The Nature Connection

We bring the healing power of nature to people with limited or no access to the outside world: at-risk youth; elders; and people with disabilities. Through regular programs combining seasonal natural materials, live animals, and hands-on activities, we connect individuals with nature’s capacity to heal, teach, and create joy.

The Nature Connection invites you to join our team!  Volunteers fulfill a variety of roles helping to plan and deliver our nature-based educational and therapeutic programs. Curious about our Internship Program?

Program Volunteers – Help deliver our programs on-site to youth, elders and individuals with disabilities on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Join us on the front lines bringing the natural world indoors to those who need it most. You’ll see—and feel—how the programs engage the participants and build their confidence. Please contact us below to learn more and we’ll help you to decide if this is the right role for you. We will provide for your training and arrange for you to observe a program so you can experience the excitement and dedication first-hand.
Volunteering Your Own Animal or Becoming an Animal Caretaker – If you already have an animal with therapeutic potential, or would like to adopt such an animal we could “borrow” for daytime programs, please click here.
General Volunteers – We always welcome help with photography, writing, general office and event assistance, research projects and natural materials gathering/sourcing.

“The most exciting parts of volunteering at The Nature Connection are those moments of connection, hanging in time. You’re ‘on a roll’ with the group and everyone is engaged and clicking along together. The information is interesting, exciting, and stimulating and it generates a genuine back and forth. People are so hungry for connection. I love that the [client] staff is there watching the program. The staff goes nuts about what we do!”
Jude Aronstein
Former Program Coordinator, Current Nature Connection Advisor

“We may regard plants as teachers; rocks, rivers and clouds as messengers; and animals as intermediaries.”
Sarah Seabury Ward


Contact Information

PO Box 155 Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2585



Caroline B.   May 20, 2021
Fun place to visit for the literary lover in your life. Several great American authors are buried here, and they are pretty close together! Also check out...
Mallory D.   January 15, 2021
Fellow taphophiles rejoice! Sleepy Hollow is everything I hoped for in a New England cemetery with a cool name. There is history at every turn from the...
Anrana S.   March 11, 2020
Authors Ridge. The graves of Alcott. Hawthorn. Emerson. Thoreau. It's actually a pretty big Cemetery. Decent signage leading you to Authors Ridge. Even a...
Naomi K.   January 11, 2020
Certainly most of the visitors come to this cemetery attracted by the famous authors who died while living in Concord. The hill where their graves stand is...
gabby rose   February 23, 2019
This is an amazing thing to have locally. I volunteer my box turtle out with them.
Grace Lee   December 29, 2018
Josh Berman   August 2, 2017
The Nature Connection provides a fantastic service for the community. They are driven by a passionate and talented team of individuals who are putting smiles on the faces of countless community members!
Amy Klein   August 2, 2017
John R.   June 21, 2017
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery: it's so good People are dying to get in! Walking through the winding paths of the cemetery is an awesome way to learn some history...