someone is going to get seriously...
Atul Nautiyal   February 23, 2020
Very nice and well maintained trail for walking or biking. Trail is mostly flat and shaded. Benches along the trail for taking rest.
Trevor   November 7, 2019
Great place to walk/bike especially in peak foliage. I walked beyond the end under the bridge. Nice water views down there.
yeshads   August 10, 2019
Excellent place for a peaceful walk or cycling. Almost covered with green trees and shaded. A few benches scattered to rest, if you feel like. Wish they would provide some rest rooms here and there. Lucky to have walked for an hour plus.
Anrana S.   July 2, 2019
As of July 2019 - the bridge over Rt 2 is not yet constructed. So you are limited to about 11 miles. From Rt up to the former Wang tower in Chelmsford....