Nashoba Brook Bakery

Outdoor picnic tables and benches behind the Bakery look over wooded wetlands, a cobblestone retaining wall, and an old wooden footbridge framing the Nashoba Brook. Large interior glass windows look in on roughly 4,000 square feet of artisan bread kitchens and our two massive 32,000 pound French ovens. With seating for 45 and an additional “cozy corner” with couches and mission style chairs, the café is an inviting surprise built into an old brick industrial warehouse building at the edge of the bustling West Concord retail district. Free wi-fi, premium shade-grown organic coffee, home made soups, salads and prepared foods and of course our award winning bread and pastries are all available 7 days a week. If you decide to visit, we feel confident you will want to come back. Come visit us at 152 Commonwealth Avenue in West Concord Ma, 01742

Contact Information

152 Commonwealth Ave #3 Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-318-1999



Kath Bowers   December 27, 2021
Gourmet bakery and lunch items hand made in artisanal fashion. Generous portions, comfortable seating, lovely riverside location, friendly staff. Coffee and tea made to order. You'll be glad you came!
Paul S.   December 26, 2021
I had the rueben sandwich. A dry toasted, non greasy tasty lunch with pickle wedge. Very light on the meat content. Definitely could beef it up. Inside was...
Jaimie F.   December 19, 2021
I can not drive through concord without stopping! Their sandwiches, soups, desserts, coffee - everything is 10/10! Their bread is cooked in house and there...
Robin Y.   December 12, 2021
Great sandwiches, I love places that have multiple vegetarian options that aren't your standard Caprese. A little tough to find if you're using a GPS and...
Chelsea P.   November 3, 2021
I feel like a true local when I visit here. It's by far one of my favorite spots in Concord! Fresh, yummy food and great service. Chai latte is great, but...
Derek Rodenbeck   October 26, 2021
Are you in west concord and you can’t seem to find a coffee shop that’s not a chain? If you are reading this, you are in luck! You found a great coffee spot! The bakery is nested in a brick building, hard to see from the street. You will need to look past the gas station and truck delivery space. Just walk towards the building, it’s there! When you go inside it feels like you found a little secret. Food is great, good vibes, and the people working are kind. Highly recommend stopping in, but get there early if you want a large selection of baked goods!
William Renzulli   October 12, 2021
Makes their own goodies. Slightly high, but very fresh. Difficult to find. They even have granola.
Liz Larson   October 3, 2021
Had a delicious sandwich and lemon square here yesterday. That harvest bread is incredible! Will definitely be back.
Mel G.   September 28, 2021
I was going for a hike in the area and was looking for a quick and tasty lunch. Nashoba Brook Bakery is tucked away in a larger office building of sorts and...
Walter H.   September 9, 2021
Pricey but really good quality baked good and sandwiches, the back porch dining area on a babbling brook is lovely. Watch out for their cold brew, I was...
Jingni Wei   September 6, 2021
Have come to Nashoba for breakfast a few times now, still have not gotten past how amazing their breakfast is. It's super consistent: home fries are hot, super crispy, well seasoned; the egg in the sandwich is always perfectly, slightly runny egg; the fruit always sweet. This place is such a gem!! I recommend biking here for breakfast in the summer and sit out in the back patio seating by the river. Also don't leave without a loaf of fresh bread and maybe a brownie for later.
Brooke S.   September 6, 2021
Delicious food and drinks! And they compost so I love the sustainability of this place. The brook in the back is so peaceful and relaxing; a wonderful...
Marshall Horwitz   August 15, 2021
Great bread! The parking lot is short on spaces, so either park on the street for 12 minutes free, or pay to park on the street. But it is worth it. Attentive staff.
Miles Fidelman   July 24, 2021
Good food. Good price. Good people. Great setting (outdoor seating next to the brook).
Mal Cole   June 29, 2021
Marvelous local business. Breads are all great. For breakfast get the almond cringle. For lunch get the curry chicken salad. But all things are good here! There's easier parking at the end of Wilson road off of Commonwealth Ave. Look for the bread trucks and the foot bridge.
Sean S.   May 26, 2021
Always the best in slow ride breads. I buy weekly and staff and products are top notch
Frank Gifritta   May 18, 2021
Best bread around! Try the pepperjack or rosemary! But don't neglect any other bread they are all so good!
Lori Morton   April 9, 2021
My husband and I got sandwiches here. Wonderful food, friendly staff, great location! Right on the river. We look forward to coming back, hoping to sit outside at one of the picnic tables
Brian Watson   April 4, 2021
Amazing sandwich for a good price. Had the harvest chicken salad on french bread, and added sweet pea guac (which I'd never had before, but was pleasantly surprised).
George Nelson   March 10, 2021
This is my go to spot for sandwiches and bread. I am a huge fan of the #3 and my special friend loves the #15. I would recommend ordering off their menu with no substitutions. If you order your own messed up sandwich that’s on you! Also, make sure you check your order when you pick it up! Mistakes happen, if you let them know it’s not a big deal. Other than that the bread is obviously great and incredibly well priced. Muffins and scones are also great. My mom is obsessed with the scones and I fairly certain she is convinced they have magical powers. I also once got granola there and it was great. Not sure why I haven’t gotten it again but It never seems like the right move when I am there. I’ll have to reevaluate the granola situation next time I am there. Also the free library they have going is cool. Proud to say I took, read and then put back a book from there. It was “The Wisdom Of Crowds” by James Surowiecki. Also the french bread is my favorite bread they have. It’s incredibly versatile and never disappoints.
Dominique L   March 9, 2021
I always come here when I need some comfort food, the bread is fresh and delicious and the sandwiches are great.
