Fun Ways to be Creative at Home

We’re on to April and a whole new crop of ideas are pouring in to keep busy, be creative and add some fun & laughter to every day… and a little friendly competition!

Read about these and send us your photos – we’ll designate a blog post to display your

Art recreations, Peep dioramas and Teddy Bear Hunt.


Art Recreations

The Getty Museum called for people to recreate works of art while in quarantine — and they did not disappoint (CBS

Give it a try with your family and send us the photos (to – we can’t wait to see them!

Peep candy dioramas

No better time than Easter season to stock up on Peeps and get really the creative juices flowing. Challenge your friends & family to a competition, complete with voting & prizes for different categories. Snap a photo of yourself with your Peep creation and send to us. Check out Pinterest for tons of ideas & inspiration.

Teddy Bear Hunt

Contact your neighbors or use Facebook Neighborhood Groups to get a Teddy Bear Hunt going for your neighborhood. Only takes a few minutes to round up teddy bears (or photos / cut outs of bears) and prop up in your windows or around front yard. This is a wonderful way to unite a neighborhood and bring some joy to the little neighbors as they go on a “Teddy Bear Hunt”. Bonus – you get to see some of your neighbors (from safe distance) as they stop in front of your house to count bears.

Snap & send some photos so we can share with LivingConcord community.


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