The Old North Bridge

The North Bridge is a recent restoration of the last bridge built on the site in 1956. The bridge that was there during the battle of 1775 was taken down in 1788. There have been 5 restorations since then.

Have you visited the Grave of the British Soldiers? There are two soldiers buried in this grave. British military records show that there were three soldiers missing and presumed dead after the North Bridge fight: James Hall, Thomas Smith, and Patrick Gray. One is buried in Concord Center and the other two are buried here.

There is a great ranger program here and you can schedule guided tours. Three popular programs are “The Road to Revolution”,  “Some Were for Making a Stand”, and “The Minute Men: Neighbors in Arms”. Be sure to stop in the North Bridge Visitor Center.

Contact Information

174 Liberty St. Concord, MA 01742

Phone: 978-369-6993


Null   July 13, 2021
10/10 Post nuclear war settlement. Totally recommend moving in here from diamond city. Although management rates can fluctuate depending on where the sole survivor is, still a wonderful place! Just watch out for that Preston guy... he's pretty annoying.
Cheryl Marland   July 2, 2021
We took our grandkids to see some of our local history. Nice walk and very educational.
Craig D Russell   June 27, 2021
Good interpretation. Nice panoramic view of the North Bridge.
Bruce K.   June 14, 2021
An appropriate review for Flag Day and the birthday of the United States Army, this is one of the spots that the history buff absolutely can't miss. This is...
Ian Goodsell   June 13, 2021
A scenic and pastoral national park. Highly recommended.
Jøsh Beausøleil   June 12, 2021
Convenient place to park visiting Minute Man Park
claire w   May 4, 2021
BE AWARE OF TICKS!!! We love coming here for walk for many reasons, it’s peaceful and gorgeous all year round. The spring flowers in the garden are popping. However, we ran into some serious ticks issue during our visit this past Sunday. We brought food to the picnic table under tree in the shady area near the visitor center and that was the biggest mistake. There were still leaves on the ground and we later noticed there are ticks crawling on our friend’s lab. We wrap up the meal as quickly as we can but still found multiple hungry greedy ticks on my friend’s lab. We did a quick check on our long curly hair poodle mix pup and found ONE tick. BUT when we got home we found a total of TEN TICKS during brush, bath, and groom. She was shaved down so we can SEE the ticks. I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THEY WERE HIDING!!! Found (hopefully) the last one more than 24 hours later as we were just chilling on the couch! It was a nightmare and I am still recovering from this. My friend found ticks crawling in the grass area near the trail as well. I get it, it’s ticks season and it’s near the water. But this is madness, hope the park will notice this and take some action. I will re-think if I should bring my dog there next time.
Christian L.   April 30, 2021
old wood bridge high over the nearly dry river currents at Concord. This is where Colonials took their first pot-shots at the Mighty British...
Alan Fullerton   April 12, 2021
Great people with a place that oozes history. you must visit.
Mari T.   March 27, 2021
If you are interested in American history and want to spend some nice quiet walk, this is a good place. You can picnic here or walk around. If you walk...
M P   December 25, 2020
Scenic walk, we enjoy walking through the park and into the downtown area.
Rose Maramgio   December 6, 2020
Sadly the visitors center has been closed this year due to the Corvid. Which is sad because there is a lot of interesting history inside aa well as a fun gift shop. The park rangers have set up a tent just outside. During the warmer months you are able to pick to several brochures and chat with the rangers who are polite and helpful.
Gmb Nchaz   November 22, 2020
It was closed when we went but we had a great experience anyway with a downloadable map
Stephen Z.   October 28, 2020
AN ABSOLUTELY MUST DO! A FREE NATIONAL PARK & FREE PARKING. This is where the American Revolution began. I love to go places where there are a number of...
Jenna McCloud   October 23, 2020
You truly feel the weight of what happened here as you walk along the path. The statue made by a 23 year old is super impressive. The trees are also very pretty in the fall. This little walking path will have history as well as outdoor beauty for anyone who visits.
Rose Ducharme   October 21, 2020
The Old North Bridge is always a nice , peaceful, scenic and educational stroll. High on the list of beauty, and peaceful.
daniel puffer   October 20, 2020
Great day to enjoy the scenery and walk the grounds, unfortunately the house was closed but the park rangers were friendly helpful and knowledgeable.
draco4444   October 8, 2020
Very helpful and informative Rangers. A very nicely kept site.
Georges Achi   September 23, 2020
I love
Tyler Robertson   September 7, 2020
Nice scenic walk amongst well kept grounds. It was a good way to enjoy some historical perspective. Plenty of open space for picnics.
James Hughes   August 16, 2020
Love the scenery and history here.
Arianna Benassi   June 15, 2020
Go, visit the park! Breath the American History and enjoy the beauty of nature.
Madeline Anderson-Balmer   June 7, 2020
Beautiful place to walk early morning. Social distancing is respected. Peaceful. Snappers are nesting so keep your eyes open and avoid these ladies as they wander the property.
Dewey Johnson   May 31, 2020
Always a nice walk and history lesson. We saw a big beaver swimming in the Concord River too!
Amelia Ott   April 11, 2020
Such as nice scenic view. Plenty of path width so people can walk comfortably during the pandemic.
Gretchen B.   April 5, 2020
I'd love to go back when spring really pops to see the amazing flowers/plants that adorn the area. This is a must-visit site to reflect on the Battle of...
Marina S.   September 6, 2019
Great summary of the events by a parking ranger Very interesting and made it very real description of the times and the succession of facts that lead to...
Johnathan Farrington   August 15, 2019
A very typical visitor center, the typical small gift shop, small room with some historical items, and a room that runs a video talking about the history of the location. Only thing that really stood out to me were the gorgeous gardens behind the visitor center. They are perfectly maintained and have all kinds of trees, flowers, and shrubs. For sure worth checking out. This is a great visitor center for all ages! I think adults would for sure enjoy the gift shop and garden while kids can enjoy the history video and look at the amazing history section as well.
Anthony G.   August 10, 2019
The North Bridge is the site of the Battle of Concord, an important moment in the history of the US. This bridge, although a replica of the original bridge...
Kathleen Koechling   July 12, 2019
Friendly and knowledgeable volunteers and guides made for a pleasant visit. Short movie gave historical context and the grounds were beautiful.