Concord Free Public Library

The Concord Free Public Library is an incredible resource for our community. It offers cutting edge programming for all ages. Here are just a few examples of the many programs they offer

Fun Fridays for kids

Girls who Code for teens

Tech help for adults

Book clubs, Friday films, Author visits…

And of course a beautiful quiet spot to read your latest book.

Circulation: (978) 318-3300
Reference: (978) 318-3347
Children’s: (978) 318-3358
Special Collections: (978) 318-3342
Fax: (978) 318-3344


Our mission is to inspire lifelong learning and to actively promote personal enrichment by connecting community members to information, ideas, culture, unique historical resources, and each other in a tradition of innovation and excellence.

Volunteer Opportunities

The Concord Free Public Library has many talented, hardworking volunteers. These include:
– volunteering at the Library directly
– volunteering with the Friends of the Library

Contact Information

129 Main St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-318-3300


Frank Taylor   March 5, 2022
The best, and maybe the oldest, great for kids even when just visiting town
John Nesbit   October 14, 2021
Awesome library with great resources and spaces. A real sense of history here with courteous and helpful staff.
John Matthews   October 4, 2021
Awesome library with a great knowledgeable and friendly staff...helped me with some Fletcher genealogy information...thank you!
Mark Carr   May 15, 2021
I love libraries and while this one is a little long in the tooth in spots, it is also undergoing an expansion and renovation. Once restrictions are lifted, I highly recommend as a spot to camp out and get some work done. Also nice front lawn, where they sometimes have performances.
Elisabeth Elden   September 29, 2020
Gaining Ground thanks the library for their donation to our Read for Seeds program!
Ash Nicole   January 14, 2020
Probably the most beautiful library I've seen in a town. I really enjoy it here.
Chris Spivey   December 29, 2019
Lots of old well illustrated children's books that have become unknown like Thornton Burgess stories. Super nice staff.
Alexandra Urban   March 10, 2019
Gorgeous building, make sure to walk through both the main atrium and large children’s hall! Also, pro tip: if want a good view (and photo op) down onto the front formal atrium, you can take back stairs up into the stacks of books and wander your way back to the tiny balcony view :) Tons of local authors’ work displayed and very helpful librarians - so appreciative of this library, definitely visit!
Elliot Pryce   February 28, 2019
A beautiful building, and despite the fact that it is nearly 150 years old, it is very well maintained. Sections of books are organized in a logical manner, and there are a signs that specify what floor each section is on. Reference room is very quiet, with plenty of table space to accommodate many people. The children's section appeared to have a variety of activities, and of course, picture books. Staff is very helpful, and knowledgeable on the books and services they supply.
Elle Michelle   January 25, 2019
Beautiful historic library with a large selection of fiction and non-fiction books. Come for the books, 3-d printer, computer access, fax and print services and stay for the stunning artwork, historic collections and striking architecture.
Katie Hatch   August 27, 2018
Absolutely stunning library - gorgeous sitting areas, activities and, of course, books. Fantastic community resource.
Christina L.   February 3, 2016
Ok we loooooove Concord. Everything about it. We are there every Sunday. We go to church, have a cappuccino, walk around...we love it. I love to check out...
Eliza W.   January 31, 2012
Beautiful. When the smells of the boston public library get you down, you've got to head to the countryside. Internet is a wee bit sluggish.
Catie C.   June 1, 2009
It's so cool when you walk in the front door! Oval room with stories of bookshelves - so old school, just like in the movies! Just amazing! Back to...