Emerson Hospital 5k Run~Walk for Cancer Care – What does Care mean?

Providing compassionate CARE until there is a CURE

YOU MAKE THE DIFFERENCE. Your participation and support make this possible.

What does Cancer CARE mean to the Run~Walk?

Funding from this 5k provides CARE for our cancer patients in so many ways – financial, therapeutic, connection, nourishment, medical.

So many things in life can cause stress in our lives  – from daily tasks to responsibilities we each have. Sadly, if a person gets a cancer diagnosis, many of those everyday sources of stress don’t go away – they sometimes become all the more stressful or overwhelming.

One of the first things a patient is advised to do is eliminate as much stress as possible so he/she can focus on getting the care they need.

That’s where the Emerson Hospital 5k Run~Walk for Cancer Care can help. The funds raised from this event go to help patients with childcare, transportation to / from appointments, assistance in paying expenses, nutritional support, support groups and social connections & therapeutic support. This way, the patient can focus on what on what they need to do get healthy.




“I am very grateful that my chemotherapy was at the Naka infusion center. The nurses and administrators worked around all the challenges COVID ignited to provide expert, seamless, loving care at every step of my chemotherapy.  To have the expertise of MGH Cancer Center available so close to home makes a huge difference during cancer treatment because traveling is difficult and you often need to return to the center for additional treatment at very short notice.  They saved me from numerous trips to the Emergency Room and made the whole experience of chemotherapy as pleasant as possible.”

M. Cobb, Concord Resident


This year’s event is a hybrid event so provides you the opportunity to be involved even if you can’t make it in person on May 7th!

You choose – walk or run in person on Saturday, May 7th at Nara Park or participate in the Virtual event May 1-15, when you want & where you want!

Register today!



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