Brine Sporting Goods

America’s Oldest Family Owned Sporting Goods Store, Est 1867

The first James F. Brine, Inc. sporting goods store opened in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1867. Six generations later, the Brines still own and operate the stores. Our legal business name is still James F. Brine, Inc. but most of our customers simply know us as Brine’s Sporting Goods.

We are located in Concord Massachusetts. We have been recognized as the oldest sporting goods store in the United States. Our history started in Harvard Square, Cambridge where the original Brines used to make the goods and clothes sold in the store. In fact, there were six stores in the Brine family in and around the Boston area. Each store was independent of each other and each known for thier excellent products and customer service. Some of the Brine family started manufacturing lacrosse, soccer, and field hockey goods in the early and mid 1900s and went on to become one of the biggest lacrosse companies in the country.

We would like to welcome you to the online portion of our company. We specialize in lacrosse, baseball, soccer, tennis, swimming, field hockey, supportive running shoes, women and men’s apparel, and The North Face. Our stores are known for their old time feel. We’ve been called all sorts of things…retro, quaint, old-fashioned, jammed packed…but that’s our charm. In today’s mega-chain world, we stand out with our knowledgeable staff, personal attention, and quality hand selected merchandise.

With our new online website, we want to give everyone across the country the same experience that we have brought to Eastern, MA for over 150+ years, which is our dedication to YOU the customer.

Contact Information

69 Main Street Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-2225



Greg Peterson   September 11, 2021
We are incredibly lucky to live so close to a town that still has a real town center, with stores that actually carry useful things. I pretty much always check out shops in Concord before going to a big box and I am rarely disappointed. Brine’s is a great example. I needed a waterproof carrier for a phone. Of course they had it! And at a very fair price. Just like they had the high school and travel team athletic gear.
Luke Flood   July 13, 2021
I've never had anything but excellent experiences at Brine's, both at the Concord store and their old Sudbury location. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, and they stock a lot of items for a small, independent shop. Brine's has been owned by the same family for over 150 years, which is pretty incredible in this day and age. I stopped in today to pick up some workout clothes, and found exactly what I was looking for, all at great prices. Check out Brine's next time you need any sporting equipment!
Luke F.   July 12, 2021
I've never had anything but excellent experiences at Brine's, both at the Concord store and their old Sudbury location. The staff is very knowledgeable and...
Katie Flake   June 10, 2021
Came in looking for some shorts and soccer balls. The store never disappoints. The manager Sarah is super friendly, and knows her stuff. Will be coming back for every season for their clothing.
Nancy Gould   March 16, 2021
The staff went above and beyond for me to be able to order a lacrosse jersey for my son who assured me that his previous year's jersey would fit, but then only for me to discover it looked like a too small crop top on him. Thank you!!
Jamie Scoville   February 6, 2021
Patagonia pointed me here as a local carrier and I am very happy they did! My coat was on sale for almost $100 off, they had my common (men’s medium) size, and they set it aside for me when I called. The jacket was waiting for me, they let me try it on, and chatted with me about dogs as I checked out. I’m very happy with the jacket and the service. I’m also happy I supported a local, independent store and a clothing company that cares about the environment. Win/win!
George Hannah   September 30, 2020
Once or twice a year, no matter where I live, I make the pilgrimage to buy basketball sneakers at Brine's. The sales people know the products unlike at most chain stores where their knowledge is often limited to what is the best selling. They help me find footwear that is best for my needs. I do not go to Brine's for flash or for the most expensive sneakers. I make the trek to buy a sneaker that will provide comfort (I have had several injuries over the years before I found this store) and give me the best stability. Now that I have children, this is our spot for their growing feetses.
Ashley Cook   September 15, 2020
I came in this weekend for the first time to buy my son a pair of soccer cleats. The woman working, Sara, was so kind and patient with him despite the store being very busy. She took the time to get him a shoe that fit right and in a color he enjoyed. Not to mention a price I enjoyed. The store it self was clean and organized. Checkout was contactless. I couldn’t have hoped for a better experience! I will definitely be back.
Trish Blomquist   September 4, 2020
Great store! Thank you Sara for your help in securing my 15lb hand weights!
Stephanie Houle   September 4, 2020
Great first experience with Brines! The new owner Sara went above and beyond to arrange a pick up for some free weights I purchased through her online. She was prompt with her response and so friendly. I would give my money to this small business any day!
S Gomez   August 24, 2020
Great selection of running shoes, leggings, weights, yoga equipment, and Northface and Patagonia jackets at low low prices! The girl running the store was very helpful and helped me seal the deal on what color jacket to buy! It was so nice to feel seen. I will definitely return!
Susan J.   July 26, 2020
OK, it's a small business, not a giant sneaker specialty store like Marathon Sports (where I ended up buying very expensive custom-fitted weird-looking...
Hillary Lam   February 12, 2020
Great store and selection of sports equipment. Decently priced. Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Christopher Sprague   January 18, 2020
Old school ... right products when you need them
Lorena ann Livoli   October 31, 2019
Well Fallen angel needs to get a life and stop with false accusations! Ill report her!!!!!!! I have been using this company for many years and I have to say I would not go anywhere else! Maura is a doll and so delightful, she goes above and beyond for so many people! I am a single mother and she has met me on weekends to accommodate me and my kids. Maura is an honest person, I ordered way to much stuff and instead of taking my money she told me what I needed and refunded me right away! So please people be your own judge of character and you wont be disappointed. THIS IS A GREAT PLACE BOTH CONCORD AND MAYNARD.
Daniela U.   April 6, 2019
My 11 year old can be difficult sometimes to fit into sport outfits . People at Brine's took the time to accommodate both his size and taste for fashion :)....
Christopher M.   June 4, 2012
As a new Concord resident, I'm thrilled that local shops like Brine's are still around. I don't mind paying a little more to shop local, and what Brine's...