Concord-Carlisle Youth Soccer

Mission Statement

What We Stand For – Three Missions

Have fun playing soccer
Teach a set of values
Foster a sense of community

By bringing Concord and Carlisle families together as a team, we create a common community in which we can make friends, develop a sense of team cooperation, and establish a proper view of sportsmanship.  Plus, we play soccer and enjoy it, our coaches strive to have fun and we all want to come back.

Of course, we also learn soccer skills.

What We’re Working Toward (one grade at a time)

Player Development
CCYS strives to introduce the ‘beautiful game’ of soccer to Concord and Carlisle youth players so that they can develop an understanding of, competence in and love of the game.  As such, the primary focus is on player development so that each player may develop as much as he/she would like.  We encourage players to learn how to play in teams, and teamwork is indeed important; but our priority is on developing the player.

Developing an acute awareness of the meaning of a team; functioning as a unit; working together towards a common goal and relying on each other’s strengths.

Developing a high level of verbal connection between players on the field which builds on the notion of the team functioning as a unit, seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of it together.

Technical proficiency
To seamlessly perform a legal throw-in, corner kick, penalty kick, etc. Emphasize a passing game that draws-in the players and develops the team’s ability to communicate; to see opportunities and to take advantage of them. To develop skill levels that will enable ball control and which will assist the player to make and execute choices.

Understand the rudiments of zone play, the roles of positions and the value of passing game.

Encourage a concentrated effort in being fit; focus on group behavior that helps kids to develop a sense of pride for their bodies, their minds, their sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves and having fun doing it.

CCYS was started in the early 1990’s to bring children who live and/or attend school in Concord and Carlilse togther to play the game of soccer.  We have a number of programs serving children ages Pre-K through Grade 11.

Feel free to browse our webiste to find answers to your questions.  Should you wish to contact someone directly, you will probably find the appropriate person on our Contacts page or email our general information mailbox.  We will be happy to assist you.


Contact Information

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Phone: 978-371-5522