Herschel B.   February 27, 2021
Delicious cookies and sandwiches. Smoked turkey, with avocado, carrots and wasabi mayo .... light, fresh, delicious. The bakery and cafe are an asset to...
Paul Sushchyk   January 27, 2021
This bakery has excellent quality sourdough bread. I have been am amateur baker for much of my adult life and was developing my own sourdough recipe after the pandemic hit. I found their breads available at a local supermarket and was just enthralled by the crumb and crust of their loaves. Please support this bakery!!
Danya Li   January 27, 2021
Tasty sandwiches and salads in to-go containers. We actually buy the sourdough at our local store! Love the breads and bakery selection (get there early)!
Rebecca M.   January 20, 2021
Why didn't I know about this place sooner? This bakery EXCELS when it comes to bread. They have an array of breads from the usual suspects like sourdough...
Rebecca M   January 20, 2021
Why didn't I know about this place sooner? This bakery EXCELS when it comes to bread. They have an array of breads from the usual suspects like sourdough and multigrain to rotational offerings like pepperjack cheese bread and rosemary garlic bread. I got the pepperjack cheese bread and it was absolutely excellent. The next time I go I will be sure to visit on a day that they have the rosemary garlic bread (some of the bread offerings rotate so you may want to check in advance before you go if you have your heart set on a particular loaf!) I grabbed a peanut butter cookie and a chocolate peanut butter latte to go along with the bread. The peanut butter cookie was amongst the best I've ever had. Perfectly chewy with bits of peanuts and melt-in-your-mouth goodness. The latte was so-so. I don't normally get peanut butter in my drinks so I'd go for a different beverage next time. They have seating indoors and outdoors that overlooks a small river. Some people were enjoying their coffees and pastries outside and in a socially distant way. I'm not comfortable with that yet, but once more people receive their COVID vaccines I would love to be able to enjoy their outdoor space.
Gabrielle V.   November 25, 2020
What an incredible place to eat outdoors! They have the BEST bread in town! They also have delicious sandwiches, homemade pies, cupcakes and cakes. We ate a...
Gita   November 4, 2020
Went there with two kids and another family, I never knew this place was there, signs were not easily seen. The food was great, ordered three different sandwiches for my family. And got two loaves of multigrain and garlic bread, it was delicious. The service was good, our order got mixed up with someone else’s, but no big deal, it can happen to anyone!
Cam A.   October 19, 2020
WOW, you must check this place out if you're looking for a hot, delicious meal and stellar coffee. Was in the area for work and looking for a nice spot to...
Mr. Furby   September 29, 2020
Food isn't anything special, but the bread making viewing platform is great! I always smell delicious bread everytime I'm walking by, as long as there isn't a loud truck beeping. Be sure to check out the back it is very nice.
Diana Nguyen   September 27, 2020
I have tried their sourdough bread, raisin bread, chocolate croissant, chocolate chip cookie, and brownie so far. All were really good! Parking can be tricky to find, they actually have two lots, one that the GPS will take you to and then there’s another parking lot where the benches are for outside eating. Nashoba brook makes breakfast as well as sandwiches for lunch. Next time, I definitely want to try one of their meals. When you walk inside, there’s one entrance to walk in with stickers on the ground to ensure social distancing. You are then called up to the counter to order, and you can exit through a different door.
Diana N.   September 27, 2020
I have tried their sourdough bread, raisin bread, chocolate croissant, chocolate chip cookie, and brownie so far. All were really good! Parking can be...
Alex NEFF   September 20, 2020
This place is delicious and has a nice area in the back along the river where you can eat on the picnic tables. The food is delicious but get there by 8 if you want some of their delicious croissants.
Arnold H.   September 6, 2020
Bread is solid. I'll definitely visit at some point to try some other things.
Jim Van Sciver   September 4, 2020
Very enjoyable: good virus safety, peaceful spot overlooking Nashoba Brook to enjoy my Glorious Morning muffin and small coffee midway through a long bike ride. I wish they had a bike rack by the brook but I was able to chain up on a signpost out front.
Bilge Divarci   August 27, 2020
The place has small cafe, very delicious sandwiches,
Evi S.   August 16, 2020
So grateful that they have pickup and some outdoor bench seating 6 ft apart during COVID. You can't go wrong with any of the great sandwiches, breads and...
Ramana Lagemann   August 7, 2020
This is a gem! Wonderful fresh baked breads, great sandwiches and salads, and excellent espresso and coffee. Highly recommendes
Peyton M.   July 25, 2020
Open faced veggie breakfast sandwich on sourdough was lovely & iced coffee were both excellent. This bakery and bistro is the epitome of 'don't judge a book...
Sarah Barcock   July 15, 2020
Excellent sandwich and pleasant place to eat outside.
Anne P.   May 9, 2020
Their bread is fantastic - tried the Rye, Harvest and 7 grain (a special at some point) and all have been delicious. For Covid19 you can now order and pay...
Samantha Green   February 8, 2020
Friendly staff, fantastic bread prices, quick service, lots to look at inside, and delicious baked goods, sandwiches, and coffees. Never knew this place was here, but so glad we stumbled upon it. We'll definitely be back!
Alyssa F.   October 9, 2019
Bread, pastries, and coffee. Three of my favorite foods! Nashoba Brook Bakery is a little hard to find if you've never been here before, but as you make...
Alex Divinsky   March 10, 2019
This bakery is amazing. Their croissants are flakey and soft, their cheese cake is to die for, their breads are always fresh and well made, and their espresso is on point. I would go out of my way to go here and grab stuff for a party. The atmosphere is a laid back casual Cafe vibe and the staff is super friendly. This place is a gem!!!