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Holiday opened its brick & mortar shop (literally really old bricks!) in Boston’s historical neighborhood of Beacon Hill in 2002.  In 2020 we moved our business to 44 Main Street in Concord, MA and ONLINE. The spirit of Holiday continues! With 20 years of style and good old fashion customer service under our belt, we’re confident you’ll love shopping with us in store, online, and by private appointment. Now cue the music.

If we took a HOLIDAY…


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44 Main Street Concord, MA 01742


Y Paris   November 14, 2019
Anne Fitzgerald   August 2, 2018
It is harder and harder to find unique items in boutiques because of the internet. The Holiday is just a gem so that you do not see yourself coming and going. Prices for a Charles Street boutique are reasonable. The staff is lovely and oh so nice. I will be bringing everyone here that visits me in Boston and sending my husband my wish list. ;)
Min-Min Liang   September 26, 2015
I love the store and am very loyal to them. The store owner and the staff are helpful and friendly. I always find something unique there. The store carries the brands that you cannot find in the department stores. They work very hard to keep it that way.
Liz B.   December 6, 2014
This store is dangerous for me. Every time I walk in, I find myself succumbing to temptation and buying something new. Although the store is tiny, they...
Kristen Dority   August 24, 2014
You can always find something unique and flattering here. (And you don't have to be size 0). I love especially their vintage or Pretty Little sister line.
Christy L.   November 25, 2013
So glad I stumbled upon this boutique on my weekend trip to Boston. The window display of amazing dresses caught my eye and I wandered in. Since I had...
caitlin   February 1, 2012
I really love the idea of the store Holliday. They have some amazing girly stuff. I have gotten some great things here. Most recently a fantastic party dress. The main downsides here are their return policy, store credit only and they often have stuff marked up quite a bit. Key example I bought some JBrand jeans here and then saw the exact same pair at Neiman Marcus for 40 dollars cheaper the next day and I couldn't return them because the store credit thing :( I still love Holliday but will now only buy their more exclusive hard to find brands and will try to stick more to their sale section. This place is still great, I get great style inspiration and if my budget was unlimited, I would love to support them more. The owner is great and the people who work here are so nice and friendly. They also have a fantastic blog check it out!
Sossy B.   December 30, 2011
Choosing not to follow the traditional wedding path, I was hard pressed to find a dress that spoke "bridal" without lace, a veil, and those garish crystal...
Melissa C.   February 4, 2008
I have to agree, the sales staff... meh... Not the worst, not the best, not good enough for this sort of store. However, I did enjoy my sales person today,...